History of the Pacific Northwest and Canadian Northwest Reel Listing Aborigines Protection Society, London

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Reel: CNW 12, No. 441
Northwest Company of Canada, defendant.

Report of the proceedings connected with the disputes between the Earl of Selkirk and the North-west company at the assizes held at York. . .October, 1818.

Montreal. 1819

Peel 60.

Reel: CNW 12, No. 442
Notes and sketches collected from a voyage in the North-west by a Sister of Charity of Montreal.

Montreal. 1875

Peel 331.

Reel: CNW 13, No. 443
Notice sur la riviere Rouge dans la territoire de la baie-d'Hudson.

Montreal. 1843

Peel 91.

Reel: CNW 13, No. 444
Osborne, Sherard.

Stray leaves from an Arctic journal; or, Eighteen months. . .in search of Sir John Frankin's expedition.

London. 1852

Col. plates, fold. map.

Reel: CNW 13, No. 445
Palliser, John.

Exploration--British North America. Papers relative to the exploration. . .between. . .the river Saskatchewan and the frontier of the United States.

London. 1859

7 maps (1 fold.). Peel 178.

Reel: CNW 13, No. 446
Palliser, John.

Exploration--British North America. Further papers relative to the. . .expedition under Capt. Palliser.

London. 1860

Illus., 3 fold. maps. Peel 181.

Reel: CNW 13, No. 447
Palliser, John.

Exploration--British North America. The journals, detailed reports and observations relative to the exploration by Capt. Palliser.

London. 1863

An Atlas of fold. maps. Peel 197.

Reel: CNW 13, No. 448
Parry, William Edward, Sir.

Journal of a voyage for the discovery of a north-west passage. . .in the years 1819-20.

London. 1821

Fold. maps, plates. Includes the Supplement to the Appendix.

Reel: CNW 13, No. 449
Parry, William Edward, Sir.

Appendix to Captain Parry's Journal of a second voyage.

London. 1825


Reel: CNW 14, No. 450
Parry, William Edward, Sir.

Journal of a second voyage for the discovery of a north-west passage. . .in the years 1821-22-23.

London. 1824

Fold. plates, maps.

Reel: CNW 14, No. 450
Parry, William Edward, Sir.

Journal of a third voyage for the discovery of a northwest passage. . .in the years 1824-25.

London. 1826

Plates, maps.

Reel: CNW 14, No. 451
Percy, Algernon Heber.

Journal of two excursions in the British North West territory.

Market Drayton, Eng. 1879?

Photos, fold. map. Peel S150.

Reel: CNW 14, No. 452
Pritchard, John.

Narratives of John Pritchard, Pierre Chrysologue Pambrun and Frederick Damien Heurter respecting the aggressions. . .against the Earl of Selkirk's settlement.

London. 1819

Peel 56.

Reel: CNW 14, No. 453
Prud'homme, Louis Arthur.

Notes historique sur la vie de P.E. de Radisson.

Ottawa?. 1892

Reel: CNW 14, No. 454
La question Riel.

n.p. 1886?

Peel 701.

Reel: CNW 14, No. 455
Rae, John.

Narrative of an expedition to the shores of the Arctic sea in 1846 and 1847.

London. 1850

Front., fold. map.

Reel: CNW 14, No. 456
Rawlings, Thomas.

The confederation of the British North American provinces.

London. 1865

Plates, fold. map. Peel 206.

Reel: CNW 14, No. 457
Rawlings, Thomas.

What shall we do with the Hudson's Bay territory? Colonize the "fertile belt".

London. 1866

Peel 210.

Reel: CNW 14, No. 458
Reasons to show that there is a great probability of a navigable passage to the western American ocean through Hudson's streights.

London. 1749

Reel: CNW 14, No. 459
Red River insurrection. Hon. Wm. McDougall's conduct reviewed.

Montreal. 1870

Peel 247.

Reel: CNW 14, No. 460
Red River settlement. Memorial of the people of Red River to the British and Canadian governments.

Quebec. 1863

Peel 196.

Reel: CNW 14, No. 461
Reinhard, Charles de, defendant.

Report at large of the trial of Charles de Reinhard for murder (committed in the Indian territories).

Montreal. 1819

Peel 57.

Reel: CNW 15, No. 462
Reminiscences of the Red River rebellion of 1869.

n.p. 1873?

Peel 294.

Reel: CNW 15, No. 463
Richardson, John, Sir.

Arctic searching expedition: a journey. . .in search. . .of Sir John Frankin.

London. 1851

Plates, fold. map. 2v. Peel 120.

Reel: CNW 15, No. 464
Richardson, John, Sir.

Fauna boreali-americana; or, The zoology of the northern parts of British America.

London. 1829-37

4v. Peel 79.

Reel: CNW 16, No. 465
Riel, Louis David, defendant.

The Queen vs. Louis Riel.

Ottawa. 1886

Peel 704.

Reel: CNW 16, No. 466
Robson, Joseph.

An account of six years residence in Hudson's-bay from 1733 to 1736 and 1744 to 1747.

London. 1752

Fold. maps. Peel 11.

Reel: CNW 16, No. 467
Ross, Alexander.

The Red River settlement: its rise, progress and present state.

London. 1856

Peel 149.

Reel: CNW 16, No. 468
Ross, John, Sir.

An explanation of Captain Sabine's remarks on the late voyage of discovery.

London. 1819

Reel: CNW 16, No. 469
Ross, John, Sir.

A letter to John Barrow, esq. on the late extraordinary and unexpected hyperborean discoveries.

London. 1826

Reel: CNW 16, No. 470
Ross, John, Sir.

Narrative of a second voyage in search of a north-west passage.

London. 1835

Plates, maps.

Reel: CNW 17, No. 471
Ross, John, Sir.

A voyage of discovery. . .in His Majesty's ships Isabella and Alexander for the purpose of. . .inquiring into the probability of a northwest passage.

London. 1819

Plates, fold. maps.

Reel: CNW 17, No. 472
Russell, Alexander Jamieson.

The Red river country, Hudson's bay & North-west territories considered in relation to Canada.

Ottawa. 1869

Fold. map. Peel 229.

Reel: CNW 17, No. 473
Russell, T.S., attributed author.

Reminiscences of a bungle. By one of the bunglers.

Toronto. 1887

Peel 748.

Reel: CNW 17, No. 474
Ryerson, John.

Hudson's bay; or, A missionary tour in the territory of the Hon. Hudson's bay company.

Toronto. 1855

Plates. Peel 142.

Reel: CNW 17, No. 475
Sabine, Edward, Sir.

Remarks on the account of the late Voyage of discovery to Baffin's Bay, pub. By Capt. J. Ross.

London. 1819

Reel: CNW 18, No. 476
Scoresby, William.

The Franklin expedition: or, Considerations on measures for the discovery and relief of our absent adventurers.

London. 1850

Fold. maps.

Reel: CNW 18, No. 477
Selkirk, Thomas Douglas, 5th earl of.

A letter to the earl of Liverpool. . .on the subject of the Red River settlement.

London. 1819

Peel 58.

Reel: CNW 18, No. 478
Selkirk, Thomas Douglas, 5th earl of.

A sketch of the British fur trade in North America.

London. 1816

Howes S274. Peel.

Reel: CNW 18, No. 479
Sheldon, John Prince.

From Britain to British Columbia; or, Canada as a domain for British farmers, sportsmen and tourists.

London?. 1887?

Illus., fold. map. Peel 580.

Reel: CNW 18, No. 480
A short narrative and justification of the proceedings of the committee appointed by the Adventurers to prosecute the discovery of the passage to the western ocean.

London. 1749

Reel: CNW 18, No. 481
A short state of the countries and trade of North America. Claimed by the Hudson's Bay company under a pretence of a charter for ever.

London. 1749

Reel: CNW 18, No. 482
Simpson, Alexander.

The life and travels of Thomas Simpson, the Arctic discoverer.

London. 1845

Port., fold. map. Peel 97.

Reel: CNW 18, No. 483
Simpson, George, Sir.

Narrative of a journey round the world.

London. 1847

2v. Port., fold. map. Howes S495.

Reel: CNW 18, No. 484
Simpson, Thomas.

Narrative of the discoveries on the north coast of America effected by the officers of the Hudson's Bay company during the years 1836-39.

London. 1843

Maps. Peel 93.

Reel: CNW 18, No. 485
Snow, William Parker.

Voyage of the Prince Albert in search of Sir John Franklin.

London. 1851

Col. plates, fold. map.

Reel: CNW 19, No. 486
Southern Manitoba and Turtle mountain country.

n.p. 1880?

Fold. map. Peel 393.

Reel: CNW 19, No. 487
Southesk, James Carnegie, earl of Saskatchewan and the Rocky mountains.

A diary and narrative of travel.

Edinburgh. 1875

Plates, fold. maps. Peel 333.

Reel: CNW 19, No. 488
Spence, Thomas.

Manitoba and the Northwest of the dominion.

Quebec. 1876

Fod. map. Peel 268.

Reel: CNW 19, No. 489
Spence, Thomas.

The Saskatchewan country.

Montreal. 1877

Fold. map. Peel 359.

Reel: CNW 19, No. 490
Strachan, John.

A letter to the Right Honourable the Earl of Selkirk on his settlement at Red River.

London. 1816

Peel 39.

Reel: CNW 19, No. 491
Stuart, John.

The relief of the Franklin expedition: What has been done and what may yet be done.

Edinburgh. 1852

Fold. map.

Reel: CNW 19, No. 492
Sulte, Benjamin.

L'expedition militaire de Manitoba, 1870.

Montreal. 1871

Peel 269.

Reel: CNW 19, No. 493
Sutherland, Peter C.

Journal of a voyage. . .in the years 1850-51. . .in search of the missing crews of H.M. ships Erebus and Terror.

London. 1852

2v. Plates (part. col.) fold. maps.

Reel: CNW 19, No. 494
Swaine, Charles, supposed author.

An account of a voyage for the discovery of a north-west passage by Hudson's streights. . .performed in the year 1746 and 1747 in the ship California.

London. 1748-49

2v. Plates, fold. maps.

Reel: CNW 20, No. 495
Synge, Millington Henry.

The country v. the Company; or, Why British North America may be peopled and how it may be done.

London. 1861

Peel 186.

Reel: CNW 20, No. 496
Synge, Millington Henry.

On practical communication with the Red River district.

London?. 1870

Peel 249.

Reel: CNW 20, No. 497
Tache, Alexandre Antonin.

The amnesty again; or, Charges refuted.

Winnipeg. 1875

Peel 334.

Reel: CNW 20, No. 498
Tache, Alexandre Antonin.

Archbishop Tache on the amnesty question.

St. Boniface. 1898

Peel 320.

Reel: CNW 20, No. 499
Tache, Alexandre Antonin.

Sketch of the North-west of America.

Montreal. 1870

Peel 230.

Reel: CNW 20, No. 500
Tasse, Joseph.

La question Riel.

n.p. 1886

Peel 717.

Reel: CNW 20, No. 501
Taylor, James Wickes.

. . .Northwest British America and its relations to the state of Minnesota.

St. Paul. 1860

Howes T56. Peel 183.

Reel: CNW 20, No. 502
Thom, Adam.

A few remarks on a pamphlet entitled "A few words on the Hudson's Bay company".

London. 1848

Peel 59.

Reel: CNW 20, No. 503
Thompson, John Sparrow David.

The execution of Louis Riel.

n.p. 1886

Peel 718.

Reel: CNW 20, No. 504
Trembley, Ernest.

Riel. Reponse a monsieur J.A. Chapleau.

St. Hyacinthe. 1885

Peel 622.

Reel: CNW 20, No. 505
Trow, James.

Manitoba and North west territories. Letters.

Ottawa. 1878

Fold. map. Peel 375.

Reel: CNW 20, No. 506
Trow, James.

A trip to Manitoba.

Quebec. 1875

Peel 335.

Reel: CNW 20, No. 507
Umfreville, Edward.

The present state of Hudson's bay. Containing a full description of that settlement.

London. 1790

Fold. tables. Howes U10. Peel 18.

Reel: CNW 20, No. 508
Le veritable Riel tel que depeint dans les lettres de Sa Grandeur Mgr. Grandin.

Montreal. 1887

Peel 758.

Reel: CNW 20, No. 509
West, John.

The substance of a journal during a residence at the Red River colony.

London. 1824

Plates. Peel 70.

Reel: CNW 20, No. 510
Williams, W.H.

Manitoba and the northwest.

Toronto. 1882

Peel 495.

Reel: CNW 20, No. 511
Adams, William Lysander.

Oregon as it is.

Portland, Ore. 1873

Tables; Howes A74. Smith 52.

Reel: PNW 1, No. 3
Adams, William Lysander.

Lecture on Oregon and the Pacific coast.

Boston. 1869

0; Howes A73. Smith 50.

Reel: PNW 1, No. 1
Adams, William Lysander.

Melodrama entitled "Treason, stratagems and spoils".

Portland, Ore. 1852

Illus. Smith 51.

Reel: PNW 1, No. 2
Albemarle, William Coutts Keppel, 7th earl of.

Balance sheet of the Washington treaty of 1872 in account with the people of Great Britain.

London. 1873

Fold. Map.

Reel: PNW 1, No. 4
Alderson, Matt W.

Bozeman; a guide.

Bozeman, Mont. 1883

Map. Howes A108. Smith 103.

Reel: PNW 1, No. 5
Alley, B. F.

Linn County, Oregon, descriptive and resources.

Albany, Ore. 1889

0; Howes A168. Smith 147.

Reel: PNW 1, No. 6
Addresses and memorials…upon the occasion of the retirement of Sir James Douglas.

Deal, Eng. 1864

Smith 55. SF 122$5.00.

Reel: PNW 1, No. 7
Anderson, Alexander Caulfield.

A brief account of the province of British Columbia.

Victoria, B.C. 1883

Fold. map. Smith 221.

Reel: PNW 1, No. 8
Anderson, Alexander Caulfield.

Hand book and map to the gold region of Fraser's and Thompson's rivers.

San Francisco. 1858

Fold. map. Smith 223.

Reel: PNW 1, No. 9
Anderson, Alexander Caulfield.

The Dominion at the west.

Victoria. 1872

Smith 222.

Reel: PNW 1, No. 10
Angelo, C. Aubrey.

Sketches of travel in Oregon and Idaho.

New York. 1866

Map. (folded).; Howes A277. Smith 252.

Reel: PNW 1, No. 11
Anti-Monopoly Association of the Pacific Coast.

A history of the wrongs of Alaska.

San Francisco. 1875

Smith 257.

Reel: PNW 1, No. 12
An argument upon the justice and expediency of the order…detaining all ships bound to the ports of Spain.

London. 1805

Smith 274.

Reel: PNW 1, No. 13
Armstrong, A. N.

Oregon; comprising a brief history and full description.

Chicago. 1857

Howes A318. Smith 285.

Reel: PNW 1, No. 14
Atkinson, George Henry.

The northwest coast, including Oregon, Washington and Idaho.

Portland, Ore. 1878

Map (fold).; Howes A368. Smith 344.

Reel: PNW 1, No. 15
Barrell, George.

Notes of voyages…in a career of thirty years at sea.

Springfield, Ill. 1890

Howes B171.

Reel: PNW 1, No. 16
Barrington, Daines.


London. 1781

Ports. Maps. (fold). Howes B177.

Reel: PNW 1, No. 17
Barry, Charles.

Report . . . on the preliminary survey . . . of a branch of the Central Pacific railroad from Marysville, California to the Columbia River . . . together with a report on the wealth and resources of . . . Oregon.

Salem, Ore. 1864

Reel: PNW 2, No. 18
Bechervaise, John.

Thirty-six years of a seafaring life.

Portsea. 1839

Howes B294.

Reel: PNW 2, No. 19
Beechey, Frederick William.

Narrative of a voyage to the Pacific and Beering's strait. . .in the years 1825, 26, 27, 28.

London. 1831

Maps (folded). Plates. Howes B309. Smith 703.

Reel: PNW 2, No. 20
Beeson, John.

A plea for the Indians; with facts and features of the late war in Oregon.

New York. 1847

Howes B314. Smith 709.

Reel: PNW 2, No. 21
Belcher, Edward.

Narrative of a voyage round the world. . .1836-1842.

London. 1843

Maps. Plates. Howes B318.

Reel: PNW 2, No. 22
Bell, William Hemphill.

The quiddities of an Alaskan trip.

Portland, Ore. 1873

Smith 736.

Reel: PNW 2, No. 23
Bennett, Emerson (Moss, Sidney W.).

The prairie flower, or adventures in the far west.

Cincinnati. 1849

Howes B354. Smith 7106A.

Reel: PNW 2, No. 24
Bennett, Emerson.

Leni-Leoti; or, adventures in the far west.

Cincinnati. 1849

Howes B354. Smith 757.

Reel: PNW 3, No. 25
Benton, Thomas Hart.

Selections of editorial articles . . . on the subject of Oregon and Texas.

St. Louis. 1844

Howes B369. Smith 772.

Reel: PNW 3, No. 26
Beresford, William.

A voyage round the world but more particularly to the northwest coast of America.

London. 1789

Plates & charts (folded). Howes D365. Smith 779.

Reel: PNW 3, No. 27
Biography of Henry Augustus Peirce.

San Francisco. 1880

Howes P179.

Reel: PNW 3, No. 28
Blair, James, ed.

Notices of the harbor at the mouth of the Columbia River.

n.p. n.d

Map.; Howes B499.

Reel: PNW 3, No. 29
Blanchet, Francis Norbert.

Historical sketches of the Catholic church in Oregon for the past forty years.

Portland, Ore. 1878

Howes B511. Smith 878.

Reel: PNW 3, No. 30
Blanchet, Francois Xavier.

Dix ans sur la cote du Pacifique.

Quebec. 1873

Howes B512. Smith 881.

Reel: PNW 3, No. 31
Blaschke, Eduard Leontjevich.

Topographia medica portus Novi-Archangels-censis.

St. Petersburg. 1842

Tables, fold. plate, fold. map. Howes B523.

Reel: PNW 3, No. 32
Blowitz, Henry Georges Stephane Adolphe Opper de.

The Behring Sea arbitration. Letters of the Times by its special correspondent.

London. 1893

Reel: PNW 3, No. 33
Boillot, Leon.

Aux mines d'or du Klondike.

Paris. 1899

Map, plates. Howes B572. Smith 920.

Reel: PNW 3, No. 34
Bolduc, Jean Baptiste Zacharie.

Mission de la Colombie; deuxieme lettre et journal.

Quebec. 1845

Howes B573. Smith 925.

Reel: PNW 3, No. 35
Bolduc, Jean Baptiste Zacharie.

Mission de la Colombie; lettre et journal.

Quebec. 1844

Howes B573. Smith 927.

Reel: PNW 3, No. 36
Bouis, Amedee T.

Le whip-poor-will, ou les pionniers de l'Oregon.

Paris. 1847

Howes B650. Smith 968.

Reel: PNW 3, No. 37
Boyce, James R.

Facts about Montana Territory and the way to get there.

Helena. 1872

Howes B672.

Reel: PNW 4, No. 38
Brabant, Augustin J.

Vancouver Island and its missions, 1874-1900.

n.p. 1900?

Howes B681. Smith 1002.

Reel: PNW 4, No. 39
Bradley, Thomas H.

O'Toole's mallet; or, the resurrection of the second national city of the United States.

n.p. n.d

Howes B710. Smith has 2d ed.1010.

Reel: PNW 4, No. 40
Brewer, Charles.


n.p. 1884

Howes B753. Smith 1050.

Reel: PNW 4, No. 41
A brief notice of the recent outrages committed by Isaac I. Stevens, governor of Washington Territory.

Olympia, Wash. 1856

Howes S961. Smith 1060.

Reel: PNW 4, No. 42
Briggs, Horace.

Letters from Alaska and the Pacific coast.

Buffalo. 1889

Reel: PNW 4, No. 43
British Columbia and Vancouver Island.

A complete handbook replete with the latest information.

London. 1858

Fold. map. Smith 1098.

Reel: PNW 4, No. 44
British Coumbia. Lands and Works Dept.

Columbia River explorations, 1865-6. Instructions, reports & journals.

Victoria, B.C. 1869

Reel: PNW 4, No. 45
Broughton, William R.

A voyage of discovery to the north Pacific ocean.

London. 1804

Charts, plates (folded).; Howes B821.

Reel: PNW 4, No. 46
Brown, Robert Christopher Lundin.

British Columbia. An essay.

New Westminster. 1863

Smith 1172.

Reel: PNW 4, No. 47
Browne, John Ross.

. . . Report of the secretary of the interior communicating . . . the report of J. Ross Browne of the late Indian war in Oregon.

Washington, (U.S. 35th Cong., 1st sess. Senate. Ex. Doc. 40). 1858

Howes B878.

Reel: PNW 4, No. 48
Browne, Peter Arrell.

A lecture on the Oregon territory.

Philadelphia. 1843

Howes B879. Smith 1197.

Reel: PNW 4, No. 49
Buache, Jean Nicolas.

Memoire sur les pays de l'Asie et de l'Amerique situes au nord de la Mer du Sud.

Paris. 1775

Fold. map. Howes B907. Smith 1237.

Reel: PNW 4, No. 50
Buache, Philippe.

Considerations geographiques et physiques sur les nouvelles decouvertes au nord de la grande mer.

Paris. 1753

Maps on 12 plates (folded). Howes B908.

Reel: PNW 4, No. 51
L'Isle, Joseph Nicholas de.

Explication de la carte des nouvelles decouvertes au nord de la Mer du Sud.

Paris. 1752

Fold. map. Howes B909.

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