Holy Cross High School National 5 History Exam Type questions Describe how Germany was affected by ww1

Explain the reasons why the Spartacist Revolt failed (know)

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Explain the reasons why the Spartacist Revolt failed (know)

  • Karl Liebnecht and Rosa Luxemburg did not plan their uprising well enough

  • Karl and Rosa were killed in police custody

  • The Government acted very quickly in organising the Friekorps to put down the uprising

  • The Spartacists were arguing amongst themselves – they were not united

  • Their supporters started to get bored standing around in freezing Berlin and went home

  • Workers councils supported elections over revolution

Describe the events of the Beer Hall Putsch (know)

  • Von Kahr (Governor of Bavaria) was making a speech

  • Nazi SA men surrounded the building

  • Hitler and some Nazis interrupted the meeting in the Beer Hall in Munich

  • Ludendorff present and supported Hitler

  • 25 Nazis burst in/Goering led 25 Nazis into the hall

  • Hitler climbed on a chair in the Beer Hall and fired a shot

  • Von Kahr and Bavarian leaders (Police Chief, Von Seisser and Army Chief, Von Lossow) ordered into a private room/threatened into offering support to the Nazis

  • Hitler declared a national revolution

  • Ludendorff let Von Kahr and others go once they agreed support

  • Von Kahr and other leaders withdrew support and ordered putsch to be crushed

  • Next day Hitler marched to the town centre in Munich, with 3,000 Nazis

  • Nazi supporters were forced back by troops and police

  • Hitler dislocated his shoulder and ran off

  • 16 Nazis and 3 policemen were killed

  • Hitler was later arrested.

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