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The Cubans bowed to U.S. pressure and narrowly voted the Platt Amendment into their constitution. In the Philippines, U.S. troops had posed as prisoners-of-war to infiltrate rebel headquarters. Three weeks after President McKinley’s March inauguration, they captured rebel leader Emilio Aguinaldo.

There has been enough blood, enough tears, enough desolation. By accepting the sovereignty of the United States, I believe I am serving thee, my beloved country. Emilio Aguinaldo.


While war continued in the southern Philippines, there were few skirmishes around Manila in the summer of 1901. President McKinley appointed William Howard Taft the first civilian governor of the Philippines. “Big Bill” Taft called the Filipinos his “little brown brothers.” McKinley described Taft’s mission as one of “benevolent assimilation.”


What was established here very quickly were schools and the introduction of American methods of education, English language. Except that the American administration in the Philippines passed a law which made illegal anything that was anti-American, whether it was written, spoken, or even a picture, the Philippine flag was banned, although Filipinos found other ways to continue the struggle.

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