History of the Pacific Northwest and Canadian Northwest Reel Listing Aborigines Protection Society, London

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Reel: PNW 27, No. 287
United States. Congress. House. Select Committee on Exploration of the Northwest Coast.

Exploration of the northwest coast . . . Report of the Committee.

Washington. 1826

(U.S. 19th Cong., 1st sess. House. Rep. no. 35). Howes B263.

Reel: PNW 27, No. 288
United States. Congress. House. Select Committee on Exploration of the Northwest Coast.

Northwest coast of America . . . Report of the Committee.

Washington. 1826

(U.S. 19th Cong., 1st sess. House. Rep. 213). Howes B264.

Reel: PNW 27, No. 289
United States. Congress. Senate. Select Committee on Bill to Authorize the President to Occupy the Oregon Territory.

. . . Report.

Washington. 1838

Fold. maps. (U.S. 25th Cong., 2d sess. Senate Doc. 470). Howes L364.

Reel: PNW 27, No. 290
United States. State Dept.

. . . Documents in relation to the boundary of the United States west of the Rocky Mountains.

Washington. 1828

Howes D381.

Reel: PNW 27, No. 291
United States. State Dept.

. . . Message from the President . . . communicating . . . information respecting the proclamation of martial law in the territory of Washington.

Washington. 1857

(U.S. 34th Cong., 3d sess. Senate. Ex. Doc. 41).

Reel: PNW 27, No. 292
United States. State Dept.

. . . Message from the President . . . communicating the letter of Mr. Prevost . . . relating to an establishment made at the mouth of the Columbia river.

Washington. 1823

Tables. (U.S. 17th Cong., 2d sess. House Doc. 45). Howes P580.

Reel: PNW 27, No. 293
United States. State Dept.

. . .Message from the president. . .transmitting information. . .in relation to claims set up by foreign governments to territory. . .north of the forty-second degree of latitude.

Washington. 1822

Reel: PNW 27, No. 294
United States. State Dept.

. . . Message of the President . . . communicating . . . copies of the papers relating to the proclamation of martial law in Washington territory.

Washington. 1856

(U.S. 34th Cong., 1st sess. Senate. Ex. Doc. 98).

Reel: PNW 27, No. 295
United States. State Dept.

The northwest boundary. Discussion of the water boundary question.

Washington. 1868

Maps, fold. plate.

Reel: PNW 27, No. 296
United States. Navy Dept.

. . .Oregon. Report of Lieut. Neil M. Howison . . . being the result of an examination in the year 1846 of the coast, harbors, rivers . . . of the territory of Oregon.

Washington. 1848

(U.S. 30th Cong., 1st sess. House. Misc. no. 29). Howes H738.

Reel: PNW 27, No. 297
United States. Treasury Dept.

Report on the Prybilov group, or Seal islands of Alaska. By H. W. Elliott.

Washington. 1873


Reel: PNW 27, No. 298
United States. Treasury Dept. Special Agents Division.

Report upon the customs district, public service and resources of Alaska Territory. By William Gouverneur Morris.

Washington. 1879

Illus., plates, fold. map (U.S. 45th Cong., 3d sess. Senate. Ex. doc. 59).

Reel: PNW 28, No. 299
United States. War Dept.

. . . Affairs in Oregon; letter from the Secretary of war communicating . . . correspondence with Gen. Harney relating to affairs in the department of Oregon.

Washington. 1860

Tables (U.S. 36th Cong., 1st sess. House. Ex. doc. 65).

Reel: PNW 28, No. 300
United States. War Dept.

. . . Expedition from Fort Abercrombie to Fort Benton. Letter . . . transmitting report of Capt. J. L. Fisk.

Washington. 1863

(U.S. 37th Cong., 3d sess. House. Ex. doc. 80). Howes F154.

Reel: PNW 28, No. 301
United States. War Dept.

. . . Indian depredations in Oregon and Washington. Letter from the Secretary of war.

Washington. 1861

(U.S. 36th Cong., 2d sess. House Ex. doc. 29).

Reel: PNW 28, No. 302
United States. War Dept.

. . . Indian hostilities in Oregon and Washington. Message from the President.

Washington. 1856

(U.S. 34th Cong., 1st sess. House Ex. doc. 93). Howes D108.

Reel: PNW 28, No. 303
United States. War Dept.

. . . Message of the President . . . communicating . . . correspondence between the government and Major General Wool in regard to his operations on the coast of the Pacific.

Washington. 1855

(U.S. 33rd Cong., 2d sess. Senate Ex. doc. 16).

Reel: PNW 28, No. 304
United States. War Dept.

. . . Modoc war; message from the President . . . transmitting . . . correspondence and papers relative to the war with the Modoc Indians.

Washington. 1874

(U.S. 43d Cong., 1st sess. House Ex. doc. 122). Howes M709.

Reel: PNW 28, No. 305
Vancouver, George.

A voyage of discovery to the North Pacific ocean and round the world.

London. 1798

3v. Howes V23.

Reel: PNW 28, No. 306
Villard, Henry.

A journey to Alaska.

New York. 1899?

Reel: PNW 29, No. 307
A voyage round the world, in the years 1785, 1786, 1787 and 1788. . .in the King George, commanded by Capt. Portlock.

London. 1789

Howes P496.

Reel: PNW 29, No. 308
Waddington, Alfred Penderill.

The Fraser mines vindicated.

Victoria, B.C. 1858

Smith 10624.

Reel: PNW 29, No. 309
Wallace, Edward J.

The Oregon question determined by the rules of international law.

London. 1846

Howes W51. Smith 10697.

Reel: PNW 29, No. 310
Wardman, George.

A trip to Alaska.

San Francisco. 1884

Howes W102. Smith 10720.

Reel: PNW 29, No. 311
Warner, Frank W.

Montana territory. History and business directory.

Helena. 1879

Illus., plates, fold. map.; Howes W108. Smith 10725.

Reel: PNW 29, No. 312
Washington (Ter.). Governor, 1853-1857 (Stevens).

Message of the Governor . . . also the correspondence with the Secretary of War, Maj. Gen. Wool.

Olympia. 1857

Howes S964.

Reel: PNW 29, No. 313
Wells, Harry Laurenz.

Alaska and the Klondike.

Portland, Ore. 1897

Plates, fold. map.; Smith 10823.

Reel: PNW 29, No. 314
Western, pseud.

Biography of Joseph Lane.

Washington. 1852

Howes L65. Smith 10870.

Reel: PNW 30, No. 315
White, Elijah.

A concise view of Oregon Territory.

Washington. 1846

Howes W349. Smith 10916.

Reel: PNW 30, No. 316
Whymper, Frederick.

Travel and adventures in the territory of Alaska.

London. 1868

Plates, fold. map.; Smith 10977.

Reel: PNW 30, No. 317
Wilkes, Charles.

Western America, including California and Oregon.

Philadelphia. 1849

Fold. maps.; Howes W416.

Reel: PNW 30, No. 318
Wilkes, George.

The history of Oregon.

New York. 1845

Fold. map.; Howes W418. Smith 11005.

Reel: PNW 30, No. 319
Wilkeson, Samuel.

Wilkeson's notes on Puget Sound.

n.p. n.d

Howes W420. Smith 11007.

Reel: PNW 30, No. 320
Will there be war? Analysis of the elements which constitute, respectively, the power of England and the United States . . . The proper course to secure peaceably the whole of the Oregon.

New York. 1846

Howes T76. Smith 11014.

Reel: PNW 30, No. 321
Wilson, Veazie.

Guide to the Yukon gold fields, where are they and how to reach them.

Seattle. 1895

Plates, fold. maps.; Howes W541. Smith 11103.

Reel: PNW 30, No. 322
Wishart, Andrew.

The Behring sea question, the arbitration treaty and the award.

Edinburgh. 1893

Fold. map. Smith 11140.

Reel: PNW 30, No. 323
Wright, Julia McNair.

Among the Alaskans.

Philadelphia. 1883

Plates, maps.; Smith 11223.

Reel: PNW 30, No. 324
Ziegenfuss, C. O.

Western Montana; a review of the mineral timber and agricultural resources.

Butte. 1886

Fold. map.; Howes Z10.

Reel: PNW 30, No. 325

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