History Research Paper topics Over the next week, research a few of these topics and choose three that you might be interested in for your 4

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History Research Paper topics

Over the next week, research a few of these topics and choose three that you might be interested in for your 4th quarter research paper and presentation. Write a brief paragraph for each, explaining your reason and numbering your choices in order of preference, 1 being your favorite. We cannot guarantee you will get one of your choices, but it will help us to determine your interests so we can make an appropriate selection for you.

The Election of 1964

National Organization for Women

Roe vs. Wade

My Lai massacre Matt Turetsky

Black Panthers Joey Chalhoub

Early Apollo Missions Steve Duncan

Chicago Democratic Convention

Gene McCarthy & “Get Clean for Gene” campaign

Robert Kennedy (bid for presidency & assassination)

Nixon & China

Cesar Chavez & migrant worker movement

Aids epidemic (80's) Joey Monaco

Hillary Clinton Hannah Hausen

Lyndon Johnson & the Great Society

Students for a Democratic Society and the Weathermen (radical groups)

Pop art & Andy Warhol Faustina Nguyen

Earl Warren’s Court-civil liberties rulings Victor Tang

Lyndon B. Johnson and Vietnam

Kennedy’s New Frontier

Sandra Day O'Connor (first female Supreme Court justice)

Maya Lin & the Vietnam Memorial Kiarra Cottman

Robert McNamara In Retrospect and The Fog of War

The Tet Offensive (Vietnam War & turning point in public opinion) Andres Pinon

Gloria Steinem (feminist) Harisa Martinos

Love Canal (environmental disaster) & environmental protections

The Watergate Scandal Cobe Wiggins

The Military Draft 1964-74

Election of 1968

Camp David Accords- Jimmy Carter’s Role Opal Gur

Kent State Massacre (during Vietnam War) Rhea Isaac

Equal Rights Amendment & Phyllis Schlafly

Rachel Carson Silent Spring (anti-pesticides movement) Julianna Magazzeni

Woodstock Festival Alex Casey

Bob Dylan

1960’s “free jazz” (Ornette Coleman, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, etc.) Joe Lee

“Camelot” (Kennedy’s administrative style)

Beatles (British Invasion) Nick Tresnan

Kennedy assassination & legacy Kris Zoubroulis

Jimmy Carter & the Iranian Hostage Crisis

Ronald Reagan (Reaganomics and the Conservative Revolution) Sam Niman

George H. W. Bush and the Persian Gulf War

President Clinton (scandal vs. substance)

George W. Bush and the Iraq War

Civil Liberties and the War on Terrorism Nick McCreesh

September 11, 2001 Justin Barcusky

Terrorist events from 1993-2001 that led to the September 11th attack (1993 World Trade Center bombing, The African Embassy Bombings of 1998 and the U.S.S. Cole)

The Democratic Party of the 1980’s-Jesse Jackson, Mario Cuomo, Reagan Democrats

John Lennon’s Assassination & Legacy

The Color Purple Gaby Janovsky

Flannery O'Connor Kaylee Yam

The Joy Luck Club Emily Yeung

Fahrenheit 451 Ben Keller

Cat's Cradle Chloe Berger

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Marjanna Smith

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