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What this means: Understanding why government is necessary and how it works.
• Explain how political parties developed as a result of attempts to resolve issues in the early years of the United States.
• Explain how events (e.g., economic instability, government under the Articles of Confederation) showed the need for a stronger form of governance in the early years of the United States.
• Explain how the U.S. Constitution protects the rights of citizens, regulates the use of territory, manages conflict and establishes order and security.
• Explain the political concepts in the U.S. Constitution including democracy, federalism, bicameralism, separation of powers and checks and balances.
Check your understanding: Political Concepts of the U.S. Constitution
Democracy: A system of government in which political control is exercised by all the people either directly or through elected representatives.
Federalism: A political organization in which the power of the government is divided between a central government and territorial subdivisions. In the U.S. this would be the national and state governments.
Bicameralism: A system of government in which the legislative branch is made up of two houses (e.g., the Senate and the House of Representatives).

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