Holy Cross High School National 5 History Exam Type questions Describe how Germany was affected by ww1

Section 2 Nazi rise to power, 1929–1933

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Section 2 Nazi rise to power, 1929–1933

Discontent against the Weimar Republic

Explain the reasons why the Weimar Government was unpopular up to 1925.

1. some people felt coalition governments were weak/parties seemed too busy arguing to solve the country’s problems

2. many Germans didn’t like democracy/longed for the return of the strong leadership of the Kaiser

3. frequent changes of government made it difficult to follow consistent policies

4. appeared to be unable to solve the country’s economic problems such as war debt/hyper-inflation

5. six governments in six years in the mid-1920s created an appearance of a weak government

6. it seemed incapable of maintaining order/stopping frequent outbreaks of violence/political assassinations

7. criticised by nationalists for giving in to foreign powers

8. criticised for allowing the French invasion of the Ruhr

9. associated with Germany’s defeat in the First World War

10. blamed the Weimar Government for accepting the Treaty of Versailles

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