Honors English 3 Mr. Jennings Bubbles!

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Pete Nahn

Honors English 3

Mr. Jennings


This past weekend I have done something I haven’t done in quite some time. Some may ask “What, homework?” to which I would chuckle, or others may inquire “Sleep?’ to which I would say “Well…yes. But that’s not the point.” What I did this weekend was blow many a bubble. Not only did this calm me and clear my mind of most of my troubles, but it also made me light headed after about 5 minutes. I forgot how strenuous bubble-blowing is to me. I also failed to remember the many colors on the oily surface air-filled sphere of soap. Rainbows can barely come close to the Technicolor swirling surface of wetness. But as many great empires have done, the bubbles began to fall. Eventually they hit the ground and burst into a watery explosion of stickiness. But from fallen empires rise new, bigger, and more powerful ones. This was true for the bubbles as well as I pulled out my obviously oversized bubble wand.

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