History of the Pacific Northwest and Canadian Northwest Reel Listing Aborigines Protection Society, London

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Reel: PNW 4, No. 52
Burges, James Bland, Sir.

Letters lately published in The Diary on the subject of the present dispute with Spain.

London. 1790

Howes W188.

Reel: PNW 4, No. 53
Burges, James Bland, Sir.

A narrative of the negotiations occasioned by the dispute between England and Spain in the year 1790.

London. 1791?

Howes B960. Smith 1268.

Reel: PNW 4, No. 54
Burney, James.

A chronological history of the discoveries in the South Sea.

London. 1803

Sv. Maps, plates. Howes B1002.

Reel: PNW 5, No. 55
Burney, James.

A chronological history of north-eastern voyages of discovery.

London. 1818

Fold. maps. Howes B1001. Smith 1283.

Reel: PNW 6, No. 56
United States. State Dept.

. . . Oregon; the claim of the United States to Oregon as stated in the letters of the Hon. J.C. Calhoun.

London. 1846

Fold. map. Howes C31. Smith 1383.

Reel: PNW 6, No. 57
Campbell, Archibald.

A voyage round the world.

Edinburgh. 1816

Map (folded). Howes C88.

Reel: PNW 6, No. 58
Canfield, Thomas Hawley.

Life of Thomas Hawley Canfield.

Burlington, Vt. 1889

Howes C113. Smith 1472.

Reel: PNW 6, No. 59
Canfield, Thomas Hawley.

Northern Pacific railroad; partial report . . . of the reconnaissance . . . between Lake Superior and the Pacific.

n.p. 1870

2 fold. maps.; Howes C114. Smith 1473.

Reel: PNW 6, No. 60
Catholic Sentinel.

Reply to Executive document no. 37.

Portland, Ore. 1872

Reel: PNW 6, No. 61
Chappell, Edward.

Narrative of a voyage to Hudson's bay in His Majesty's ship Rosamond.

London. 1817

Fold. map, plates.

Reel: PNW 6, No. 62
Chittenden, Newton H.

Settlers, prospectors and tourists guide, or Travels through British Columbia.

Victoria. 1882

Howes C393. Smith 1728.

Reel: PNW 6, No. 63
Chittenden, Newton H.

. . . Travels in Oregon, Washington and northern Idaho.

Portland, Ore. 1882

Fold. Maps.

Reel: PNW 6, No. 64
Choir, Melody.

Choir's pioneer directory of the city of Seattle and King County.

Pottsville, Pa. 1878

Map (folded).; Howes C396. Smith 1734.

Reel: PNW 6, No. 65
Clements, James I.

The Klondyke . . . a complete guide to the gold fields.

Los Angeles. 1897

Map.; Howes C484. Smith 1814.

Reel: PNW 6, No. 66
Cleveland, Richard Jeffry.

A narrative of voyages and commercial enterprises.

Cambridge. 1842

Howes C485.

Reel: PNW 6, No. 67
Colnett, James.

A voyage to the south Atlantic and round Cape Horn into the Pacific Ocean.

London. 1798

Port., plates, fold. maps. Howes C604.

Reel: PNW 7, No. 68
Colonization of Vancouver's Island.

London. 1849


Reel: PNW 7, No. 69
Conkey, W. B. Co.

The official guide to the Klondyke country and the gold fields of Alaska.

Chicago. 1897

Plates, maps.; Howes K205. Smith 1957.

Reel: PNW 7, No. 70
Cook, James.

A voyage to the Pacific Ocean. . .in the years 1776, 1777, 1778, 1779 and 1780.

London. 1784

3v. and atlas (maps and plates). (part folded). Howes C729a.

Reel: PNW 7, No. 71
Coolidge, Louis Arthur.

Klondike and the Yukon country.

Philadelphia. 1897

Plates, maps (1 fold.).; Howes C743. Smith 2014.

Reel: PNW 8, No. 72
Cope, George F.

Statistical and descriptive report upon . . . Madison County, Montana.

Virginia City. 1888

Reel: PNW 8, No. 73
Hudson's Bay Co.

The extent and value of the possessory rights of the Hudson's Bay Company in Oregon.

Montreal. 1849

Howes C827. Smith 2084.

Reel: PNW 8, No. 74
Coxe, William.

Account of the Russian Discoveries between Asia and America.

London. 1780

Fold. plate. fold. maps. Howes C834.

Reel: PNW 8, No. 75
Crane, James M.

The past, the present and the future of the Pacific.

San Francisco. 1856

Howes C861.

Reel: PNW 8, No. 76
Crawford, Charles Howard.

Scenes of earlier days in crossing the plains to Oregon.

Petaluma, Calif. 1898

Illus.; Howes C870. Smith 2098.

Reel: PNW 8, No. 77
Croy, Emmanuel, duc de.

Memoire sur le passage par le nord.

Paris. 1782

Reel: PNW 8, No. 78
Cushing, Caleb.

The Treaty of Washington: its negotiation, execution, and the discussions relating thereto.

New York. 1873

Reel: PNW 8, No. 79
Dall, William Healey.

A critical review of Bering's first expedition, 1725-30, together with a translation of his original report.

Washington. 1890


Reel: PNW 8, No. 80
Dall, William Healey.

Alaska and its resources.

Boston. 1870

Map, plates (folded).; Howes D23. Smith 2226.

Reel: PNW 8, No. 81
Dalrymple, Alexander.

Plan for promoting the fur trade . . . by uniting the operations of the East India and Hudson's Bay companies.

London. 1789

Howes D33. Smith 2234.

Reel: PNW 9, No. 82
Dalrymple, Alexander.

The Spanish pretensions fairly discussed.

London. 1790

Howes D35. Smith 2237.

Reel: PNW 9, No. 83
Damon, Samuel Chenery.

A trip from the Sandwich Islands to lower Oregon and upper California.

Honolulu. 1849

Howes D44. Smith 2243 (2d ed.).

Reel: PNW 9, No. 84
De Groot, Henry.

British Columbia; its condition and prospects.

San Francisco. 1859

Smith 2372.

Reel: PNW 9, No. 85
D'Wolf, John.

A voyage to the North Pacific and a journey through Siberia.

Cambridge, Mass. 1861

Howes D310.

Reel: PNW 9, No. 86
Diomedi, Alexander.

Sketches of modern Indian life.

Woodstock, Md. 1894?

Howes D347. Smith 2467.

Reel: PNW 9, No. 87
Dixon, George.

Further remarks on the voyages of John Meares.

London. 1791

Reel: PNW 9, No. 88
Dixon, George.

Remarks on the voyages of John Meares.

London. 1790

Howes D364. Smith 2477.

Reel: PNW 9, No. 89
Dower, John.

New British gold fields. A Guide to British Columbia.

London. 1858

Fold. map.

Reel: PNW 9, No. 90
Dowse, Thomas.

The new Northwest. Montana.

St. Paul. 1879

Illus.; Howes D452. Smith 2553.

Reel: PNW 9, No. 91
Drew, Charles S.

. . . Communication from C. S. Drew . . . giving an account of the origin and early prosecution of the Indian war in Oregon.

Washington, (U.S. 36th Cong., 1st sess. Senate. Misc. Doc. 59). 1860

Howes D497.

Reel: PNW 9, No. 92
Dufur, A. J., comp.

Statistics of Oregon.

Salem, Ore. 1869

Howes D544. Smith 2602.

Reel: PNW 9, No. 93
Duncan, William.

Metlakahtla and the Church Missionary Society.

Victoria. 1887

Smith 2630.

Reel: PNW 9, No. 94
Duniway, Abigail (Scott).

Captain Gray's company; or, Crossing the plains and living in Oregon.

Portland, Ore. 1859

Howes D568. Smith 2636.

Reel: PNW 9, No. 95
Dunn, John.

History of the Oregon territory and British North American fur trade.

London. 1844

Map.; Howes D577. Smith 2649.

Reel: PNW 9, No. 96
Eichwald, Carl Eduard von.

Geognostischpaleontologische Bemerkungen uber die Halbinsel Mangischlak und die Aleutischen Inslen.

St. Petersburg. 1871


Reel: PNW 9, No. 97
Ellis, William.

An authentic narrative of a voyage to the Pacific Ocean performed by Captain Cook and Captain Clerke. . .in the years 1776-1780.

London. 1782

2v. Map, plates. Howes E122. Smith 1984.

Reel: PNW 9, No. 98
Emmerson, John.

British Columbia and Vancouver island.

Durham, Eng. 1865

Smith 2850.

Reel: PNW 10, No. 99
Engel, Samuel.

Memoires et observations geographiques et critiques sur la situation des pays septentrionaux de l'Asie et l'Amerique.

Lausanne. 1765

Fold. maps. Howes E149.

Reel: PNW 10, No. 100
Engel, Samuel.

Remarques sur la partie de la relation du voyage du Capitaine Cook qui concerne le detroit entre l'Asie et l'Amerique.

Geneva. 1781

Fold. map. Howes E148.

Reel: PNW 10, No. 101
The errors of the British minister in the negotiation with the court of Spain.

London. 1790

Reel: PNW 10, No. 102
Etches, John.

An authentic statement of all the facts relative to Nootka sound.

London. 1790

Howes E207. Smith 2900.

Reel: PNW 10, No. 103
European and Oregon Land Company.

Railroad lands in western Oregon.

San Francisco. 1872

Fold. map.; Smith 2909.

Reel: PNW 10, No. 104
Evans, Elwood.

The reannexation of British Columbia to the United States.

Olympia, Wash. 1870

Howes E217. Smith 2927.

Reel: PNW 10, No. 105
Evans, Elwood.

Puget Sound; its past, present and future.

Olympia, Wash. 1869

Smith 2925.

Reel: PNW 10, No. 106
Evans, Elwood.

Washington territory, her past, her present, and the elements which ensure her future.

Olympia, Wash. 1877

Howes E218. Smith 2930.

Reel: PNW 10, No. 107
Falconer, Thomas.

The Oregon question.

London. 1845

Map (folded).; Howes F17. Smith 2971.

Reel: PNW 10, No. 108
Farnham, Thomas Jefferson.

History of Oregon territory.

New York. 1844

Front. (map).; Howes F48. Smith 2992.

Reel: PNW 10, No. 109
Fedix, P.

L'Oregon et les cotes de l'ocean Pacifique du nord.

Paris. 1846

Fold. map. Howes F70. Smith 3025.

Reel: PNW 10, No. 110
Ferrer Maldonado, Lorenzo.

Voyage de la mer Atlantique a l'ocean Pacifique par le Nord-ouest.

Plaisance. 1812

Maps. Howes F95.

Reel: PNW 10, No. 111
Fisk, James Liberty.

Idaho; her gold fields and the routes to them.

New York. 1863

Map (folded).; Howes F155.

Reel: PNW 10, No. 112
Foos, Joseph.

The highway of all nations.

Columbus. 1820

Howes F235.

Reel: PNW 10, No. 113
Forbes, Charles.

Prize essay. Vancouver Island: its resources and capabilities.

Victoria. 1862

Reel: PNW 10, No. 114
Franchere, Gabriel.

Narrative of a voyage to the northwest coast of America.

New York. 1854

Plates. Howes F310. Smith 3244.

Reel: PNW 11, No. 115
Fry, F.

Fry's traveler's guide and descriptive journal of the great northwestern territories.

Cincinnati. 1865

Howes F398. Smith 3380.

Reel: PNW 11, No. 116
Gallatin, Albert.

The Oregon question.

New York. 1846

Howes G25. Smith 3431.

Reel: PNW 11, No. 117
Goldson, William.

Observations on the passage between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

Portsmouth. 1793

Fold. map. Howes G229. Smith 3638.

Reel: PNW 11, No. 118
Gray, William Henry.

The moral and religious aspect of the Indian question.

Astoria, Wash. 1879

Howes G343. Smith 3759.

Reel: PNW 11, No. 119
Great Britain. Colonial Office. British Columbia.

Papers relative to the affairs of British Columbia.

London. 1859

4v. in 1. Maps (part. fold.) (Command papers nos. 2476, 2578, 2724, 2794).

Reel: PNW 11, No. 120
Great Britain. Colonial Office. Vancouver's Island.

Copies and extracts of dispatches and other papers relating to Vancouver's Island.

London. 1849

(Gt. Brit. Parliament, 1849. H. of C. Repts. & papers 103).

Reel: PNW 11, No. 121
Great Britain. Colonial Office. Vancouver's Island.

Copy of correspondence between the. . .Hudson's Bay company and the secretary of state. . .relative to the colonization of Vancouver's Island.

London. 1848

(Gt. Brit. Parliament. 1848. H. of C. Repts. & papers 619).

Reel: PNW 11, No. 122
Great Britain. Foreign Office.

Correspondence relative to the negotiation of disputed right to the Oregon territory.

London. 1846

Howes O105.

Reel: PNW 11, No. 123
Greenhow, Robert.

Answer to the strictures of Mr. Thomas Falconer.

Washington, D.C. 1845

Smith 3839.

Reel: PNW 11, No. 124
Grewingk, Constantin Caspar Andreas.

Beitrag zur Kenntniss der orographischen und geognostischen Beschaffenheit der nordwest-kuste Amerikas.

St. Petersburg. 1850

Fold. plates, maps (3 fold.) Howes G412. Smith 3859.

Reel: PNW 11, No. 125
Griffin, John Smith.

A historic sketch descriptive of Jesuit warfare.

Hillsboro, Ore. 1881

Howes G422. Smith 3871.

Reel: PNW 12, No. 126
Guide book for British Columbia. The wonders of the gold diggings. . . By a successful digger.

London. 1862

Fold. map.

Reel: PNW 12, No. 127
Haller, Granville Owen.

The dismissal of Major Granville O. Haller of the Regular Army.

Paterson, N.J. 1863

Howes H95. Smith 4004.

Reel: PNW 12, No. 128
Hamilton, John Taylor.

The beginnings of the Moravian mission in Alaska.

Bethlehem, Pa. 1890

Reel: PNW 12, No. 129
The handbook of British Columbia and emigrant's guide to the gold fields.

London. 1862?

Fold. map, plates (1 double). Smith 4029.

Reel: PNW 12, No. 130
Handly, James.

The resources of Madison County, Montana.

San Francisco. 1872

Howes H155. Smith 4032.

Reel: PNW 12, No. 131
Harnett, Leigh.

Two lectures on British Columbia.

Victoria. 1868

Smith 4079.

Reel: PNW 12, No. 132
Harris, Morris Charles.

. . . Walla Walla valley, Washington territory.

Walla Walla. 1879

Smith 4103.

Reel: PNW 12, No. 133
Harrison, J. M.

Book of information and settlers' guide for the Pacific slope, including the states of California, Oregon and Nevada, and territories of Washington and Idaho.

San Francisco. 1875

Reel: PNW 12, No. 134
Harvey, Arthur.

A statistical account of British Columbia.

Ottawa. 1867

Map. Smith 4136.

Reel: PNW 12, No. 135
Hazlitt, William Carew.

The great gold fields of Cariboo.

London. 1862

Fold. map. Smith 4273.

Reel: PNW 12, No. 136
Heistand, Henry Olcot Sheldon.

The territory of Alaska. A brief account of its history and purchase.

Kansas City. 1898

Maps (folded), 16 plates.; Howes H398. Smith 4315.

Reel: PNW 12, No. 137
Hicks, Urban East.

Yakima and Clickitat Indian wars.

Portland, Ore. 1886

Smith 4415.

Reel: PNW 12, No. 138
Hills, W. James.

Klondike; mining laws, rules and regulations . . . applicable to Alaska and Northwest Territory.

Seattle. 1897

Smith 4477.

Reel: PNW 12, No. 139
Hinds, Richard Brinsley, ed.

The zoology of the voyage of H.M.S. Sulphur under the command of Capt. Sir Edward Belcher during the years 1836-42.

London. 1844


Reel: PNW 12, No. 140
Historical and descriptive review of the industries of Seattle, Wash.

Seattle. 1887


Reel: PNW 12, No. 141
Holbrook, Silas Pinckney.

Sketches, by a traveller.

Boston. 1830

Howes H577.

Reel: PNW 12, No. 142
Holden, Edward Singleton.

List of recorded earthquakes in California, Lower California, Oregon and Washington.

Sacramento. 1887

Smith 4571.

Reel: PNW 12, No. 143
Holman, Woodford C.

Twenty-four years' residence in California and Oregon.

St. Louis. 1870

Howes H606. Smith 4588.

Reel: PNW 12, No. 144
Hosmer, Hezekiah L.

Montana, an address before the Travelers Club.

New York. 1866

Howes H660. Smith 4648.

Reel: PNW 12, No. 145
Hunt, George Washington.

A history of the Hunt family.

Boston. 1890

Howes H802. Smith 4814.

Reel: PNW 12, No. 146
Immigration Aid Society of Northwestern Washington.

North-western Washington, its soil, climate, productions and general resources.

Port Townshend. 1880

Fold. map.; Smith 4867.

Reel: PNW 13, No. 147
Jackson, Sheldon.

A statement of facts concerning the difficulties at Sitka, Alaska, in 1885.

Washington. 1886

Reel: PNW 13, No. 148
Jacobsen, Johan Adrian.

Captain Jacobsen's Reise an der nordwestkuste Amerikas, 1881-1883.

Leipzig. 1884

3 maps (1 fold.). Smith 5098.

Reel: PNW 13, No. 149
Kittlitz, Friedrich Heinrich, freiherr von.

Denkwurdigkeiten einer reise nach dem Russischen Amerika.

Gotha. 1858

Plates. Howes K194. Smith 5562.

Reel: PNW 13, No. 150
Kittlitz, Friedrich Heinrich, freiherr von.

Twenty-four views of the vegetation of the coasts . . . of the Pacific . . . taken during the exploring voyage . . . under the command of Capt. Lutke.

London. 1861

Photos.; Howes K195. Smith 5563.

Reel: PNW 13, No. 151
Klondike and all about it. By a practical engineer.

New York. 1897

Howes C143. Smith 5575.

Reel: PNW 13, No. 152
Klondyke and the gold fields of Alaska; with maps, routes, costs of living.

Philadelphia. 1897

Plates, double map.

Reel: PNW 13, No. 153
Kotzebue, Otto von.

A new voyage round the world.

London. 1830

Port., maps (2 fold.). Howes K259.

Reel: PNW 14, No. 154
Kotzebue, Otto von.

A voyage of discovery into the South sea and Beering's straits.

London. 1821

3v. Maps, plates. Howes K258.

Reel: PNW 14, No. 155
Kruzenshtern, Ivan Fedorovich.

Voyage round the world in the years 1803, 1804, 1805 & 1806.

London. 1813

Co. fronts., fold. map. Howes K272.

Reel: PNW 15, No. 156
Kurze geographische Beschreibung der Kurilischen und Aleutischen Inseln.

Ulm. 1792

Fold. map.

Reel: PNW 15, No. 157
Ladue, Joseph.

Klondyke nuggets; being a brief description of the famous gold regions.

New York. 1897

Smith 5638.

Reel: PNW 15, No. 158
Langsdorff, Georg Heinrich, freiherr von.

Voyages and travels in various parts of the world during the years 1803, 1804, 1805, 1806 and 1807.

London. 1813

2v. Plates, fold. map. Howes L81.

Reel: PNW 15, No. 159
Lansdowne, William Petty.

The substance of the speech of the Marquis of Lansdown. . .on the subject of the convention with Spain.

London. 1790?

Smith 5693.

Reel: PNW 15, No. 160
Laperouse, Jean Francois de Galaup, comte de.

A voyage round the world performed in the years 1785, 1786, 1787 and 1788.

London. 1798

2v. and atlas. Maps and plates. Howes L93.

Reel: PNW 16, No. 161
Ledyard, John.

A journal of Captain Cook's last voyage to the Pacific Ocean.

Hartford. 1783

Fold. map. Howes L181. Smith 5797.

Reel: PNW 16, No. 162
Leonard, John William.

The gold fields of the Klondike.

London. 1897

Plates, fold. map.; Howes L262. Smith 5862.

Reel: PNW 16, No. 163
Lindsley, Aaron Ladner.

Sketches of an excursion to southern Alaska.

n.p. 1881?

Howes L357. Smith 5970.

Reel: PNW 17, No. 164
Lisianskii, Iurii Fedorovich.

A voyage round the world in the years 1803, 4, 5 &6.

London. 1814

Plates, maps (3 fold.). Howes L372.

Reel: PNW 17, No. 165
L'Isle, Joseph Nicholas de.

Nouvelles cartes des decouvertes de l'Amiral de Fonte dans les mers septentrionales.

Paris. 1753

Maps (2 fold.). Howes D244.

Reel: PNW 17, No. 166
Loring, Charles Greely.

Memoir of the Hon. William Sturgis.

Boston. 1864

Howes 471.

Reel: PNW 17, No. 167
McDonald, Joseph Lane.

Hidden treasures, or Fisheries around the Northwest coast.

Gloucester. 1871

Howes M84. Smith 6294.

Reel: PNW 17, No. 168
McElrath, Thomson P.

The Yellowstone Valley.

St. Paul. 1880

Fold. map. Howes M91. Smith 6320.

Reel: PNW 17, No. 169
MacKonochie, Alexander.

A summary view of the statistics and existing commerce of the principal shores of the Pacific ocean.

London. 1818

Fold. map.; Howes M146.

Reel: PNW 17, No. 170
Maguire, Horatio N.

Historical sketch and essay on the resources of Montana.

Helena, Mont. 1868

Howes M219. Smith 4514.

Reel: PNW 17, No. 171
Malspina, Alessandro.

Viaje politico-cientifico alrededor del mundo por las corbetas Descubierta y Atrevida.

Madrid. 1885

Fold. map, port., plates. Howes M235. SF 287 $63.00.

Reel: PNW 17, No. 172
Margeson, Charles Anson.

Experiences of gold hunters in Alaska.

Hornellsville, N.Y. 1899

Plates.; Smith 6512.

Reel: PNW 18, No. 173
Marie-Angele, Sister.

Lettre de Soeur Marie-Angele. . .missionaire. . .a Vancouver, territoire de l'Oregon.

Montreal. 1859

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