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Cubans gained faith in the United States when it began extensive programs to improve public works on the island.


Electricity was introduced. The telegraph was expanded. The railroads were repaired and cleaned up. Swamps were drained. Ah, roads were paved so that you wouldn’t have standing water. And in fact, this made a tremendous difference among the population of Cuba.


General Gómez agreed to disband the Cuban Army, hoping that the United States would in turn honor the Teller Amendment. Passed before the war, the Teller Amendment guaranteed the Cubans their independence. In the Philippines, Aguinaldo’s insurgents had no promises of independence, no Teller Amendment. They continued to resist. Within two months, they had killed and wounded 500 U.S. soldiers.

Why is it that the American outlook is blacker now than it has been since the beginning of the war? The whole population of the islands sympathizes with the insurgents. The sooner the people of the United States find out that the people of the Philippines do not wish to be governed by us, the better. Harper’s Weekly, June 1899.


The Anti-Imperialist League that had begun some months before grew in membership. It’s very interesting especially in the number of American women got involved in this. They did not yet have suffrage. They saw the Filipinos essentially as having their problem. That is to say they were being governed without their having anything to say about it.

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