Honours pre-advising for 2016/17

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All 2nd Level students intending Arabic Honours will have to attend an interview with the Honours Adviser in week 10 or 11.

Please sign up for your slot as soon as you are notified by email.
AR3401-AR3402 and AR4401-AR4402 are the core M.A. Junior and Senior Honours language modules. All four are compulsory, but the requirement for AR3401 and/or AR3402 may be waived, normally only for students taking a semester or the whole of their Junior Honours year abroad on a University placement, or, exceptionally, for three-subject degrees.
The lists below show you when we hope to teach our modules. It is important for you to refer to this table when planning a properly balanced two-year programme. Please note that we do not allow more than 18 students in our Honours optional modules.
The programme is subject to availability of staff, and still provisional. See the on-line Course Catalogue for full course titles, descriptors, prerequisites, etc. New modules will appear in due course in the on-line Course Catalogue.

Lecturers’ initials follow the module title.

Semester 1

AR3401 Media Arabic 1 FC

AR3421 Arabic Short Stories 1 CC
AR3461 Key Texts in Classical Arabic Literature and Culture 1 OE
AR4401 Advanced Arabic 1 CC/FC
AR4421 Exile and Identity CC
AR4461 Classical Arabic Poetry OE

Semester 2

AR3402 Media Arabic 2 OE

AR3422 Arabic Short Stories 2 CC
AR3462 Key Texts in Classical Arabic Literature and Culture 2 OE
AR4402 Advanced Arabic 2 CC/FC

AR4462 Classical Arabic Prose OE

AR3??? Modern Arab Culture through Arabic TBC

AR4999 Dissertation in Arabic Studies (all year)

Across Third and Fourth Years at least 15 credits must be taken from (AR3420 – AR3459, AR4420 - AR4459 - Modern Arabic Literature & Culture modules) and at least 15 credits from (AR3460 – AR3499, AR4460 – AR 4499 - Classical Arabic Literature & Culture modules).
All Arabic WIYA options are currently suspended. Students who take Arabic and another other language can still opt for the WIYA degree option in their other language.


AR4999 involves a dissertation of approximately 10,000 words on an approved topic in Arabic and Middle East Studies.

Dissertation topics and timing are subject to approval by the Head of Department who should be approached at the earliest opportunity, ideally by the end of the student’s Junior Honours year.

Please bear in mind that the HoD will need to find an appropriate supervisor for your dissertation. The following list will help identify who that might be:

Staff areas of interest:

Ms Catherine Cobham (HoD): Modern Arabic Literature, Arabic into English Translation.

Dr Fabio Caiani: Modern Arabic Literature, Language.

Dr Orhan Elmaz: Arabic linguistics and lexicography, more specifically Early Arabic and Qur’anic Studies, and Digital Humanities.
Study Abroad modules
University-placement modules:
first semester at the Qalam wa-Lawh Institute in Rabat, Morocco; or at the Qatar University in Doha; worth 60 credits;
second semester at the Qalam wa-Lawh Institute in Rabat, Morocco; worth 60 credits.
Please read the School of Modern Languages document regarding the Study Abroad options.

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