Holy Cross High School National 5 History Exam Type questions Describe how Germany was affected by ww1

Describe the events of the Reichstag Fire

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Describe the events of the Reichstag Fire


Describe the impact of the Reichstag fire on Hitler’s Rise to power (harder question)

Section 3 Nazi control of Germany

Formation and characteristics of the National Socialist Government; National Socialism in power: intimidation; treatment of Jews and other minority groups; opposition to National Socialism by socialists, communists, and the churches.

Describe the ways the Nazis created a totalitarian state

* political parties outlawed; non-Nazi members of the civil service were dismissed, crushing possible opposition

* Nazis never quite able to silence opposition to the regime

* speed of takeover of power and ruthlessness of the regime made opposition largely ineffective

* anti-Nazi judges were dismissed and replaced with those favourable to the Nazis ensuring the support of the legal system

* Acts Hostile to the National Community (1935) – all-embracing law which allowed the Nazis to persecute opponents in a ‘legal’ way

* Use of Gestapo created a culture of fear

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