History of the Pacific Northwest and Canadian Northwest Reel Listing Aborigines Protection Society, London

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Reel: PNW 18, No. 174
Marvin, Frederic R.

The Yukon overland: the gold-digger's hand-book.

Cincinnati. 1898

Plates, fold. map.

Reel: PNW 18, No. 175
Mason, Allen C.

Compendium of information concerning the city of Tacoma and Washington territory.

Portland, Ore. 1888

Front.; Smith 6584.

Reel: PNW 18, No. 176
Meagher, Thomas Francis.

Lectures of Governor Thomas Francis Meagher in Montana.

Virginia City, Mont. 1867

Howes M464. Smith 6645.

Reel: PNW 18, No. 177
Meares, John.

An answer to Mr. George Dixon, late commander of the Queen Charlotte.

London. 1791

Howes M467. Smith 6678.

Reel: PNW 18, No. 178
Meares, John.

Voyages made in the years 1788 and 1789 from China to the northwest coast of America.

London. 1790

Front., plates, maps (3 fold.). Howes M469.

Reel: PNW 18, No. 179
Meredith, Edmund Allen.

An essay on the Oregon question.

Montreal. 1846

Howes M531.

Reel: PNW 18, No. 180
Middleton, Christopher.

Forgery detected. By which it is evinced how groundless are all the calumnies. . .in a pamphlet published under the name of Arthur Dobbs.

London. 1745


Reel: PNW 18, No. 181
Middleton, Christopher.

A rejoinder to Mr. Dobb's reply to Captain Middleton.

London. 1745

Reel: PNW 18, No. 182
Middleton, Christopher.

A reply to Mr. Dobb's answer to a pamphlet entitled Forgery detected.

London. 1745

Reel: PNW 18, No. 183
Middleton, Christopher.

A reply to the Remarks of Arthur Dobbs, esq.; on Capt. Middleton's Vindication of his conduct.

London. 1744

Reel: PNW 18, No. 184
Middleton, Christopher.

A vindication of the conduct of Capt. Christopher Middleton, in a late voyage . . . for discovering a northwest passage.

London. 1743

Reel: PNW 19, No. 185
Mills, David.

The Canadian view of the Alaskan boundary dispute.

Ottawa. 1899

Reel: PNW 19, No. 186
Milton, William Fitzwilliam, viscount.

A history of the San Juan water boundary question.

London. 1869

Fold. maps.

Reel: PNW 19, No. 187
Mortimer, George.

Observations and remarks made during a voyage to the islands of Teneriffe. . .Owyhee, the Fox Islands on the northwest coast of America.

London. 1791

Plate, Maps. Howes M845.

Reel: PNW 19, No. 188
Mudge, Zachariah Atwell.

The missionary teacher: a memoir of Cyrus Shepard.

New York. 1848

Front., illus. Howes M873. Smith 7131.

Reel: PNW 19, No. 189
Mudge, Zachariah Atwell.

Sketches of life among the Indians of Oregon.

New York. 1854

Front., plates.; Smith 7132.

Reel: PNW 19, No. 190
Müller, Gerhahrd Friedrich, supposed author.

A letter from a Russian sea-officer, to a person of distinction at the court of St. Petersburg.

London. 1754

Howes M874. Smith 5868.

Reel: PNW 19, No. 191
Mullan, John.

Miners' and travelers' guide to Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado.

New York. 1865

Map.; Howes M885. Smith 7153.

Reel: PNW 19, No. 192
Muller, Gerhard Friedrich.

Voyages from Asia to America, for completing the discoveries of the northwest coast of America.

London. 1764

2d ed.; 3 fold. maps.; Howes M875. Smith 7135.

Reel: PNW 19, No. 193
Muller, Hermann Gerhard.

Oregon und seine zukunft.

Cologne. 1872

Smith 7136.

Reel: PNW 19, No. 194
Munger, James F.

Two years in the Pacific and Arctic Oceans.

Vernon, N.Y. 1852

Howes M894.

Reel: PNW 19, No. 195
Murphy, John Mortimer.

The Oregon handbook and emigrants' guide.

Portland, Ore. 1873

Plates.; Howes M909. Smith 7184.

Reel: PNW 19, No. 196
Myers, John.

The life, voyages and travels of Capt. John Myers. . .exhibiting a. . .description of the northwest trade.

London. 1817

Howes M933.

Reel: PNW 20, No. 197
Nicolay, Charles Grenfell.

The Oregon territory; a geographical and physical account.

London. 1846

Fold. map.; Howes N151. Smith 7311.

Reel: PNW 20, No. 198
The north Pacific. A true exhibit of Washington territory.

New Tacoma. 1880

Smith 7358.

Reel: PNW 20, No. 199
Novo y Colson, Pedro de.

. . .Sobre los viajes apocrifos de Juan de Fuca y de Lorenzo Ferrer Maldonado.

Madrid. 1881

Howes N216.

Reel: PNW 20, No. 200
United States. Bureau of Indian Affairs, Oregon Sup.

The Modoc war; statement of its origin and causes.

Portland, Ore. 1873

Howes 023. Smith 7531.

Reel: PNW 20, No. 201
Official papers relative to the dispute between the courts of Great Britain and Spain on the subject of the ships captured in Nootka Sound.

London. 1790

Howes N171. Smith 7536.

Reel: PNW 20, No. 202
Ogilvie, William.

The Klondike official guide.

Toronto. 1898

Maps. (2 fold.), illus.; Smith 7544.

Reel: PNW 20, No. 203
Onderdonk, James Lawrence.

Idaho; facts and statistics.

San Francisco. 1885

Howes 092. Smith 7859.

Reel: PNW 20, No. 204
On to Klondike! and the great Alaska gold discoveries. A concise treatise . . . by a great practical miner.

New York. 1897


Reel: PNW 20, No. 205
Oregon (Ter.). Commissioner to collect the laws and archives of Oregon.

The Oregon archives, including the journals, governors' messages and public papers.

Salem, Ore. 1853

Howes G447.

Reel: PNW 20, No. 206
Oregon (Ter.). House of Representatives . . . Oregon.

Memorial of the Legislative assembly of Oregon territory relative to their present situation and wants.

Washington, U.S. 30th Cong., 1st sess. House. Misc. doc. 98). 1848

Howes O107.

Reel: PNW 20, No. 207
Oregon (Ter.). Legislative Assembly.

Correspondence, resolutions and memorials . . . relative to the prices of supplies, the hostilities of the Indians.

Salem. 1857

Howes C962.

Reel: PNW 20, No. 208
Oregon (Ter.). Supreme Court.

The decision of the Supreme Court . . . upon the location law, also a review of Judge Pratt's opinion.

Portland, Ore. 1852

Reel: PNW 21, No. 209
Oregon. Governor, 1870-1877 (Grover).

Report of Governor Grover to General Schofield on the Modoc War.

Salem, Ore. 1874

Howes G448.

Reel: PNW 21, No. 210
Oregon Central Military Road Company.

Report of the recent surveys and progress of construction.

Eugene, Ore. 1865

Howes P200. Smith 7634.

Reel: PNW 21, No. 211
The Oregon controversy reviewed . . . by a friend of the Anglo-Saxons.

New York. 1846

Howes O110. Smith 7644.

Reel: PNW 21, No. 212
Oregon Convention. Cincinnati, 1843.

Proceedings of the Oregon convention held in Cincinnati on the third, fourth and fifth days of July, 1843.

Columbus. 1844

Reel: PNW 21, No. 213
Oregon Improvement Company.

Eastern Washington territory and Oregon.

Portland, Ore. 1881?

Fold. map.; Smith 7661.

Reel: PNW 21, No. 214
The Oregon territory, consisting of a brief description of the country and its productions.

London. 1846

Map.; Howes O112. Smith 7709.

Reel: PNW 21, No. 215
Owens, George, comp.

A general directory and business guide of the principal towns east of the Cascade Mountains for the year 1865.

San Francisco. 1865

Incl. plates, fold. map.; Howes O171.

Reel: PNW 21, No. 216
Patterson, Samuel.

Narrative of the adventures and sufferings. . .experienced in the Pacific Ocean.

Palmer, Mass. 1817

Howes P122.

Reel: PNW 21, No. 217
Peron, captain.

Memoires du capitaine Peron, sur ses voyages. . .aux cotes nord-ouest de l'Amerique.

Paris. 1824

Fold. plates, fold. maps. Howes P240.

Reel: PNW 21, No. 218
Petrov, Ivan.

. . . Population and resources of Alaska. Letter from the Secretary of the Interior transmitting a preliminary report upon the population, industry and resources of Alaska.

Washington, (U.S. 46th Cong., 3d sess. House Ex. doc. 40). 1881

Fold. map.

Reel: PNW 21, No. 219
Pickersgill, Richard.

A concise account of voyages for the discovery of a northwest passage.

London. 1782

Howes P344.

Reel: PNW 21, No. 220
Pierce, W. H.

Thirteen years of travel and exploration in Alaska.

Lawrence, Kans. 1890

Howes P357. Smith 8136.

Reel: PNW 21, No. 221
Pinart, Alphonse Louis.

Voyages a la cote nord-ouest de l'Amerique.

Paris. 1875

Plates. Smith 8157.

Reel: PNW 22, No. 222
Plempel, Charles Alexander.

The Klondyke gold fields; their discovery, development and future possibilities.

Baltimore. 1897

Illus., maps.; Howes P422.

Reel: PNW 22, No. 223
Portlock, Nathaniel.

A voyage round the world; but more particularly to the northwest coast of America.

London. 1789

Plates, ports., fold. maps. Howes P497.

Reel: PNW 22, No. 224
Poussin, Guillaume Tell.

Question de l'Oregon.

Paris. 1846

Howes P520. Smith 8316.

Reel: PNW 22, No. 225
Quigg, Lemuel Ely.

New empires in the northwest.

New York. 1889

Howes Q14. Smith 8457.

Reel: PNW 22, No. 226
Rathbun, John C.

History of Thurston co., Washington.

Olympia. 1895

Howes R67. Smith 8499.

Reel: PNW 22, No. 227
Eine Reise um die Welt, von Westen nach Osten durch Sibirien und das Stille und Atlantische Meer.

Aschaffenburg. 1854

Fold. map. Howes R180.

Reel: PNW 22, No. 228
Rice, J. M.

Idaho. How to make money in Idaho territory. Farming, stock-raising, mining.

Omaha. 1886

Reel: PNW 22, No. 229
Rickman, John.

Journal of Captain Cook's last voyage to the Pacific ocean.

London. 1781

Plates (part. fold.) fold. map. Howes R276.

Reel: PNW 22, No. 230
Robertson, Wyndham.

Oregon, our right and title.

Washington, D.C. 1846

Fold. map.; Howes R359. Smith 8705.

Reel: PNW 22, No. 231
Roche, Alfred R.

A view of Russian America.

Montreal. 1855

Howes R385.

Reel: PNW 23, No. 232
Roquefeuil, Camille de.

Journal d'un voyage autour du monde.

Paris. 1823

Fold. maps. Howes R438.

Reel: PNW 23, No. 233
Rossi, Louis.

Six ans en Amerique (Californie et Oregon).

Paris. 1863

Fold. maps. Howes R463. Smith (2d. ed.) 8809.

Reel: PNW 23, No. 234
Rowand, Alexander.

Notes of a journey in Russian America and Siberia, during the years 1841 and 1842.

n.p. 184-?

Reel: PNW 23, No. 235
Ruxton, George Frederick Augustus.

The Oregon question. A glance at the respective claims of Great Britain and the United States.

London. 1846

Howes R555.

Reel: PNW 23, No. 236
Sachot, Octave Louis Marie.

La Siberie orientale et l'Amerique Russe.

Paris. 1875

Plates, fold. map. Howes S6.

Reel: PNW 23, No. 237
Saint-Amant, Pierre Charles Fournier de.

Voyages en Californie et dans l'Oregon.

Paris. 1854

Illus., maps.

Reel: PNW 24, No. 238
St. Ignatius Mission.

Our friends the Coeur d'Alene Indians.

St. Ignatius, Mont. 1886

Howes P41. Smith 8937.

Reel: PNW 24, No. 239
Samwell, David.

A narrative of the death of Captain James Cook.

London. 1786

Howes S64.

Reel: PNW 24, No. 240
Sarychev, Gabriil Andreevich.

Account of a voyage of discovery to the northeast of Siberia.

London. 1806

Plates. Howes S115.

Reel: PNW 24, No. 241
Sauer, Martin.

An account of a geographical. . .expedition to the northern parts of Russia. . .and of the islands. . .stretching to the American coast.

London. 1802

Plates, fold. map. Howes S117. Smith 8989.

Reel: PNW 24, No. 242
Seemann, Berthold Carl.

Narrative of the voyage of H.M.S. Herald during the years 1845-51.

London. 1853

2v. Fold. map. Howes S271.

Reel: PNW 24, No. 243
Seton-Karr, Heywood Walter.

Shores and Alps of Alaska.

London. 1887

Plates, maps.; Smith 9341.

Reel: PNW 25, No. 244
The settlement and early settlers of Coos Bay.

Marshfield, Ore. 1879

Howes C763. Smith 9342.

Reel: PNW 25, No. 245
Seward, William Henry.

Alaska. Speech . . . at Sitka, August 12, 1869.

Washington. 1869

Smith 9348.

Reel: PNW 25, No. 246
Shepard, Isabel Sharpe.

The cruise of the U.S. steamer "Rush" in Behring Sea, summer of 1889.

San Francisco. 1889

Plates, fold. map. Smith 9408.

Reel: PNW 25, No. 247
Slacum, William A.

. . . Memorial of William A. Slacum, praying compensation for his services in obtaining information in relation to the settlements on the Oregon river.

Washington. 1837

(U.S. 25th Cong., 2d sess. Senate Doc. 24).

Reel: PNW 25, No. 248
Spalding, Henry Harmon.

. . . Letter from the Secretary of the Interior communicating . . . information in relation to the early labors of the missionaries of the American board . . . in Oregon.

Washington. 1837

(U.S. 41st Cong., 3d sess., Senate Ex. Doc. 37). Howes S806.

Reel: PNW 25, No. 249
Sparks, Jared.

The life of John Ledyard.

Cambridge, Mass. 1828

Howes S818.

Reel: PNW 25, No. 250
Staehlin von Storcksburg, Jakob.

An account of the new northern archipelago lately discovered by the Russians.

London. 1774

Fold. map. Howes S863. Smith 9801.

Reel: PNW 25, No. 251
Stanley, William M.

A mile of gold. Strange adventures on the Yukon.

Chicago. 1898

Plates.; Howes S882. Smith 9811.

Reel: PNW 25, No. 252
Stansbury, Charles Frederick.

Klondike, the land of gold.

New York. 1897

Illus., plates, maps.; Howes S883. Smith 9814.

Reel: PNW 25, No. 253
Stanton, Stephen Berrien.

The Behring Sea controversy.

New York. 1892

Enl. ed. of Smith 9816.

Reel: PNW 25, No. 254
A statement of the facts pertaining to the proclamation of martial law over Pierce County, W.T., by Gov. Isaac I. Stevens.

Steilacoom, Wash. 1856

Smith 9828.

Reel: PNW 25, No. 255
Stearns, Doran H.

The official gazette and travelers' and immigrants' guide to Oregon and Washington.

Portland, Ore. 1877

Smith 9831.

Reel: PNW 25, No. 256
Steele, James William.

The Klondike; the new gold fields of Alaska and the Far North-West.

Chicago. 1897

Illus.; Howes S920.

Reel: PNW 25, No. 257
Stevens, Isaac Ingalls.

Address on Northwest.

Washington, D. C. 1858

Howes S960. Smith 9888.

Reel: PNW 26, No. 258
Stevens, Isaac Ingalls.

A circular letter to emigrants desirous of locating in Washington Territory.

Washington. 1858

Howes S863.

Reel: PNW 26, No. 259
Strahorn, Robert Edmund.

The resources and attractions of Idaho territory.

Boise City. 1881

Fold. map.; Howes S1056. Smith 9954.

Reel: PNW 26, No. 260
Strahorn, Robert Edmund.

The resources of Montana territory.

Helena. 1879

Illus.; Howes S1057. Smith 9955.

Reel: PNW 26, No. 261
Sturgis, William.

The Oregon question.

Boston. 1845

Map (folded).; Howes S1113. Smith 10001.

Reel: PNW 26, No. 262
Summary observations and facts collected from late and authentic accounts of Russian and other navigators to show the practicability. . .of. . .a northern passage. . .between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

London. 1776

Reel: PNW 26, No. 263
Sumner, Charles.

Speech . . . on the cession of Russian America to the United States.

Washington. 1867

Map.; Howes S1134.

Reel: PNW 26, No. 264
Sutherland, Thomas A.

Howard's campaign against the Nez Perce Indians.

Portland, Ore. 1878

Howes S1151. Smith 10032.

Reel: PNW 26, No. 265
Tanner, Henry.

British Columbia, its agricutural and commercial capabilities.

Montreal. 1887

Fold. map. Smith 10120.

Reel: PNW 26, No. 266
Thom, Adam.

The claims to the Oregon territory considered.

London. 1844

Howes T161. Smith 10183.

Reel: PNW 26, No. 267
Thornton, Jessy Quinn.

. . . Memorial . . . praying the establishment of a territorial government in Oregon.

Washington. 1848

(U.S. 30th Cong., 1st sess., Senate. Misc. no 143). Howes T223.

Reel: PNW 26, No. 268
Tracts on the Oregon question. By an American.

New York. 1846

Howes O117. Smith 10288.

Reel: PNW 26, No. 269
Trout, Peter L.

Prospector's manual, being a full and complete history. . .of the newly discovered gold mines.

Victoria?. 1886

Maps. Smith 10321.

Reel: PNW 26, No. 270
Tucker, Ephraim W.

A history of Oregon.

Buffalo. 1844

Howes T378. Smith 10328.

Reel: PNW 26, No. 271
Twiss, Travers, Sir.

The Oregon territory, its history and discovery.

New York. 1846

Howes T442. Smith 10372.

Reel: PNW 26, No. 272
United States. Army. Corps of Engineers.

. . . Report of a reconnaissance of the Yukon River . . . by Capt. Charles W. Raymond.

Washington. 1871

(U.S. 42d Cong. 1st sess. Senate. Ex. doc. 12).

Reel: PNW 26, No. 273
United States. Army. Corps of Engineers.

Report on the exploration of the Yellowstone river by Bvt. Brig. Gen. W. F. Reynolds.

Washington. 1868

Fold. map (U.S. 40th Cong., 2d sess. Senate. Ex. doc. 77). Howes R88.

Reel: PNW 26, No. 274
United States. Army. Corps of Engineers.

. . . Report of a reconnaissance from Carroll, Montana . . . to the Yellowstone national park.

Washington. 1876

Plates, fold. maps.; Howes L557.

Reel: PNW 26, No. 275
United States. Army. Corps of Topographical Engineers.

Report on the construction of a military road from Fort Walla Walla to Fort Benton. By Capt. John Mullan.

Washington. 1863

Plates, fold, maps.; Howes M884.

Reel: PNW 26, No. 276
United States. Army. Corps of Topographical Engineers.

. . .Report of the Secretary of War communicating . . . the topographical memoir and map of Col. Wright's late campaign against the Indians in Oregon.

Washington. 1859

Fold. maps (U.S. 35th Cong., 2d sess. Senate Ex. Doc. 32). Howes W695.

Reel: PNW 27, No. 277
United States. Army. Corps of Topographical Engineers.

. . .Topographical memoir of the Dept. of the Pacific . . . memoir and report of Capt. T.J. Cram.

Washington. 1859

(U.S. 35th Cong., 2d sess. House. Ex. doc. 114). Howes C853.

Reel: PNW 27, No. 278
United States. Army. Dept. of the Columbia.

Report of an expedition from Fort Colville to Puget Sound . . . made by 1st Lt. Henry H. Pierce.

Washington. 1883

Fold. map.; Howes P354.

Reel: PNW 27, No. 279
United States. Army. Dept. of the Columbia.

Report of the Secretary of war, communicating. . .the report of Capt. H.D. Wallen of his expedition in 1859 from Dalles City to Great Salt Lake and back.

Washington. 1860

Fold. map, diagr. (U.S. 36th Cong., 1st sess. Senate Ex. doc. 34). Howes W57.

Reel: PNW 27, No. 280
United States. Army. Military Division of the Missouri.

Report of exploration of parts of Wyoming, Idaho and Montana in August and September, 1882, made by Lt. Gen. P. H. Sheridan.

Washington. 1882

Fold. map, diagr.; Howes S396.

Reel: PNW 27, No. 281
United States. Army. Pacific Division.

Report of Colonel Alvan C. Giem, 1st cavalry, Modoc war, 1873.

Benicia? Calif. 1874

Howes G175.

Reel: PNW 27, No. 282
United States. Army. Pacific Division.

Revised outline descriptions of the posts . . . in the Military division of the Pacific.

San Francisco. 1872

Reel: PNW 27, No. 283
United States. Board of Indian Commissioners.

Bombardment of Wrangel, Alaska.

Washington. 1870

(U.S. 41st Cong., 2d sess. Senate Ex. doc. 67-68).

Reel: PNW 27, No. 284
United States. Congress. House. Committee on Foreign Affairs.

. . . Territory of Oregon . . . Report . . .Washington, 1839. (U.S. 25th Cong. 3d sess. House Rep. 101). Supplemental report. . .Wash., 1839. (25th Cong., 3d sess.; House Rep. 101 (supp.)).

Washington. 1839

Howes C970.

Reel: PNW 27, No. 285
United States. Congress. House. Committee on Military Affairs.

Military posts - Council Bluff to the Pacific Ocean.

Washington. 1843

Fold. map (U.S. 27th Cong., 3d sess. House. Rep. 31). Howes P199.

Reel: PNW 27, No. 286
United States. Congress. House. Committee on the Territories.

. . . Oregon territory . . . to accompany bill H.R. no. 21 "to organize a territorial government in the Oregon territory . . . ".

Washington. 1844

(U.S. 28th Cong., 1st sess. House Rep. no. 308). Howes B825.

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