Hooch Tragedies in India: a review

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*First author, **Second author, ***Third author, ****Fourth author


Since independence about 2000 people have lost their lives in many hooch tragedies In India. The nation witnesseshooch tragedy virtually occurred every year, not sparing even the states where selling of alcohol is legally banned. Methyl alcohol, act as chief adulterant and mixed with country liquor. The toxic effects of this adulterant manifest in the form of either the death of or permanent blindness of those who survive. Data across the country reveals the brutal fact that this spurious liquor mainly targets lower socio-economic strata, owing to their unaffordability to purchase liquor from licensed shops. This paper, thus intends to discuss the genesis of hooch tragedy, its sociological impact and, legal provisions to curb thetrade of illicit liquor. It also proposes recommendations to further bolster existing laws.

Key words: Illicit liquor; Hooch tragedy; Methyl alcohol

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