Holy Cross High School National 5 History Exam Type questions Describe how Germany was affected by ww1

Describe the ways young people were treated in Nazi Germany

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Describe the ways young people were treated in Nazi Germany

  • All teachers had to join the Nazi Teachers League and attend special training courses. All subjects and books that the Nazis disagreed with were replaced.

  • All lessons had to begin with a salute to Hitler and a large picture of him dominated every classroom. Political education was introduced as a school subject.

  • Teachers humiliated Jewish children and racial hygiene was taught to spread racist ideas. Children were told that Germans were the Master Race.

  • Nazi officials who would question pupils about their teachers often visited schools. Teachers would get young children to report things their parents said.

  • The German Minister of Education gave a clear statement of the Nazi view of education when he said “The whole purpose of education is to create good Nazis.”

  • In 1936 it became compulsory for all boys to join the Hitler Youth. Only those of pure German blood could join. Parents could be prosecuted for refusing to let their children join.

  • The Hitler Youth was organized along military lines - uniforms, drill, marching and weapons training were given. There were also camps and parades, sports etc.

  • Young people were made to feel important and swore an oath to die for the Fuhrer. Most activities were exciting but they also had to listen to long political lectures.

  • Girls were expected to take part in exercise and learn domestic skills so that they would become good wives and mothers. It was their duty to marry and have children.

  • Hitler was often photographed surrounded by young people. He wanted to be identified with the image of a new young Germany.

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