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Each morning we would hear bugles blowing taps very shortly after reveille. First the burial detail, then the bugle. The sickness was striking in harder. One bugle followed another throughout the day almost as if they were but echoes among the hills. Private Charles Post, Seventy-first Infantry.

TITLE CARD: “The Stars and Stripes Forever”


On July 17th, in Santiago’s main square, U.S. and Spanish generals assembled for the formal surrender of the city. When the cathedral’s clock struck noon, the Spanish flag, which had flown over Santiago for nearly 400 years, was replaced by the Stars and Stripes, not the flag of Cuba Libre. Cuban insurgents were not invited to attend.


The reasons given for their denial to enter the city was that – that they would plunder and they would pillage and that they would loot and they would sack. And so, ahm, in addition to the sentimental, ah, dimension of – of this decision, the Cubans felt that they were slandered.

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