History of the Pacific Northwest and Canadian Northwest Reel Listing Aborigines Protection Society, London

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History of the Pacific Northwest and Canadian Northwest

Reel Listing

Aborigines Protection Society, London.

Canada west and Hudson's bay company: a political and humane questions of vital importance.

London. 1856

Peel. S11.

Reel: CNW 1, No. 326
Aborigines Protection Society, London.

The Red River insurrection: three letters and a narrative of events.

London. 1870

Peel 236.

Reel: CNW 1, No. 327
Amos, Andrew.

Report of trials in the courts of Canada relative to the destruction of the Earl of Selkirk's settlement.

London. 1820

Fold. map. Peel 114.

Reel: CNW 1, No. 328
Anderson, David.

A charge delivered to the clergy of the diocese of Rupert's land.

London. 1851

Peel 114.

Reel: CNW 1, No. 329
Anderson, David.

Notes of the flood at the Red river, 1852.

London. 1852

Front. Peel 122.

Reel: CNW 1, No. 330
Arctic miscellanies. A souvenir of the late polar search. By the officers and seamen of the expedition.

London. 1852

Col. front., illus.

Reel: CNW 1, No. 331
Armstrong, Alexander, Sir.

A personal narrative of the discovery of the north-west passage.

London. 1857

Col. front., fold. map.

Reel: CNW 1, No. 332
Articles of agreement, for carrying on an expedition by Hudson's Streights for the discovery of a North-west passage.

London. 1745

Reel: CNW 1, No. 333
Artigue, Jean d'.

Six years in the Canadian north-west.

Toronto. 1882

Peel 455.

Reel: CNW 1, No. 334
Au pilori; la trahison des chefs conservateurs demontree par les temoignages recueillis devant le Comite du Nord-ouest.

Quebec. 1874

Peel 307.

Reel: CNW 2, No. 335
Back, George, Sir.

Narrative of an expedition in H.M.S. Terror. . .in the years 1836-37.

London. 1838

Plates, fold. map.

Reel: CNW 2, No. 336
Back, George, Sir.

Narrative of the Arctic land expedition to the mouth of the Great Fish River. . .in the years 1833, 1834 and 1835.

London. 1836

Plates, fold. map.

Reel: CNW 2, No. 337
Barrette, J.E.T.

Recit d'aventures dans le Nord-ouest.

Montreal. 1881

Peel 428.

Reel: CNW 2, No. 338
Bathurst, Henry Bathurst, 3d earl of.

Correspondence in the years 1817, 1818 and 1819 between Earl Bathurst and J. Halkett on the subject of Lord Selkirk's settlement.

London. 1819

Peel 51.

Reel: CNW 2, No. 339
Beaugrand, Honore.

De Montreal a Victoria par le transcontinental canadien.

Montreal. 1887

Plates. Peel S77.

Reel: CNW 2, No. 340
Beauregard, George.

Le 9me bataillon au Nord-Ouest.

Quebec. 1886

Peel 632.

Reel: CNW 2, No. 341
Begg, Alexander.

The creation of Manitoba; or, A history of the Red River troubles.

Toronto. 1871

Front. Peel 253.

Reel: CNW 2, No. 342
Begg, Alexander.

The great Canadian North West: its past history, present condition and glorious prospects.

Montreal. 1881

Peel 429.

Reel: CNW 3, No. 343
Begg, Alexander.

Seventeen years in the Canadian northwest.

London. 1884

Covertitle. Peel 537.

Reel: CNW 3, No. 344
Belcher, Edward, Sir.

The last of the Arctic voyages; being a narrative of the expedition. . .in search of Sir John Franklin. . .1852-53-54.

London. 1855

2v. Col. plates, fold. maps.

Reel: CNW 3, No. 345
Bell, Charles Napier.

Our northern waters; a report presented to the Winnipeg Board of trade.

Winnipeg. 1884

Fold. maps. Peel 538.

Reel: CNW 3, No. 346
Bellot, Joseph Rene.

Memoirs. . .with his Journal of a voyage. . .in search of Sir John Franklin.

London. 1855


Reel: CNW 3, No. 347
Boulton, Charles Arkoll.

Reminiscences of the North-west rebellions.

Toronto. 1886

Illus., maps, plans (folded). Peel 641.

Reel: CNW 3, No. 348
Brown, John.

The north-west passage and the plans for the search for Sir John Franklin.

London. 1858

Front., fold. maps. A sequel. . .London, 1860. Map, fold. facsim.

Reel: CNW 4, No. 349
Bryant, Wilbur Franklin.

The blood of Abel.

Hastinas, Neb. 1887

Peel 728.

Reel: CNW 4, No. 350
Canada. Dept. of Agriculture.

Province of Manitoba; and North West territory of the dominion of Canada.

Ottawa. 1876

Peel 340.

Reel: CNW 4, No. 351
Canada. Dept. of Justice.

In the case of Louis Riel, convicted of treason. . .Memorandum of Sir Alexander Campbell.

Ottawa. 1885

Peel. 584.

Reel: CNW 4, No. 352
Canada. Dept. of Justice.

Trials in connection with the North-west rebellion, 1885.

Ottawa. 1886

Reel: CNW 4, No. 353
Canada. Dept. of Militia and Defence.

Report of Lt. Col. W.H. Jackson. . .on matters in connection with the suppression of the rebellion in the north-west territories in 1885.

Ottawa. 1887

Peel 731.

Reel: CNW 4, No. 354
Canada. Dept. of the Interior.

. . .The Northwest rebellion.

Ottawa?. 1887?

Peel 733.

Reel: CNW 4, No. 355
Canada. Dept. of the Secretary of State.

Return. Instructions to surveyors sent to the North-West Territory.

Ottawa. 1870

Fold. plans. Peel 232.

Reel: CNW 4, No. 356
Canada. Dept. of the Secretary of State.

Return. Instructions to the Hon. A. Archibald, lieutenant-governor of Manitoba.

Ottawa. 1871

Peel 256.

Reel: CNW 4, No. 357
Canada. Dept. of the Secretary of State.

Statement of claims made on the Dominion government consequent upon the insurrection in the North-west territories.

Ottawa. 1871

Peel 257.

Reel: CNW 4, No. 358
Canada. Parliament. Senate.

Select committee on Rupert's Land, Red River and the Northwest Territory. Report. . .together with the minutes of evidence.

Ottawa. 1870

Fold. map. Peel 235.

Reel: CNW 4, No. 359
Canada. Provincial Secretary's Office.

Papers relative to the exploration of the country between Lake Superior and the Red River settlement.

London. 1859

Illus., fold. maps.

Reel: CNW 4, No. 360
Canada. Provincial Secretary's Office.

Report on the exploration of the country between Lake Superior and the Red River settlement.

Toronto. 1858

Fold. maps. Peel 160.

Reel: CNW 5, No. 361
Canadian Pacific Railway Company.

. . .Description of the country between Lake Superior and the Pacific Ocean.

Ottawa. 1876

Peel 342.

Reel: CNW 5, No. 362
A Canadian tour: a reprint of letters from the special correspondent of theTimes.

London. 1886

Double map. Peel 661.

Reel: CNW 5, No. 363
Chapleau, Joseph Adolphe, Sir.

La question Riel.

Ottawa. 1885

Cover-title. Peel 592.

Reel: CNW 5, No. 364
Chapleau, Joseph Adolphe, Sir.

Speech. . .on the execution of Louis Riel.

Ottawa. 1886

Reel: CNW 5, No. 365
Collinson, Richard, Sir.

Journal of H.M.S. Enterprise on the expedition in search of Sir John Frankin. . .1850-55.

London. 1889

Fold. maps.

Reel: CNW 5, No. 366
Corbett, Griffith Owen.

Notes on Rupert's America, its history and resources.

Dulwich. 1868

Peel 218.

Reel: CNW 5, No. 367
Corbett, Griffith Owen.

The Red River rebellion: the cause of it.

London. 1870

Peel 238.

Reel: CNW 5, No. 368
Currie, David.

The letters of Rusticus; investigations in Manitoba and the north-west.

Montreal. 1880

Illus., fold. col. maps. Peel 403.

Reel: CNW 5, No. 369
Daoust, Charles R.

. . .Cent-vingt jours de service actif.

Montreal. 1886

Plates. Peel 670.

Reel: CNW 5, No. 370
Dawson, Simon James.

Report on the line of route between Lake Superior and the Red River settlement.

Ottawa. 1868

Fold. map. Peel 223.

Reel: CNW 5, No. 371
Dobbs, Arthur.

Remarks upon Capt. Middleton's defence: wherein his conduct during his late voyage. . .is impartially examined.

London. 1744

Fold. map.

Reel: CNW 5, No. 372
Dobbs, Arthur.

A reply to Capt. Middleton's answer to the remarks on his vindication of his conduct. . .To which is added a full answer to a late pamphet. . .called Forgery detected.

London. 1745

Reel: CNW 6, No. 373
Dodds, James.

The Hudson's Bay company, its position and prospects.

London. 1866

Fold. map. Peel 208.

Reel: CNW 6, No. 374
Dowse, Thomas.

Manitoba and the Canadian North-west.

Chicago. 1877

Illus. Peel 384.

Reel: CNW 6, No. 375
Doyle, William.

Some account of the British dominions beyond the Atlantic, containing. . .the important question about the North west passage.

London. 1770

Fold. map. Howes D457.

Reel: CNW 6, No. 376
Dugas, George.

Legendes du Nord-Ouest.

Montreal. 1883

Peel 508.

Reel: CNW 6, No. 377
Ellice, Edward.

The communications of Mercator upon the contest between the Earl of Selkirk, and the Hudson's bay company on the other.

Montreal. 1817

Peel 40.

Reel: CNW 6, No. 378
Ellis, Henry.

A voyage to Hudson's Bay, by the Dobbs galley and California, in the years 1746 and 1747, for discovering a North west passage.

London. 1748

Reel: CNW 6, No. 379
Fernon, Thomas Sargent.

No dynasty in North America. The West between salt waters. Hudson bay a free basin.

Philadelphia. 1878

Peel 373.

Reel: CNW 6, No. 380
A few words on the Hudson's Bay company; with a statement of the grievances of the native and half-caste Indians.

London. 1847?

Cover-title. Peel 98.

Reel: CNW 6, No. 381
Financial Reform Association, Liverpool.

. . .The Hudson's Bay company versus Magna Charta and the British people.

Liverpool. 1857

Fold. map. Peel 154.

Reel: CNW 6, No. 382
Fitzgerald, James Edward.

An examination of the charter and proceedings of the Hudson's Bay company.

London. 1849

Peel 105.

Reel: CNW 6, No. 383
Foursin, Pierre.

La colonisation francaise au Canada.

Ottawa. 1891

Illus. Peel 880.

Reel: CNW 6, No. 384
Freeport, Andrew, pseud.

The case of the Hudson's bay company. In a letter to Lord Palmerston.

London. 1857

Peel 153.

Reel: CNW 6, No. 385
The gibbet of Regina, the truth about Riel.

New York. 1886

Peel 697.

Reel: CNW 6, No. 386
Goodsir, Robert Anstruther.

An Arctic voyage to Baffin's bay and Lancaster sound in search of friends with Sir John Franklin.

London. 1850

Fold. map.

Reel: CNW 6, No. 387
Graham, Frederic Ulric.

Notes of a sporting expedition in the far west of Canada, 1847.

London. 1898

Col. plates, 6 maps. Peel 1076.

Reel: CNW 6, No. 388
Great Britain. Admiralty. Arctic expedition.

Copies of any reports or statements from the officers employed in the Arctic expeditions. . .in respect to the resumption of the search for Sir John Franklin's expedition.

London. 1850

Fold. maps. (Parliament. 1850. H. of C. Repts. & papers 107).

Reel: CNW 7, No. 389
Great Britain. Admiralty. Arctic expedition.

Copies of instructions to Capt. Sir John Franklin in reference to the Arctic expedition of 1845.

London. 1848

Fold. maps.

Reel: CNW 7, No. 390
Great Britain. Admiralty. Arctic expedition.

. . .copy or extracts from any correspondence. . .in relation to the Arctic expeditions.

London. 1851

Fold. maps (Parliament, 1851. H. of C. Repts. & papers 97).

Reel: CNW 7, No. 391
Great Britain. Army. Commissariat and Transport Dept.

Report on the Red River expedition of 1870.

London. 1871

Peel 263.

Reel: CNW 7, No. 392
Great Britain. Colonial Office.

Correspondence relative to the recent disturbances in the Red River settlement.

London. 1870

Peel 240.

Reel: CNW 7, No. 393
Great Britain. Colonial Office. Hudson's Bay Company.

Correspondence between Her Majesty's government and the Hudson's Bay company.

London. 1869

Reel: CNW 7, No. 394
Great Britain. Colonial Office. Hudson's Bay Company. (Red River settlement).

Copy of memorial and petition from inhabitants of the Red River settlement.

London. 1849

(Parliament. 1849. H. of C. Repts. & papers 227). Peel 106.

Reel: CNW 7, No. 395
Great Britain. Colonial Office.

Papers relating to the Red River settlement.

London. 1819

Maps (2 fold.). Peel 50.

Reel: CNW 7, No. 396
Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons.

Committee appointed to inquire into the state and condition of the countries adjoining to Hudson's Bay Report.

London. 1749

Peel 10.

Reel: CNW 7, No. 397
Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons.

Select committee on the Hudson's bay company. Report from the select committee. . .together with the proceedings. . .minutes of evidence, appendix and index.

London. 1857

Fold. maps (Parliament. 1857. H. of C. Repts. & papers 224, 260, 260-I). Peel 155.

Reel: CNW 7, No. 398
Great Britain. War Office.

Correspondence relative to the recent expedition to the Red River settlement.

London. 1871

Fold. maps, diagrs. Peel 260.

Reel: CNW 8, No. 399
Great Britain. War Office. Intelligence Div.

Notes on the routes from Lake Superior to the Red River, and on the settlement itself.

London. 1870

Peel 243.

Reel: CNW 8, No. 400
Griffith, Justus Alonzo.

From Toronto to Fort Garry.

Hamilton. 1872?

Peel 277.

Reel: CNW 8, No. 401
Halkett, John.

Statement respecting the Earl of Selkirk's settlement upon the Red River.

Montreal. 1818

Peel 43.

Reel: CNW 8, No. 402
Haultain, Theodore Arnold.

A history of Riel's second rebellion.

Toronto. 1885

Peel 603.

Reel: CNW 8, No. 403
Hearne, Samuel.

A journey from the Prince of Wales' fort in Hudson's bay to the Northern ocean.

London. 1795

Fold. plates, fold. maps.

Reel: CNW 8, No. 404
Hind, Henry Youle.

British North America. Reports of progress. . .on the Assinniboine and Saskatchewan exploring expedition.

London. 1860

Illus., fold. maps.

Reel: CNW 8, No. 405
Hooker, William Jackson, Sir.

Flora borealiamericana; or, The botany of the northern parts of British America.

London. 1829-40

2v. Plates.

Reel: CNW 9, No. 406
Hooper, William Hulme.

Ten months among the tents of the Tuski. . .in search of Sir John Frankin.

London. 1853

Col. plates, fold. map.

Reel: CNW 9, No. 407
Hudson's Bay Co.

The Royal charter for incorporating the Hudson's Bay company.

London. 1819

Reel: CNW 9, No. 408
Hudson's Bay Co.

"A million:" shall we take it? Addressed to the shareholders of the company by one of themselves.

London. 1866

Peel 209. SF 524 $5.00.

Reel: CNW 9, No. 409
Huyshe, George Lightfoot.

The Red river expedition.

London. 1871

Peel 262. SF 525 $24.00.

Reel: CNW 9, No. 410
Illustrated Arctic news. Facsimile of the Illustrated Arctic news published on board H.M.S. Resolute. . .in search of. . .Sir John Franklin.

London. 1852

Co. plates.

Reel: CNW 9, No. 411
Inglefield, Edward Augustus, Sir.

A summer search for Sir John Frankin.

London. 1853

Fold. map. SF 527 $20.00.

Reel: CNW 9, No. 412
Isbister, Alexander Kennedy.

A proposal for a new penal settlement, in connexion with the colonization of the uninhabited districts of British North America.

London. 1850

Peel 111.

Reel: CNW 9, No. 413
James, Thomas.

The strange and dangerous voyage of Capt. Thomas James in his intended discovery of the northwest passage.

London. 1633

Fold. map. SF 529 $14.00.

Reel: CNW 9, No. 414
King, Richard.

The Franklin expedition. To his Grace the Duke of Newcastle. . .a letter of appeal.

London. 1860

Plate, fold. map.

Reel: CNW 9, No. 415
King, Richard.

Narrative of a journey to the shores of the Arctic Ocean in 1833, 1834 and 1835.

London. 1836

Plates, map. 2v. Peel 85.

Reel: CNW 10, No. 416
Lepine, Ambroise Dydime, defendant.

Preliminary investigation and trial of Ambroise D. Lepine for the murder of Thomas Scott.

Montreal. 1874

Front., ports. Peel 316.

Reel: CNW 10, No. 417
Letters written during the late voyage of discovery in the Western Arctic Sea. By an officer of the expedition.

London. 1821

Map, plates.

Reel: CNW 10, No. 418
Louis Riel, martyr du Nord-Ouest. Sa vie, son proces, sa mort.

Montreal. 1885

Illus. Peel 615.

Reel: CNW 10, No. 419
Lyon, George Francis.

The private journal of Capt. G.F. Lyon of H.M.S. Hecla during the recent voyage. . .under Capt. Parry.

London. 1824

Plates, (fold.) map.

Reel: CNW 10, No. 420
M'Clintock, Francis Leopold, Sir.

The voyage of the "Fox". . .A narrative of the discovery of the fate of Sir John Franklin.

London. 1859

Plates. Fold. maps.

Reel: CNW 10, No. 421
MacClure, Robert John Le Mesurier, Sir.

The Arctic dispatches, containing an account of the discovery of the northwest passage.

London. 1853

Fold. map.

Reel: CNW 11, No. 422
McClure, Robert John Le Mesurier, Sir.

The discovery of the north-west passage by H.M.S. "Investigator".

London. 1856

Plates, fold. map.

Reel: CNW 11, No. 423
Macdonald, Archibald.

Narrative respecting the destruction of the Earl of Selkirk's settlement upon Red River.

London. 1816

Peel 35.

Reel: CNW 11, No. 424
Macoun, John.

Manitoba and the great North-west.

Guelph, Ont. 1882

Plates, fold. maps. Peel 478.

Reel: CNW 11, No. 425
M'Donell, Alexander Greenfield.

A narrative of transactions in the Red River country.

London. 1819

Fold. map. Peel 52.

Reel: CNW 11, No. 426
MacDonell, Allan.

The North-West Transportation, Navigation and Railway Company: its objects.

Toronto. 1858

Peel 165.

Reel: CNW 11, No. 427
McDougall, William.

The Red River rebellion. Eight letters to Hon. Joseph Howe.

Toronto. 1870

Peel 244.

Reel: CNW 11, No. 428
M'Gillivray, Simon, supposed author.

A narrative of occurrences in the Indian countries of North America.

London. 1817

Peel 44.

Reel: CNW 11, No. 429
Mackenzie, Alexander, Sir.

Voyages from Montreal, on the river St. Laurence, through the continent of North America, to the Frozen and Pacific Oceans.

London. 1801

Port., fold. maps. Howes M133. Peel 22.

Reel: CNW 11, No. 430
Martin, Robert Montgomery.

The Hudson's Bay territories and Vancouver's island, with an exposition of the chartered rights, conduct and policy of the. . .corporation.

London. 1849

Fold. map. Peel 108.

Reel: CNW 12, No. 431
Mercier, Honore.

Discours prononce. . .le 7 mai 1886 sur la question Riel.

Quebec. 1886

Peel 693.

Reel: CNW 12, No. 432
Minnesota. Legislature. House. Select Committee on Overland Route to British Oregon.

Report. . .on the overland emigration route from Minnesota to British Oregon.

St. Paul. 1858

Peel 166.

Reel: CNW 12, No. 433
Montgomery, James, Sir.

Substance of the speech. . .on bringing forward his motion relative to the petition of Mr. John Pritchard of the Red River settlement.

London. 1819

Peel 55.

Reel: CNW 12, No. 434
Morris, Alexander.

The Hudson's Bay and Pacific territories.

Montreal. 1859

Peel 176.

Reel: CNW 12, No. 435
Moxon, Joseph.

A brief discourse of a passage by the North-pole to Japan, China, & c.

London. 1674


Reel: CNW 12, No. 436
Mulvany, Charles Pelham.

The history of the North-west rebellion of 1885.

Toronto. 1885

Illus. Peel 611.

Reel: CNW 12, No. 437
Nelson, Joseph.

The Hudson's Bay Company. What is it?.

London. 1864

Peel 202.

Reel: CNW 12, No. 438
Nelson Valley Railway and Transportation Co.

A new route from Europe to the interior of North America.

Montreal. 1881

Fold. map. Peel 448.

Reel: CNW 12, No. 439
The new west. Extending from the Great lakes across plain and mountain to the golden shores of the Pacific.

Winnipeg. 1888

Ports., plates, fold. maps.

Reel: CNW 12, No. 440
The North Georgia gazette and winter chronicle. No. 1-21.

London. 1821

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