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The final push came on March 25th, when the naval committee investigating the Maine explosion reported its findings. The explosion had been caused by a submerged mine. Though the report never fixed responsibility, few doubted that the Spanish were to blame. On April 11th, President McKinley addressed Congress.


In the name of humanity, on behalf of endangered American interests, I ask Congress to authorize the President to take measures to secure a final termination of hostilities and a stable government.

Not on behalf of Cuban independence, but basically to end two competing claims to sovereignty: the Spanish claim to sovereignty and the Cuban claim to sovereignty. And, by implication, clearly establish a third claim of sovereignty by force of arms.


Cuban rebel sympathizers in New York were enraged.


This is nothing less than a declaration of war by the United States against the Cuban revolutionaries. We would resist with force of arms as bitterly and tenaciously as we have fought the armies of Spain. Cuban representative Horatio Rubens.


Senator Henry Teller proposed an amendment that would appease Cuban rebels.


The United States disclaims any intention to exercise control over Cuba, except for pacification, and asserts when that is accomplished to leave the island to its people.


It is true that they have not entered into an accord with our government, but they have recognized our right to be free and independent and that is enough for me. General Calixto García.


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