History year 7 Spring Assessment

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Year 7

Spring Assessment



Class and Year Group


Date of Assessment

To be completed by 11/03/2016


What was life like in the Middle Ages?

Success Criteria


To know the impact of religion on the Middle Ages

  • Know the aspects of Middle Ages religion.

  • Understand the religious requirements under Medieval Catholicism.

  • Be able explain the impact of the Church on medicine, justice, education and science.


To show a clear understanding of the use of historical sources

  • Be able to explain the value of particular sources.

  • Be able to suggest how particular sources can be more valuable than others for answering historical enquires.

  • Use historical sources to infer accurate knowledge about Middle Ages culture in England.

  • To identify advantages and usefulness in particular sources.


To understand the changing nature of towns and villages

  • To evaluate the advantages of living in towns vs. villages.

  • Understand and be able to explain similarities and differences in crime and punishment from the Middle Ages until today.

  • To infer how fun, fashion and sport have changed since the Middle Ages.

Directory: userfiles -> files
files -> Lisa Nichols
files -> What motivated us involvement in Vietnam? Discussion Guide
files -> What motivated us withdrawal from Vietnam? Discussion Guide
files -> Wwii: Significant Events and Effects of World War II
files -> How Has Vietnam Impacted the Way War Is Initiated? Discussion Guide
files -> In what may mark the beginning of a historic shift, Australia appears ready to bypass the U. S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency and allow for the direct convertibility of the Australian dollar into the Chinese yuan
files -> Group Project-The Archetype of the Epic Hero Name of group members
files -> Transcendentalism, Romanticism, and Dark Romanticism all come together to make up the American Renaissance = within one generation after Rationalism and the Revolutionary War
files -> Part I: Behind the Scenes
files -> Profs Explore Northern Ireland Conflict Greg Warchol and Bob Hanson

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