Homework #20 Name

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Homework #20 Name ______________

  1. Plants with a water transport system are called: (vascular/nonvascular).

  2. Plants without a water transport system are called (vascular/nonvascular).

  3. Liverworts are (vascular/nonvascular).

  4. Lillies are (vascular/nonvascular).

  5. Vascular plants that produce cones, but not flowers are called: (angiosperms/gymnosperms).

  6. Vascular plants that produce flowers are called: (angiosperms/gymnosperms).

  7. A circuit that has a gap is called a (closed/open) circuit.

  8. A circuit that is complete is called a (closed/open) circuit.

  9. This type of circuit has a single pathway for the electricity to travel: (parallel/series).

  10. This type of circuit has multiple pathways for the electricity to travel: (parallel/series).

  11. The leader of the Nazi party and Germany during WWII (Stalin/Hirohito/Hitler/Mussolini).

  12. The leader of Japan during WWII (Stalin/Hirohito/Hitler/Mussolini).

  13. The leader of the Soviet Union during WWII (Stalin/Hirohito/Hitler/Mussolini).

  14. The leader of Italy during WWII (Stalin/Hirohito/Hitler/Mussolini).

  15. The leader of the U.S. during WWII (Churchill/Roosevelt).

  16. The leader of Great Britain during WWII (Churchill/Roosevelt).

  17. Hirohito of Japan wanted control over (U.S. and Cuba/Korea, China, and Philippines).

  18. Germany wanted to dominate (Europe/Asia).

  19. Who wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin about the horrors of slavery? (Harriet Tubman/Harriet Beecher Stowe)

  20. He and a group of people raided an armory at Harper’s Ferry Virginia as an act against slavery: (John Anderson/John Brown).

  21. The inventor of flight: (Thomas Edison/Wright Brothers).

  22. The inventor of the light bulb: (Thomas Edison/Ben Franklin).

  23. The inventor of many uses of peanuts: (Booker T. Washington/George Washington Carver).

  24. The U.S. finally entered WWI when (Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor/sank the Lusitania).

  25. The (Treaty of Paris/Treaty of Versailles) ended WWI.

  26. He was known as a great jazz player in the 1920’s (Louis Armstrong/Langston Hughes).

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