Holy Cross High School National 5 History Exam Type questions Describe how Germany was affected by ww1

Section 4 Nazi social and economic policies

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Section 4 Nazi social and economic policies

Nazi economic policies; militarism; youth movements and education; role of women; Nuremberg rallies.

To what extent were the social policies of the Nazi Government crucial to their maintenance of power between 1933 and 1939?

Describe the Social Policies of the Nazi Party

1. Nazi youth policy encouraged loyalty

2. Nazi education policy brainwashed the young

3. Nazi policy towards the Jews – first isolate, then persecute and finally destroy created a fear of similar treatment

4. Nazi family policy – Kinder, Kirche, Kuche won support/from traditionalists

5. subsidised holidays/leisure activities of the Kraft durch Freude programme were popular

6. a Concordat with the Catholic Church was reached/a Reichsbishop was appointed as head of the Protestant churches which limited possible opposition from the churches

7. creation of the national community (Volksgemeinschaft) created a sense of national purpose

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