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Homework #29 Name ______________

  1. What type of erosion is slow, but moves the heaviest sediments: (wind erosion/glacial erosion).

  2. Chemical weathering can seep into the ground causing: (mechanical weathering/caves).

  3. The violent shaking of the earth’s crust is called an (earthquake/fault).

  4. Scientists use (seismographs/epicenters) to measure earthquakes.

  5. A crack in the earth’s crust along which movement takes place is a (boundary/fault).

  6. When sections of the crust move apart, this is a (converging/diverging) boundary.

  7. When sections of the crust compress together, this is called a (converging/diverging) boundary.

  8. When sections of the crust move past each other in opposite directions, this is called (slippage/sliding) boundaries.

  9. When the magma comes out of a volcano, it’s called (a volcano/magma).

  10. What chain of island was formed from volcanoes: (Alaska/Hawaii).

  11. Heavy rainfall over a short period of time can cause: (floods/runoff).

  12. Pipes or channels that carry away storm water are called: (levees/storm drains).

  13. A wall along a river to prevent flooding is called (levee/storm drain).

  14. A natural area that soaks up floodwaters in a: (beach/swamp).

  15. A wall across a river is called a (reservoir/dam).

  16. The artificial lake that collects behind a dam is called a (reservoir/dam).

  17. This is land formed over many years of build-up of sand and dirt offshore of a beach: (barrier island/dune).

  18. Wind and sand moves into small hills along the beach and is called: (barrier island/dune).

  19. Thin, narrow walls that extend from the shore into the ocean are called (sea walls/jetties).

  20. A tall wall built along the edge of a beach is called (sea wall/jetty).

  21. To widen a river so that boats can pass through is called: (beach nourishment/dredging).

  22. The leader of the Nazi party and Germany during WWII (Stalin/Hirohito/Hitler/Mussolini).

  23. The leader of Japan during WWII (Stalin/Hirohito/Hitler/Mussolini).

  24. The leader of the Soviet Union during WWII (Stalin/Hirohito/Hitler/Mussolini).

  25. The leader of Italy during WWII (Stalin/Hirohito/Hitler/Mussolini).

  26. The leader of the U.S. during WWII (Churchill/Roosevelt).

  27. The leader of Great Britain during WWII (Churchill/Roosevelt).

  28. Hirohito of Japan wanted control over (U.S. and Cuba/Korea, China, and Philippines).

  29. Germany wanted to dominate (Europe/Asia).

  30. Gas, food, and other items were limited during the war; this was called (limiting/rationing).

  31. The event that brought the U.S. into WWII was the attack of (the Lusitania/Pearl Harbor).

  32. One of the most important battles of WWII where the Allied forces stormed the beaches of Normandy (VE-Day/D-Day).

  33. When the U.S. took this island in the Pacific, it launched the invasion of Japan (Iwo Jima/Okinawa).

  34. The mass killing of Jews and many others by the Nazi party (atomic bombs/Holocaust).

  35. African American fighter pilots during WWII (Enola Men/Tuskegee Airmen).

  36. The president at the end of WWII who decided to drop the atomic bombs (FDR/Truman).

  37. After WWII, there was an invisible line across Europe that separated communist from noncommunist (Iron Curtain/Berlin Wall).

  38. This city in Germany was literally divided communist from noncommunist (Iron Curtain/Berlin Wall).

  39. The U.S. helped out the people in the city of Berlin by sending in food and supplies by air in the (Berlin Airlift/Berlin Air Support).

  40. A that was fought to help spread communism in Korea (Korean War/Vietnam War).

  41. A group of allies that agreed to defend each other if they should be attacked (United Nations/North Atlantic Treaty Organization).

  42. Leader of the Soviet Union during the Cuban Missile Crisis (Joseph McCarthy/Nikita Khrushchev)

  43. Accused people of being secret communist in the U.S. (Joseph McCarthy/Nikita Khrushchev

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