Hod 3600: Community Development & Urban Policy

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HOD 3600: Community Development & Urban Policy
Spring Semester 2008 Tuesdays 11:00-2:00 Wyatt 121

Students may also be invited to present & lead discussion once or twice in the undergraduate and Masters section Tuesday or Thursday, 9:35-10:50.


Jim Fraser

102B Mayborn (mailbox in 206 Mayborn)



Office Hours: by appointment
Doug Perkins

107 Mayborn



Office Hours: by appointment

Course Description: This course provides an overview of theory, research and action in urban community development, housing, and related policies. It will mostly focus on U.S. examples, but students are welcome to focus on international examples in their assignments. It is a core course in the graduate programs in Community Development & Action and Community Research & Action. The course helps students understand the context in which community development work operates (i.e., public policy, structures of disadvantage, and economics). Theory around the nature of urban development, neighborhood change and community organizing/development will be discussed as they pertain to the practical knowledge and skills needed to operate effectively in the broad field of urban community development. Community aspects of crime and crime prevention, the New Urbanist movement in planning and architecture, and participatory planning and design will also be addressed.
Course Goals: By the end of this course, we hope you will be able to do the following:

(1) Define, in multiple ways, the process of urban redevelopment and neighborhood change in all their complexity, contradictions, and paradoxes

(2) Understand in some detail the forces and organizations that are both driving and resisting

these processes

(3) Understand the impact that urban public policy is having on communities and development

in urban areas across the United States, surveying a range of domains

(4) Produce and present two seminar papers demonstrating an in-depth understanding of different community development or urban policy topics

(5) Complete a community development research project and contribute to a report analyzing the results of the project [see below; more information will be provided].

(6) A major goal of this course is to prepare students for work in the complex field of community development occurring in cross-cultural settings, and in organizations characterized by diversity, or in institutional contexts which serve a culturally diverse clientele.
Course Format: Class meetings will be run as a seminar in which the instructor and individual students will lead class discussion of the readings and encourage questions on and debate of those topics. There will be visiting speakers and team work in the field. Lectures will typically be short and set the context for discussion. The readings for the day on the schedule are to be read before the class period for we want you to be prepared to participate in the discussion.

The term project will also be planned and discussed periodically in class. The exact schedule of topics and reading assignments may change. Be aware of any changes. If you do not think you can keep up with the readings, attend class regularly, and participate fully in the class project, you should drop the class now.

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