Hitler was a marionette He sacrificed his people and was sacrificed

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Press-release. For colleagues who understand the German language.

I hope that in the wide world there is one newspaper which has the same motto as Al Jazeera:

Al Jazeera tells the stories that other networks do not.”

South Tyrol, November 2009

Hitler was a marionette
He sacrificed his people and was sacrificed
The pensioned German journalist Rainer Lechner (63) has published a new book about Adolf Hitler in Internet, www.etika.com. In nearly half a century he has collected material from newspapers and books and has made a surprising discovery:
Hitler deceived and cheated his own people and sacrificed it in the Second World War. Then he had fulfilled his mission and was sacrificed himself by his friends abroad. Here are some of the often astonishing facts of the ETIKA-NS-mosaic which are mentioned in no school-book:

  • The grandfather of Adolf Hitler was probably a Jew, baron R.

  • It´s possible that Hitler was prepared to his mission in England 1912/1913.

  • Hitler and his most important fellow-combatants descended from occult orders who venerated Germanic idols. They thought that God would be in blood and race. Via the society of Thule they later joined freemasonry.

  • After the II World War Hitler and his companions wanted to abolish the two Christian churches, the catholic and the protestant, and they wanted to substitute it with a new religion; this proves the German historian Michael Hesemann in his book “Hitlers Religion” (2004).

  • The National Socialists and the Zionists collaborated in the emigration of Jews to Palestine. The Treaty of Haavara 1933 made it possible that 80 000 Jews came to Palestine. The money, material and weapons from Germany were the foundation-stone of the state of Israel. The Goebbels-newspaper “Der Angriff” celebrated the collaboration with a medal, on one side the swastika, on the other side the star of David. Literature: Francis R. Nicosia: The Third Reich and the Palestine Question” (1985) and some Jewish historians.

  • The Zionist leadership had no interest in the poor Jews of Eastern Europe. With the assent of Hitler the German minister Schacht 1938 made an offer to free all jews with an ingenious financial transaction but the Zionists rejected it with the same mercilessness with which they refused similar offers by the SS of Himmler until 1945. In this way during the war the Jews were sent to the concentration camps (KZ) and most of them were killed by the SS or died from starvation. In the background the Zionist leader Ben Gurion meditated: “Catastrophe is power.” Literature: Shraga Elam, Tom Segev, Yehuda Bauer, Arno J. Mayer, Francis R. Nicosia and others.

  • The number of the surviving jews doesn´t correspond with the number of the Holocaust victims, reveals Norman Finkelstein (“The Holocaust Industry”).

  • Some proves for the membership of Hitler in freemasonry: his contacts with fellows of the lodge of the Satanist and secret service man Aleister Crowley; the used secret signs, especially till 1933; the interdiction to proceed against freemasonry; the sparing of the encircled British troops near Dunkirchen; the peace flight of freemason Rudolf Hess to England where he wanted to contact the Duke of Hamilton; the fact that Hitler sent his people into the hopeless war against Russia; and last not least the bombardment of the Christian National Socialist Iron Guard of Romania to save the dictatorship of freemason Antonescu.

Hitler used the virtues like honour, patriotism, tidiness to convince his people. The Germans believed him, hoped in him, also as a consequence of the inhuman treaty of Versailles after the First World War. Hitler thought the Western freemasons and the Vatican would stand behind him in his fight against the atheistical Bolshevism which threatened not only Spain and Germany, but whole Europe. Nearly nobody knows that the Americans supplied their enemy Germany with oil till 1944.

But Hitler was betrayed and (like freemason Saddam Hussein) sacrificed in the same sinister way he betrayed his people and sacrificed it in the Second World War.
The consequences of Hitler´s National Socialism and the defeat of Germany (once a center of idealism and romanticism) are devastating for the whole world. The author Rainer Lechner shows in a short story how the most intelligent demons in hell about 1911 have elaborated a century project to destroy Germany, to undermine virtues and morals, to weaken the Christian religion and anti-capitalism. With the greatest success. Today the human race is living in disorder and disorientation, milliards of human beings in misery. Manifestations of the actual illness of mankind are for example:

  • Manipulation of the masses by politicians and a more and more decadent television with the result of general imbecility (“The loss of the sense of shame is the first symptom of feeblemindedness.”)

  • Destructive music with hammering rhythms which demolish the capability of thinking and which kill positive sentiments.

  • Egoism, decomposition of the sense of duty, growing cold of love, disintegration of families and nations, indifference, addiction.

  • Increasing poverty: one milliard of human beings is hungry.

  • Sweating-system worldwide in professional activity and economic life.

  • Liberal-capitalist ruthless exploitation of nature and apocalyptic destruction of environment.

  • Apostasy.

The ritual daily remembrance of the crimes of Hitler is serving the mighty men of today (many of them are invisible) who are reigning with the “rulers of the darkness of this age”, “spiritual hosts of wickedness” (Ephesians 6,12), as red-herring; so everybody forgets the crimes of the mighty which happen every day. Every 3 seconds a human being is dying of hunger. “It would be possible to nourish 12 milliards of human beings. But the power, riches and resources are in the hands of few people.” (Catholic Sonntagsblatt, Bozen, South Tyrol, 30.8.2009.) Every day 24 000 men starve to death. Who is guilty? Hitler? Or somebody else? Who? Nobody dares to mention them by name. Hypocrites they are! We understand the anger of Jesus.

With all this the time is mature and the fertile soil prepared for the events of Apocalypse. Due to the growing insecurity the men hope for the solution of their problems by means of a world state, a world currency, a world religion. The Antichrist is waiting that everybody is crying for a new redeemer. (Read the books of Robert H. Benson: Lord of the World, and Vladimir Soloviev´s story of the Antichrist!) Then he will establish his tyranny for 3 ½ years, as predicted in the Old and the New Testament. He will persecute the Christians more cruelly than the Roman Emperors.
But God will intervene, and his angels will cast the powers of darkness into the bottomless pit.
I have written this book in the imperturbable certainty that there exist still independent journalists who don´t chase dissentients, but are in search for truth and justice.
From my youth I love adventures, and it is all one to me if I precipitate in my loved mountains in Hinterpasseier in South Tyrol, an autonomous German province in Northern Italy, or if I´m shot dead by a payed killer.
Serving the truth

You can´t get me on the line; my house has no telephone. If you want I´ll send you a CD.

Rainer Lechner

Ulfas 6

I-39013 Moos i. P. (BZ)


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