Holy Cross High School National 5 History Exam Type questions Describe how Germany was affected by ww1

Source C is about education in Nazi Germany. Source C

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Source C is about education in Nazi Germany.

Source C

There were many changes at school. Some were barely noticed, others were introduced as

though with a great fanfare of trumpets. None of my school mates questioned the new Nazi

textbooks. In line with National Socialist education policies, the number of P.E. periods was

increased at the expense of religious education. When competitive field games were added

to the curriculum our teacher spelled it out to us, “It is what the Führer wants for you”. At the

start of class we had to raise our arms in the “Heil Hitler!” salute.

How fully does Source C describe the changes to education in Nazi Germany?

1 new Nazi books were introduced

2 teaching of Religious Education was reduced in favour of PE

3 competitive field events were added to curriculum

4 pupils (and teachers) were to raise arms in “Heil Hitler!” salute

and from recall such as:

1 indoctrination of Nazi ideas eg anti-semitism/militarism

2 emphasis on German history/German culture

3 introduction of new subjects such as Racial Science/Eugenics

4 for girls emphasis on female subjects (Kinder, Kirche, Kuche)

5 teachers suspected of being disloyal to party were arrested

6 all teachers had to join the Nazi Teachers’ League

7 pictures of Hitler in classrooms

8 Jewish children were humiliated/from 1938 only allowed to attend

Jewish schools

9 maths questions changed to reinforce Nazi ideals

10 specialist schools set up to train future Nazi leaders (Napolas)

Source A is from the memoirs of Marianne Gartner who joined the Hitler Youth at the

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