Holocaust Lesson 2 (2 day lesson) Essential Questions

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Lesson 2

(2 day lesson)

Essential Questions:

  1. What was the Holocaust?

  2. What was its purpose?

  3. Who were its victims?

  4. How was it executed?

  5. What were the Holocaust’s results?

Objective: after review, key vocabulary and instruction, students will understand who were the victims and the execution of the Holocaust.

Key Vocabulary

Concentration camps - places of incarceration and forced labor for a variety of "enemies of the state" of the Nazi regime
Persecuted - persistent mistreatment of an individual or group by another group
Wehrmacht - the name of the armed forces of Nazi-Germany
AB Aktion - was a German campaign during the World War II aimed at the Polish leaders and intelligentsia
Death squad – called Einsatzgruppen, were groups operated by the SS with the principal task to annihilate of Jews, Gypsies and political dissidents
Extermination camps - facilities for the killing of Jews,Gypsies, Serbs, Soviet prisoners of war, Poles, Communists, Jehovah's Witnesses, and homosexuals among others.
Aktion Reinhard - was the code name given to the Nazi plan to murder Polish Jews, and marked the beginning of the most deadly phase of the Holocaust, the use of extermination camps

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