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To help General Shafter untangle the mess, Commanding General of the Army Nelson Miles went to Tampa. Miles had warned President McKinley against a summer campaign in Cuba. Yellow fever and other tropical diseases would decimate U.S. forces. Rather than delay the invasion, the War Department enlisted 10,000 volunteers thought to be resistant to yellow fever. Tropical ancestry was a qualification. They were called “Immunes.” Almost half were black.
TITLE CARD: “The Darkey Volunteer”


When those brave black knights who are so bold,

Come prancing down the streets with swords of Klondike gold,

Proud plumed darkies looking fine, we’ll shine while marching as a black K.P.

The Negro has no reason to fight for Cuba’s independence. He is opposed at home. He is as much in need of independence as Cuba is. The African-American Washington Bee.

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