History of the World My Most Important Notes

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History of the World

My Most Important Notes

The entire history of the world can be divided into three eras:

  1. Ancient Times:

Ancient times begin as far back as we have recorded history. (Before we have any records of history, we call it “pre-history”.) We have records of great ancient civilizations in Africa (Egyptians), the Middle East (Babylonians, Persians and Hebrews), Asia (China and India) and Europe (Greeks and Romans). It is wrong to call these ancient civilizations primitive. We could spent our lifetime studying the gifts any one of these civilizations has given to us in modern times. Here are a few:


Christ lived, died and was resurrected in Jerusalem, which was a city that had been conquered by the ancient Roman Empire


The Jewish faith comes from the ancient Hebrews

Buddhism, Confucianism and Hinduism

All three of these great world religions came out of ancient India and China

Good government

The Greeks and Romans both had democracies (or republics). This meant that the citizens could actually vote for their government.


Written language


Useful for building, construction, engineering and thinking!


Currency is money. Perhaps you’ve never thought about this but it would be challenging to purchase goods if you always had to trade items to do so.

Justice system

Law and order, consistent rules, recognition of rights and freedoms, trials, etc


Great writing, myths and legends


Military schools still study and borrow from the strategies and organization used by the ancient Greeks and Romans

Architecture and engineering

Building styles and techniques are used today


Philosophy is a “love or wisdom”. It is the study of truth, goodness and beauty. The great ancient Greek philosophers were Plato and Aristotle.


Beautiful paintings and sculpture


Concrete roads, iron making and shipbuilding techniques, just to name three.

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