History of the McCray Family

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Note by Bill McCray: I have done some editing and reformatting as I typed this. I have also added comments which are in square brackets, [ ]. I see no indication of when she wrote it, but it must have been between 1951 and 1971.
History of the McCray Family
compiled by

Irene McDaniel Titus

124 North Danny Street

Indianapolis, Indiana

acquired by the library in 1971
With gratitude to all those who have made this history possible, I present it to you and your children. I am especially grateful for the inspirations and help given to me by the late Martha McCray Stubbs.
I have used the numerals, such as I, II, III, to designate the individuals of the same name, for your convenience; also to indicate the generation in which an individual belongs, as generation I or generation II. I began with generation I and class that as the oldest generation - thus, the larger the numeral, the younger the generation.
This material has been gathered over a period of fifteen years, but can always be added to - so I am leaving space for you to add your own immediate family history. In a period of six generations you, as an individual, will have 126 ancestors - can you trace all of them?
The spelling of the name varies with the nationality. The Scottish Clan, McCrea or Macrea, stems from the word meaning "Son of Grace." The Gaelic spelling is MacRath and in Ireland it is Magrath.
The home of the Highland Clan, known as "The Wild MacReas", was Kintail in Ross-Shire, and they migrated from Lovar County in the middle of the fourteenth century. The Reverend Farquhar McCrea, 1580-1662, was a Vicar of Kintail for forty-four years. One son, the Reverend John of Dingwall, 1614-1673, as a great Argurer. Major Robert McCrea of Guernsey, 1754-1835, fought as a loyalist in the American Revolutionary War. However, the McCray family, as we spell it, and as far as this history is concerned, was true to the American cause. Our early ancestors were Revolutionary soldiers and helped win the independence of the American colonies. All used the spelling McCray.

Chapter OneSamuel McCray I (Generation I)

Samuel McCray I immigrated from Scotland with at least four sons - Samuel McCray II, John McCray, [unreadable, suggested elsewhere as William] McCray (who drowned), and James McCray (who sickened and died).

Samuel McCray II

(Generation II)
It is certain that Samuel McCray II was born in Scotland and that you and I are of Scottish descent. Tradition has so strongly impressed this fact in the memory of our early ancestors that no one can doubt its authenticity.
In 1786, Samuel McCray II owned 300 acres of land in Pennsylvania, in the County of Cumberland. In 1767 Samuel McCray of Frederick County, Virginia, was a witness to a Quaker wedding at Opecon between Robert Haines and Esther Wright. This fact would indicate that Samuel McCray was a Quaker and, as he later became a soldier, he undoubtedly was cast from the Quaker Society. This would account for the few years that are missing in his life history, as he would have been an outcast and disgraced among his Quaker friends. So he would very probably have found a home in the wilderness away from his friends. The Quakers of that period who were "churched" for taking up arms, later became "broad-minded Baptists". And we find that Samuel McCray and his family were Baptists in the early years following the Revolutionary War.
Samuel McCray II lived in Springhill Township, Bedford County, in the State of Pennsylvania in 1773 and was listed as a married man, taxed 2.6 shillings. In 1781 he was listed as a married man living in Morgan Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania, owned 100 acres of land, 2 horses, 2 cows, and 1 sheep, and was taxed 55 shillings.
Samuel McCray II entered the War of Independence while living in the County of Washington. He became a Private 8th Class of the 1st Battalion, Washington County, Pennsylvania, Class Role A, of Captain Andrew Fereley's Company. His son Phineas was a Private 6th Class of this same Company. The Pennsylvania Militia of 1790-1800, lists this Samuel McCray as being between the ages of 18-45 years of age, and residing "within the bounds of 3rd Battalion, Cumberland County Militia."
Little more is known of Samuel McCray II until March 1, 1791, when he and a part of his family are listed in the first Census of the U. S. (1790) of Bourbon County, Kentucky. In 1799 Samuel McCray and his wife, Rebecca Douglass McCray, natives of Jefferson County, Virginia, settled at Bode's Station, Ohio, and later moved to Smalley's settlement on Todd's Fork. In the spring of 1801 they settled on the west side of the Little Miami River and later moved to Lebanon, Ohio. There he owned and operated a Mill (later owned by Zimri Stubbs), also became Sheriff of Warren County, Ohio, and was Commissioner from 1801-1809.
During the time he was Commissioner he was given a contract to build a Court House in Lebanon, Ohio, for the sum of $1450.00. The building was completed and accepted March 1, 1806. Out of this $1450.00 Samuel saved enough to buy a lot just north of the Court House, and there he built the first brick house in the city. The house was still standing in 1902.
In 1810 Samuel McCray and his son Phineas were listed as tax payers in Butler County, Ohio. Samuel died before 1818, as his daughter "Catherine relinquished her claim in her father's estate, dated February 20, 1818."
The children of Samuel McCray II were: Phineas McCray 1762-1832; Shaphet McCray; Martin McCray, died 1836; William McCray; Mary McCray Brannon; Samuel McCray III 1775-1862; Catherine McCray Heaton; Prisilla McCray Call; John McCray 1778-1847. James McCray is listed as one of his children by Mrs. Peck in the History of the Harlin Family; Margaret McCray-Cox.

Chapter Two
Phineas McCray (Generation III)
The early McCrays of Indiana lived east of Connersville, Indiana. Their haunts were near the old Village Creek Baptist Church, which was founded July 24, 1824. The Charter Members were "Robert Gilky, Thomas Wolverton, William Denman, William Sparks, Phineas McCray, Stephen Harlan, James Woods, Sarah Gilky, Mary Denman, Mary Sparks, Mary Harlan, Sarah McCray, and Hannah McCray." "The regular resident pastors of this church were Elders Minor Thompson, George Harlan (ordained in 1830), William Sparks (ordained in 1845), Samuel Harlan, Walter Benson, and Charles Reed, the present (1885) incumbent."
Phineas McCray (Phinehas, Fennehas, Fennes, Peness McCrea, McCray, McCroy), oldest child of Samuel McCray II, was born October 21, 1762, Berks County, Pennsylvania, which in those days might have been a part of Frederick County, Virginia (the county in which Samuel was a witness to a Quaker wedding in 1767). Biege Sketch states that Phineas was a son of Samuel McCray.
Phineas was taxed as a single man in 1781 with no land, 1 horse, 2 cows, and 1 sheep, value 18 shillings. In 1784 he was taxed as a married man. As his first child was born February 17, 1784, he was no doubt married in 1783. He married Sarah Jane Peters, who was born September 11, 1761 and died June 20, 1851 at the age of 89 years, 9 months, and 9 days. He died April 29, 1838 at the age of 75 years, 6 months, and 8 days. Both he and his wife are buried in the Village Creek Cemetery, Fayette County, Indiana. Their monuments can still be seen standing in this old church burial ground.
The children of Phineas and Sarah Jane Peters McCray were Mary McCray Colliver 1784-1829; Samuel McCray (IV) 1786-1856; Jemima McCray Cassidy 1788-1822; Sarah McCray Woods 1791-1838; Moses McCray 1794-1883; Aaron McCray 1797-1819; Rachael McCray Sparks 1799-____; John McCray 1805-1865.
Mary McCray Reeves of Greenfield, Indiana, a granddaughter of Phineas McCray, was 18 years old when her grandfather died, and she remembers him as "a very fine old man, quite queer, a little crusty, and very much the master of his household." While her grandmother, Sarah Jane "was a very lovely, quiet, meek, and obeying old lady." Aunt Polly and Aunt Peggy (Mary and Margaret McCray) often visited in the Moses McCray home and were well remembered as very lovely ladies.
In Survey Book I on page 91, Washington County, Washington, Pennsylvania, is a picture of 300 acres of land surveyed to "Phineas McCray April 18, 1786, situated on the waters of Ten Mile Creek." See Replica that follows. [I have omitted the replica of the map.] My husband and I visited the haunts of this farm in 1941.
Phineas McCray and his wife, Sarah Jane, with at least 2 or 3 of their children came from their Ten Mile Creek home down the Ohio River and settled in Bourbon County, Kentucky. They were among the first white people to penetrate the wilderness of the "dark and bloody" ground. Several of their other children were born here. Phineas and Samuel McCray II were listed as tax payers in the 1790 census of March 1, 1791, Bourbon County, Kentucky. [McCrays in that census were John, Peness, William, Samuel, and Andrew. John may have been Samuel's brother. Peness is a misspelling of Phineas. William may have been Phineas's brother. We don't have a record of an Andrew. Perhaps he was another brother of Samuel II (note that the paragraph on Samuel I says "at least four sons"). Another possibility is that "Andrew" could be the middle name of Shaphet, brother of Phineas.]]
By the year 1810, both Phineas and his father, Samuel II, were living in Butler County, Ohio. In 1812, 1813, 1814, Phineas and his wife, Sarah, in Butler County sold a great deal of land. Some of the sales amounted to a great deal of money. One was listed as $400.00, and another as $1500.
In 1814, Phineas bought land in Fayette County, Indiana and made his home there until his death in 1832. His wife later made her home with the youngest child, John McCray of College Corner. In John McCray's life history, it is stated that Phineas came to Post Town, Ohio and then to Connersville, Indiana in 1812.
Phineas McCray and his wife Sarah were among the charter members of the Village Creek Baptist Church (July 24, 1824), Connersville Township, Fayette County, Indiana. Phineas McCray's will is probated and recorded in the Court House, Connersville, Indiana.
Phineas McCray was a Revolutionary Soldier serving from Washington County, Pennsylvania 1st Battalion A Class, October 15, 1781, Role of Capt. Andrew Ferley's Company, listed as a Private 6th Class. He also served in April 22, 1782, in the same company.
The Horn Papers, page 40, "Morgan Township, Greene County, Pennsylvania" content: "Phineas McCray - 300 acres and allowance. Warrant dated Feb. 20, 1786. Surveyed April 18, 1786. Pat. May 16, 1790, to Daniel Wilson. P. 16-282."
Here is the exact Replica of land owned by Phineas McCray (300 acres) known as the "Ten Mile Creek Farm." [I have omitted the map.]
[Moved from chapter 4:] Jane Peters McCray, after the death of her husband, Phineas McCray, made her home with her son, John H. McCray. She died in his home and was buried beside her husband in the Old Village Creek Baptist Church Graveyard.

Chapter Three
Children of Phineas and Sarah Jane McCray and the descendants
I. Mary McCray, first child of Phineas and Sarah Jane Peters McCray, was born on her father's Ten Mile Creek farm in Washington County, Pennsylvania on February 17, 1784 and died in Putnam County, Indiana in 1829, age 45 years. She married, at the age of 15, Richard Colliver II, in 1799, of Montgomery County, Kentucky. They lived in Kentucky for a number of years and then moved to Franklin County, Indiana and owned land there until 1812, when they moved to Putnam County. They were the parents of ten children:
A. Andrew Colliver

B. John Colliver

C. Thomas Colliver

D. Jemima Colliver

E. Sarah Colliver, born in 1809 in Montgomery County, Kentucky and died in Putnam County in 1856. She married John Moler of Putnam County on November 30, 1805 and died November 3, 1866. Their son, Joseph Moler, was born June 2, 1834 in Nicholas County, Kentucky. He later lived in Putnam County and came to the second McCray Reunion in 1894, with his Uncle Samuel McCray IV.

F. Nancy Colliver

G. Preston (Presley) Colliver

H. Samuel Colliver, born in Kentucky and was a member of the State Legislature in 1864. Some of his children were Dr. Richard Colliver III of Putnam County, born August 24, 1848, Montgomery County, Kentucky; Preston Colliver of Greencastle, Indiana; and William Colliver of Bainbridge, Indiana. Nancy Colliver, a daughter of William, was born November 19, 1867 in Clark County, Kentucky and married Daniel T. Darnall (at one time Clerk of Putnam County, Indiana.)

Richard Colliver I came from Scotland soon after the Revolu­tionary War, settling in Virginia and later moving to Ken­tucky. He married Mary Hollingshead. They had two sons, Elijah and Richard Colliver the II, who married into the McCray family.
II. Samuel McCray IV, second child of Phineas and Sarah Jane Peters McCray, was born on his father's old Ten Mile Creek Farm in Washington County, Pennsylvania on July 5, 1786 and died March 29, 1856. He is buried at the left of the entrance to Mt. Jackson Cemetery (Little Eagle Creek Church and Grave Yard). On January 10, 1810, he married Elizabeth Lucas of Butler County, Ohio. She was born June 12, 1788 and died February 5, 1863 and is buried beside her husband. They were the parents of eleven children:
A. Maria (Myriah) McCray, born October 11, 1811, died September 23, 1887, and married Lambert Moffett on December 13, 1832 (another Bible gives December 3, 1834). He was a native of Grange County, Tennessee. They were the parents of several children. One was James Moffett, born September 11, 1839, the father of Limen Moffett, who in turn was the father of Byron Moffett, living in 1946 on a farm out of Muncie on R.R. No. 4.

B. Sarah McCray, born March 2, 1813, died August 26, 1845, and married Peter Royster on April 2, 1833. He was born September 27, 1806 and died April 5, 1891. They are both buried in Mt. Jackson Cemetery. Nearby is the grave of Sarah Royster, who died in August 28, 1815, age 32 years, 5 months, and 24 days. This is no doubt his mother. The children of Sarah McCray and Peter Royster were:

1. Susan C. Royster, died December 1, 1847, age five years and seven months and is buried in Mt. Jackson Cemetery.

2. Elizabeth Royster, born August 21, 1834 and died October 21, 1859.

3. Myriah Royster, who married a Ward for her first husband and for her second husband married Jacob Barnhill, the father of John McCray's wife, Mary Emma Barnhill.

4. Oliver Royster, who left no family.

5. Samuel Royster.

6. William Lucas Royster, who married Henrietta Todd and was the father of five children: (a) Sarah (Sadie) Royster Hufford, (b) Martha Royster, wife of William Adams, (c) Cora Royster, deceased at age 23, (d) Charles Royster, age 77 in 1951, owner of the present Royster Funeral home in Indianapolis, Indiana, and (e) Ruth Royster, wife of Harold F. Hartley.

7. Roscoe Royster, the youngest of Sarah and Peter Royster's children.

8 and 9. Charles and Nancy Royster Millspaugh were half-brother and -sister to the above children.

(In the D.A.R. Magazine, May, 1949 issue, page 431, "Peter Royster married Susannah Rock, age 22, in Septem­ber, 1788, Halifax, Virginia." November, 1948 issue lists several Roysters as taking the Oath of Allegiance on August, 1777. May issue, 1949, page 431, Charles Ruster married Elizabeth How, age 15, September, 1768.)

C. John McCray, born February 17, 1815, died October 21, 1841, married Lavina Harding on February 28, 1839. One son was born February 24, 1842. Both parents are buried in Mt. Jackson Cemetery.

D. Jemima McCray, born April 13, 1817, died February 10, 1883, married on December 22, 1837 Labian Harding, who died December 19, 1855, age 53 years, 1 month, brother of John McCray's wife. Both are buried in Mt. Jackson. Near them are buried some of their children:
1. Mary Elizabeth Harding, born October 8, 1844, died May 1, 1893.

2. Sarah Elmira Harding, born June 6, 1848, died July 7, 1893.

3. John Harding, born March 5, 1841, died November 6, 1865.

4. Eliza A. Harding, Indigestion [died of, I assume.]

5. Samuel E. Harding, born May 29, 1842, died November 6, 1865.
Harding parents - Ede Harding, born March 16, 1793, died January 18, 1875; Mary Harding, born December 25, 1794, died October 21, 1858. Other Hardings - Lawson, 1826-1874 - Nancy, 1826-1908.

E. Elizabeth McCray, born February 8, 1819, died January 29, 1909, married Miles Martindale, October 8, 1838. Howard Martindale of Vero Beach, Florida and Mrs. Carrie Van of 2426 Kenwood Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana are her grandchildren. Their mother died in 1951. (The history of the Martindale family is in the files of the Indiana State Library.)

F. Aaron McCray, born October 28, 1820, married Carolyn (Caroline) Y. Bridgeford on April 2, 1846. She was the daughter of William Bridgeford. Aaron McCray died on October, 1882, age 61 years, 11 months, and 11 days. They were the parents of 12 children -
1. Mary McCray.

2. Lyde Mccray, wife of James Jones. Their children were (a) Henriette, (b) Byron, (c) Helen, and (d) Fanny.

3. Leathy McCray, wife of Eugene Rennard.

4. Lydia McCray, who remained single.

5. Sarah McCray, born February 2, 1847, died July 8, 1871, and is buried near her parents in Mt. Jack­son. She married Walter Smith.

6. Frank McCray, born March 20, 1855 and died in the late 1940s. He was ex-Judge of Marion County, Indiana.

7. Morton McCray.

8. Richard McCray.

9. Samuel McCray - had two daughters.

10. Luke McCray, who was killed on the railroad.

11. Oscar McCray

12. William McCray, who married Miss Schneider. Their children were -

a. Albert Lucas McCray, whose children are Irvin E. McCray, Lydia McCray, wife of Chris Denton, Indianapolis, Indiana, and Lois McCray, wife of Harry Dortch of Cypress, California.

b. Marie McCray, who remained single.

c. Bertha McCray, an adopted daughter, wife of Harry Rogers.
Aaron McCray was a large man of dark complexion, dark eyes, and pleasant disposition and was spoken of by the ladies as "good looking". He came with his father to Indianapolis in 1833.

G. Susan(nah) McCray, born September 23, 1822, died August 26, 1911, married Isaac McDaniel on December 17, 1846. He was from Hendricks County, Indiana. Their children were:

1. Richard McDaniel.

2. Ira McDaniel.

3. George McDaniel.

4. Columbus McDaniel.

5. Elizabeth McDaniel, step-grandmother of Elizabeth A. (Ellenzer) Royster.

6. Laura McDaniel, who married a Richwine.

7. Emma, who married a Mr. Herring.
H. George W. McCray, born December 29, 1823, died November 1, 1905, married Catherine L. Speers on August 20, 1848. Both are buried in Mt. Jackson. There are two monuments for the wife: one states she died December 30, 1880, age 50 years, 1 month, and 10 days, the newer one states she was born 1830 and died 1890. Another reference gives her birth as November 20, 1830, which bears out the older monument. Their children were:
1. Jemima McCray (1856-1937), who married Henry Leland Brock (1850-1925). Miss Forcht is a teacher in the Indianapolis Schools and is a descendant of Jemima McCray Brock.

2. Mattie McCray married Louie Staton. They had one child who was killed by a train.

3. Catherine McCray, who married Smith Hollingsworth.

4. Samuel McCray, the eldest child.

5. John McCray of Colorado.

6. Henry McCray.

7. Sarah McCray, born September 3, 1864, died 1 year, 2 months, and 21 days.

8. William McCray, whose son "Bert" lives in Indianapolis.

George McCray was married a second time to a Miss (or Mrs.) Hume.

I. Nancy McCray, born May 22, 1826, died August 29, 1854, married Joseph Martin on February 9, 1851. Both are buried in Mt. Jackson. They had two children.

1. Simon Martin.

2. Sarah Martin, who was small when her mother died and was taken by her Aunt Susan McCray McDaniel. She married and lived in the West.

J. Richard Lucas McCray, born July 7, 1828, was killed in the Battle of Vicksburg during the Civil War on the May 12, 1863. He was taken to Prairie City, Iowa for burial. His father's two sisters, Jemima Cassidy and Sarah Woods, lived there.

K. Simean McCray, born February 5, 1832, died September 3, 1863, and married Catherine Ward. A stone in the Mt. Jackson Cemetery says "Elizabeth Ward, wife of Simean McCray, born June 15, 1844, died December 16, 1875". Their children were -

1. John McCray, who owned a farm near Cadiz, Indiana, on the New Castle and Markleville Pike, was born June 7, 1860 and died July 16, 1940. He married Mary Emma Barnhill on May 17, 1883. She is living with her daughter, Betsy Cass, and was 88 years old in December, 1951. They are parents of
a. Emmett McCray, born September 26, 1889, mar­ried Loretta Kel­lermeir on May 28, 1914. She was born September 12, 1895. Their children are all in Indianapolis and are:
i. Emma, wife of Clyde Foster and mother of four children, namely Clyde Jr., Richard, John, and Ruth Foster.

ii. Ruth Loretta, deceased.

iii. Kather­ine, wife of Russell Brown, and mother of three children, name­ly, Patri­cia, Diana, and Kathleen Brown.

iv. Emmett McCray, Jr., who married Norma Brethman and is the father of three chil­dren, namely, Sandra, Loretta, and Mi­chael John McCray of the 9th generation of McCrays who can perpetuate the McCray name;

v. Wilma, wife of Fred Quebe and mother of Penny Lou Quebe.
b. Betsy McCray, wife of George Cass of Plainfield, Indiana. Betsy McCray was at one time Secretary of the old McCray Reunion.

c. Helen McCray, wife of James L. Pedlow. They have one daughter.

d. Alice McCray, wife of Elmer D. Cox.

e. Mary McCray, wife of Albert Fuhrmann, is the mother of two children.

f. Robert (Rob) McCray, who married Lulu Frankie.

g. Chester Winfield McCray (Winn), deceased.

2. George McCray, who married Florence (Flo) Davis, was the father of:
a. May McCray, wife of Harry Overhizer of Balti­more, Maryland. Their daughter, Georgianna, was named for her grandfather.

b. Aneke McCray, wife of John Wilson, a druggist of Indianapolis.

c. Josephine McCray Okes, who lives in Califor­nia.
3. Aaron Alonzo McCray was born November 25, 1867 and died March 3, 1944. He married Olena Dell Armstrong in 1891. They were the parents of Ruth Denise McCray, wife of Edgar Rob­erts, a native of Penn­sylva­nia. He is employed as a Civil Engineer of the New York Central Railroad in Indianapolis, Indiana. Their children are Ruth Denise Roberts, wife of Frank Havill of Mt. Carmel, Illinois; Virginia Ann Roberts, wife of Dr. J. D. Howell; Betty Gail Roberts, wife of Dr. George Gooliak; and Edgar Roberts, Jr., all of Indianapolis, Indiana.
4. Elizabeth McCray died as a young girl.
Simean McCray owned and lived on the farm where the Indianapolis Speedway is now located.
III. Jemima McCray, third child of Phineas and Sarah Jane Peters McCray, was born on her father's Ten Mile Creek Farm in Washington County, Pennsylvania, August 14, 1788 and died June 2, 1822 in Iowa. She married Simon Cassidy on March 15, 1818 and was known as Aunt Mima. Their children were Phineas McCray Cassidy, a noted lawyer of Iowa, Aaron Cassidy, and Thomas Cassidy.
IV. Sarah McCray, fourth child of Phineas and Sarah Jane Peters McCray, was born March 8, 1791, probably in Bourbon County, Kentucky, as the tax list from that county dated March, 1791 listed her father. She married James Woods and they lived in Iowa for some time. Many of her descendants are found in Iowa. She died September 11, 1838, and her husband August 22, 1837. Both are buried in the Village Creek Baptist Cemetery in Fayette County, Indiana. Their children were Jemima Woods (who married George Ewing), Nancy Woods, Isereal Woods, Rachael Woods, Mary Woods (who married Lucius Harlan), John Woods, and Sara Woods.
V. Moses McCray, fifth child of Phineas and Sarah Peters McCray, was born August 15, 1794, Bourbon County, Kentucky and died May 5, 1883. He lived in South Carolina for a short time when he was a young man. He married Jane Sparks on February 6, 1817 (granddaughter of Zachariah Sparks and daughter of William and Mary Palmer Sparks). Jane Sparks was born December 22, 1800 in South Carolina and died on December 12, 1864. Both she and her husband are buried in the McCray Cemetery, Hancock County, Indiana. Their marriage license is recorded in Franklin County, Indiana.
Moses McCray was a farmer by occupation, yet was interested in many other vocations. His log barn served as a Hardshell Baptist Church, the first church of any denomination in Brown Township. In this same log barn, he taught the first school. He served as both minister and school master for this little community until 1834, when a building was erected where the McCray Cemetery is now located. Four years later in October 29, 1838, the "Baptist Brethren" met and organized the Concord Baptist Church. Moses McCray and his brother-in-law Stephen Harlan donated the logs to build this new church. In the McCray Cemetery stands a memorial in recognition of the progressiveness and good deeds of Moses and the pioneers of that community of the wilderness. The memorial was erected and dedicated by his granddaughter Martha McCray Stubbs.
Moses McCray, at the age of seventeen, went to Preble County, Ohio, but later was married and began farming in Fayette County, Waterloo Township, Indiana. Here his children were born. Then for two years he farmed in Rush County, then came to Hancock County, where he remained until his death.
Moses and Jane Sparks McCray were the parents of thirteen children, namely
A. Phineas McCray, born March 13, 1818 and died November 21, 1899. He was married three times and all were buried in the McCray Cemetery. His first wife, Rachael, was born April 2, 1819 and died March 16, 1868. They were the parents of eleven children. Phineas had two children by a second marriage.
1. Moses McCray, born 1845.

2. Nancy McCray, born 1847, married William Whitley.

3. Margaret McCray, born 1849, married Daniel R. Loudenback September 8, 1870. Their daughter, Allie, married Matthew Cook and lived in Wilkinson; the children of Allie and Matthew were Marie Cook, Evelyn Cook Hupp, and Matthew Cook.

4. Pheobe McCray, born 1851, married Thomas McClaren September 3, 1874 for her first husband and John Baker for her second husband.

5. Jasper McCray, born 1853, married Maggie McDougal. They lived in Kansas and had at least one son and one daughter.

6. Arthur McCray, born 1855.

7. Flora McCray, born 1857, married first John James and second a Smith.

8. Matilda Amanda McCray, married Wilson Thomas Hamil­ton March 15, 1868. [This can't be, she'd have been at most ten years old in 1868.] Their daugh­ter was Belle Hamilton, who married Robert Reger, and their daughter, Crystal Reger, lives in their home, Madison County, Indiana.

9. Rebecca McCray, born 1861, married ____ Hendrixson at Cody, Wyoming.

10. Josephine McCray, married Edward Smith.

11. Infant daughter, died unnamed.
Phineas McCray on August 3, 1871 married for his second wife Lucretia Gaurd. She was born February 17, 1837 and died December 3, 1883. They were the parents of two children -
12. Frances McCray, who married Harvey Henry Reger on January 18, 1894. They are the parents of (a) Mary Reger Williams, (b) Ruth Ann Reger Hanna, and (c) Charles Reger.

13. Pemelia McCray, born in 1876.

14. Jacob Gaurd was a stepson of Phineas McCray.
Phineas McCray married on August 31, 188_, for his third wife, Mary Lynam, who had two children by a former marriage.
15. Mrs. Ella Lynam Bridges.

16. Mrs. Robert Lynam Nelson.

B. Mary McCray, second child of Moses and Jane Sparks McCray, was born August 20, 1820. She married Joseph Fort on September 21, 1840. He was born in Virginia April 6, 1814 and died March 22, 1880. She died on January 11, 1912. Both are buried in the Simmons Cemetery, near Willow Branch, Indiana. They owned and lived on a farm near there all their lives. The children of Mary McCray and Joseph Fort were -
1. Moses C. Fort, born January 7, 1842 and died Sep­tember 30, 1913. He married Martha Lurena Thomas and lived in the beautiful old homestead until his death. His wife, Martha Lurena, was born January 1, 1850 and died June 30, 1890. Both are buried in the Simmons Cemetery. They were the parents of:
a. Omer Fort, who married Addie Sommerville, who died September 3, 1950. Their children are Vera, Eva, and Joseph Fort.

b. Leora Fort married Dr. C. C. Pratt. They are parents of Adrian Pratt Nielson.

c. John Fort, who married Martha Price.
Moses C. Fort married, as his second wife, Eliza­beth Armstrong Marsh.

2. Martha Fort, who married J. W. Williams, was born in 1844. They were the parents of (a) Albert Williams; (b) Mary Williams Orr; and (c) Charles Williams. Most of this family lived in and around Anderson, Indiana.

3. Julietta A. Fort, who married L. B. Thomas, was born in 1846. Their children were (a) Alice Thom­as; (b) Eva Thomas Woods; and (c) Cora Thomas.

4. James W. Fort, who was born June 17, 1853 and died April 11, 1874.

C. William McCray, third child of Moses and Jane Sparks McCray, lived and died in Moran, Kansas. He was a farmer in Hancock County, Indiana, but "broke up" and went west where he became quite prosperous in Kansas. He married Jane Combs on December 5, 1844. They were the parents of (a) Moses McCray; (b) William McCray, whose son is Supt. of Music in Parson (Kansas) High School; and (c) Alice McCray Larry. Her children are (a) Evert Larry, (b) Charles Larry, (c) John Larry, (d) Emma Larry, and (e) Clara Larry. Some of the children live in Chicago, and some in Kansas.

D. Rachel McCray, fourth child of Moses and Jane Sparks McCray, was born in 1825 and died in 1913. she married Judiah Trees in February 6, 1845. He was born October 15, 1822 and died August 27, 1896. Both are buried in the McCray Cemetery. They were the parents of several children:

1. Mary Trees, married Thomas Albea.

2. John Trees, married Nan Barrett.

3. James Trees, married Ollie Barrett.

4. Joseph Trees, married Julia Jones.

5. Hannah Trees, married Kelly Haines.

6. Eliza Trees, married ­­­­____ Carrolton.

7. Alex Trees, married ____ Jackson.
E. John McCray, fifth child of Moses and Jane Sparks McCray, was born November 19, 1827 and died in March, 1915. He married Mary Frances Brown, a daughter of Samuel B. and Jemimia J. Brown. Samuel B. Brown was born in Winchester, New Hampshire on April 22, 1785 and died May 26, 1863. His wife was born in Culpepper County, Virginia on January 30, 1796 and died January 19, 1847. Both are buried in the McCray Cemetery, Hancock County, Indiana. Mary Frances Brown McCray was born on March 17, 1829 and died April 14, 1897. She and her husband are buried in the McCray Cemetery. They were the parents of eight children:
1. Mary McCray, born March 2, 1857, died June 4, 1941, and married William Reeves, born February 7, 1854 and died December 10, 1934. They lived in Greenfield, Indiana and were the parents of:
a. John Lewis Reeves, who was born November 29, 1880 and married Clara Parks.

b. Robert Franklin Reeves, who was born November 20, 1881 and married Ruby Boyd.

c. Anna Lois Reeves, born July 2, 1886, a teacher in the Indianapo­lis, Indiana schools.

d. Elijah Jabez Reeves, who was born December 22, 1896 and married Ruth Hasley on June 3, 1929. She died July, 1937 leaving two children, Mary Lou and Robert E.

2. Samuel N. McCray, born about 1859, married Mary Reddrick in 1883. For his second wife he married Lulu Brock. He had several children, one of whom was Mellie McCray, who married Alonzo Wischart.

3. Alice McCray, born about 1861, married on September 30, 1880 Dr. Robert Daniel Hanna, a son of Aaron and Mary Hanna of Youngstown, Ohio. Their son, Robert, was born August 15, 1851 and died in Warrington, Indiana on October 14, 1896. He came to this little communi­ty in 1878 with $35.00 and a horse and buggy. But with his sincerity, goodness of heart, and willingness to work, he became a prosperous doctor. At the time of his death, his aged mother, four brothers, and one sister were still living. His wife, Alice, was killed by a train near their home. They were the parents of (a) John L. Hanna, who was born May 7, 1889 and married Faye Wilson; (b) William Hanna; (c) Mary Hanna, who married George Von Schmidt; (d) Frances Hanna, deceased; and (e) Frank Hanna, who married Ruth Ann Reger.

4. Anna J. McCray, born April 19, 1863, died in 1943, and married Charles E. Judge. They were the par­ents of (a) Inez, who married Vernon Jackson; (b) Elsie, who married Claud Sparks; (c) Audrey, who married Freeman Smith; (d) Victoria, who married Lunday Welborn; and (e) Mary Edna, 1890-1892.

5. John Frank McCray, born November 5, 1866 and died in July, 1934. He married Mary Addison on October 19, 1889. She was born September 3, 1869. They were the parents of (a) Harriett, born July 15, 1890 and died September, 1909; (b) Essie, born August 10, 1892 and married Elmer Sipe, employed by the New York Central Railroad. They live on the father's farm north of Wilkinson, Indiana.

6. Harriett M. McCray, born February 16, 1869 and died September 4, 1891.

7. Martha McCray, born February 16, 1872, died October 6, 1929, and married Samuel Everett Stubbs on August 14, 1893. He was born May 2, 1871 and died September 1, 1946. They were the parents of:

a. Justine Leora, born May 13, 1894 and married Ed. Loehr. They live in Boston and are the parents of Martha Justine, Mary Frances, Elizabeth Ann, and Helen Louise Loehr.

b. Paul Everett Stubbs, born August 16, 1896 and has one daughter.

c. Mary Frances Stubbs, born August 12, 1900 and married Parvin Prunk.

d. Martha Allegra Stubbs, who married Glen Curry. They are parents of two sons, Richard and Robert Curry.

e. John Halfred Stubbs, born December 8, 1905 and is deceased.

f. Max Brown Stubbs, born June 12, 1910.

g. Joseph James Stubbs, born October 23, 1914, both of Bakersfield, California [I assume she means both Joseph and Max.].

h. Richard McCray Stubbs, born January 30, 1917 and died March 31, 1919.

(8) Leora Frances McCray, born June 1, 1874 and is living in Los Angeles, California. She was a teacher in the schools there for many years and is now retired.

F. Stephen McCray, the sixth child of Moses and Jane Sparks McCray, was born November 13, 1829 and died January 16, 1901. He married Abagail Stoops, August 1852. She was born November 19, 1831 and died February 1, 1864. She was a daughter of Robert and Sarah Stoops. (See the Stoop history under Allied Families. [I have omitted that part.]) Stephen and Abagail are both buried in the McCray Cemetery. They were the parents of the following children -

1. Luella McCray, born 1853, married Isaac Eddy Thom­as. They made their home in Kansas and are the parents of:
a. Nettie Thomas, who married John Mock and lives in Erie, Kansas.

b. Albert Thomas, who married Maggie J. Morris and lives in Canon City, Colorado.

c. Alberta Thomas, a twin of Albert, who died at the age of 3 or 4 years and is buried in the cemetery at Willow Branch, Indiana.

d. Elbert Thomas, who died in infancy and is buried in Willow Branch.

e. Alfred Stephen Thomas, who married Stella Thomas and lives in Rooston, Oklahoma, R. R. No. 1.

f. Clay Thomas, who married Minnie ____ and lives in Ashland, Kansas.

g. Mary Maud Thomas, who married first Emery Simmons and second Fred Johnson. They live in Greenburg, Kansas.

h. Anna Pearl Thomas, who married Charles Robert Johns of Kentucky. They live at 177 1/2 North Street, Canon City, Colorado.

2. Nancy Jane (Janet) McCray, born February 17, 1858, died September 15, 1926, married August 7, 1879 Benjamin Frank Grass (born March 4, 1855 and died June 29, 1932). They were married by Elisha Earl at his home in Cleveland, Indiana as they stood in their buggy. Their children are:
a. Oral Grass, who died at age 12.

b. Alberta Grass, who married first John Simmons, who died in Indianapolis, Indiana. They were parents of Harriet Simmons, who lives with her mother at 1031 Elm Street, Indianapolis, Indiana. Alberta Grass married second ____ Peterson.

c. Sarah Grass, deceased.

d. John Grass.

e. Mary Grass-Lake.
3. Dr. Robert McCray, a twin of Nancy Jane(t) McCray, born February 17, 1858, married Nina Hardy, and lived in Morristown, Indiana. Dr. Robert Hanna was a "preceptor" to Robert McCray while he was learn­ing to be a doctor. Dr. McCray was the father of (a) Anna McCray Wallace, who first married a Mr. Sanford and is the mother of Edith Sanford Boone, Dorothy Sanford Roberts Boltinghouse, and Harold Sanford. The second marriage of Anna McCray was to Arthur Wallace.

4. Warren McCray, who died as a child.

5. Owen McCray, who married, had five boys, and lives on 25th Street, Detroit, Michigan.

6. Frank McCray, born in 1862.

7. Mary Catherine McCray, born in 1863 and married Jessie F. Collins. Their only child is Ewert J. Collins of Knightstown, Indiana.
Stephen McCray married as his second wife Mary Margaret Thomas Gibbs on August 1, 1867. She was born July 5, 1835 and died January 30, 1914. She had two children from her first marriage, William Gibbs, born 1857, and Sally Gibbs, who married Clay Martindale. Stephen and Mary Gibbs McCray were the parents of -
8. Mazzie A. McCray, born in 1866 and married Leonidas R. (Alonzo) Thomas on July 18, 1886. They were the parents of George Thomas (wife, Edna May) and Frank Thomas (wife, Floss Sparks) daughter, Mrs. Claude White. [It's unclear whether Mrs. White is the daughter of Mazzie or of Frank. If she's Mazzie's daughter, the "and" should be between Frank and daughter, not between George and Frank. If she's Frank's daughter, she should be inside the parentheses.]

9. Alice Belle McCray, born 1868 and married Alonzo Presnell on April 3, 1886. They were the parents of (a) Cecil Presnell, (b) Mabel Presnell, (c) Lela Presnell, and (d) Walter Presnell.

10. Anna McCray, born 1871 and married Benton Yetter on February 19, 1888. They were the parents of (a) Forest Yetter, who married Beulah Tulley and (b) Russell Yetter, who married Andra DeChateau.

11. Walter McCray, born 1873 and married Edna Pickering. They had a set of twins that died in infancy and two sons, Harold and Ward McCray, who later made their home with Pauline Pickering Ice of Peoria, Illinois.

G. James Thomas McCray, seventh child of Moses and Jane Sparks McCray, born in 1831 and died in Allen County, Kansas. His first marriage was to Mrs. Rebecca Gregg, who had two children, William Gregg and Hattie Gregg, who married Joseph W. McDaniel. The children of James and Rebecca McCray are:
1. Ollie McCray Rhoe of Allen County, Kansas. She died May 11, 1948 in Pa. She was the mother of two children, a son and a daughter.

2. Sadie McCray, who married Chas. Swain.

3. Lonna McCray, born 1859.

4. Phebe McCray, born 1861.

5. Samuel McCray, born 1863.

6. Wesley McCray, born 1864.

7. James McCray, born 1869.

8. Arthur Maggard, born 1865, was listed as a stepson in the 1880 Census of Greensboro Township, Henry County, Indiana.

9. John McCray, born 1863, married Anna McNicol and they had nine children -
a. Frances McCray Sealey.

b. Edna McCray Lewis.

c. James McCray.

d. Wiley McCray, who died young.

e. Mary McCray Bachelor of El Reno, Oklahoma.

f. Charles McCray.

g. Clara McCray Reed.

h. Jennie Mae McCray Reed of Coffeyville, Kansas. She attended the McCray Reunion at Knightstown, Indiana in 1947.

10. Mary McCray, married John Wiley and has an adopted daughter, Fern Wiley.

11. Benny McCray, who was a cripple and lived in Kan­sas.

James Thomas McCray married for his second wife Mary Snooks, and they lived in Savonburg, Kansas. (Note: There has been a conflict of dates.)

H. Martha McCray, eighth child of Moses and Jane Sparks McCray, was born August 28, 1833, Waterloo Township, Fayette County, Indiana. When she was two years old, she moved to Rush County with her parents and two years later moved to Brown Township, Hancock County and remained there the rest of her life. She died March 17, 1915, while visiting her daughter, Emily Scholl, just two miles from her birthplace. On November 27, 1856, she married Jacob Alexander McDaniel, son of Bryan and Elizabeth Prose McDaniel. The grandfather, Henry McDaniel, was a Revolutionary soldier from Virginia. Jacob A. (Uncle Alec) McDaniel was born in Gallia County, Ohio, March 4, 1829 and died December 22, 1897. Both he and his wife are buried in the McCray Cemetery. Uncle Alec and Aunt Martha were two of the grand pioneers who made the communities better places for living. As they prospered, they built themselves a new brick home, which was one of the showplaces of its time. The bricks were made just a few feet from where they erected their home. Here in this home they reared to manhood and womanhood ten of their eleven children, namely -

1. Joseph William McDaniel, born August 26, 1857, died April 15, 1933, and was buried at the Harlan Ceme­tery just a few miles from where he lived most of his life. He was married twice, first on August 8, 1882 to Hattie C. Gregg, born May 25, 1864 and died July 24, 1890. She was buried in the McCray Ceme­tery. They were the parents of -
a. Walter Alexander McDaniel, born July 15, 1883, married Theresa Juengst (born July 19, 1883) of New Britain, Conn. on November 30, 1911. They lived at 57 Linwood Street, New Britain, Conn. They are the parents of one daughter, Lillian Martha McDaniel, born May 23, 1913.

b. Warren Fussell McDaniel, born October 3, 1884. He was married August 15, 1907 to Bessie Tinney (born October 8, 1887). They live at 530 W. 3rd St., Dayton, Ohio and are the parents of six children.

i. Harry Earnest, 206 Maxton Road, Dayton, Ohio, married Grace Eileen Beggley of Ky., March 31, 1945. Their children are Harold E. and Carol Sue.

ii. Mildred McDaniel, married Watt Steffler. They are parents of six children: Vir­ginia, Dolores, Maxine (who married Don Knight and lives in Pacific Grove, Cali­fornia), Harry, Lloyd, and Ronald LeRoy McDaniel. Josephine Osterday, a daughter of Mildred McDaniel by a former marriage, married Elwood Kaylor on August 16, 1946. They have two children, Shayne Louise and Elwood Kaylor, and live in Dayton, Ohio.

iii. Harriet McDaniel, married Roy Renshaw November 30, 1933. They live at 2726 West Belmont Ave., Phoenix, Ariz. and are parents of three children: Donald R., Margaret Faye, and Merle Ann.

iv. John William McDaniel, married Daisy Davis March 31, 1938. They live on Kitridge Road, Dayton, Ohio and are par­ents of four children: Martha, Janett, Marvin, and Travis Eugene.

v. Edwin LeRoy McDaniel, married Erma Slusser October 29, 1946. They are par­ents of two children, Dannie LeRoy and Ernie Lee, and live in Vandalia, Ohio.

vi. Warren Eugene McDaniel, married Doris Dill February 23, 1950. They live at 2734 W. Belmont Ave., Phoenix, Ariz.

c. Winfield McDaniel, born April 28, 1887, died in 1950, married Kathryn O'Neal of Fall River, Mass. They are parents of six children: Joseph, Forence, Neal, LeRoy, Vera, and Betty.
Joseph W. McDaniel married as his second wife Ida Bell Young of Madison County, Indiana (born October 2, 1869 and died September 18, 1942). She is buried beside her husband in the Harlan Cemetery. They were the parents of:
d. Russell Lowell McDaniel, born October 16, 1894 and married Ethel Hittle (born February 12, 1900), daughter of Marshall and Anna Hittle, on August 15, 1920. They were parents of twin boys, Marvin and Marlin, born May 13, 1933. Marvin died May 17, 1943. They live in St. Petersburg, Florida.

e. Travis Earnost McDaniel, born January 26, 1896 and married Florence Housefield of Whiteland, Indiana on July 24, 1943. She was born April 24, 1907. They live near Wilkinson, Indiana.

f. Martha McDaniel, born December 5, 1897 and married Russell Fort (born February 28, 1892) on August 25, 1921. He was the son of Oscar and Laura Maxwell Fort of Knightstown, Indi­ana.

g. Ardis LeRoy McDaniel, born August 21, 1899 and married Emogean Nealy (born in Hancock County, Indiana July 28, 1918) on April 4, 1945. They are parents of Sally Ann, Mary Margaret, and Nancy Jane and live near Wilkinson, Indiana.

h. Charles Henry Earl McDaniel, 1901-1910.
2. Emily Jane McDaniel, born January 30, 1859, died in Fayette County, Indiana on July 16, 1932, and is buried in the Springersville Cemetery. She married William Curtis Scholl on February 5, 1883. He died December 17, 1888. They were the parents of:
a. Chester Allen Scholl, born December 23, 1883. He married Cora Slaughter on July 30, 1904, and they had one son, Clifford Orestes Scholl. Chester Allen Scholl married for his second wife, Lola Riggs on June 30, 1918. They are the parents of Olive Scholl.

b. Curtis Alexander Scholl, born March 6, 1889 and died in Febru­ary, 1948. He married Estella Bicard June 16, 1909. They are the parents of Frances Scholl Williams of New Paris, Ohio and Joseph Scholl of Hagerstown, Indiana. Curtis Scholl died in February, 1948.

Emily married, for her second husband, James Frank Holland September 6, 1906. He died in their home near Connersville, Indiana on May 4, 1919.

3. Charles Arbanner McDaniel, born September 19, 1860 and died August 23, 1925. He remained single and is buried in the McCray Cemetery beside his par­ents.

4. James Bryan McDaniel, born April 24, 1862 and died April 21, 1934. He married on April 17, 1895 Ora Annie Sommerville, the eldest daughter of John and Ann McCallister Sommerville of Madison County, Indiana. She was born April 19, 1862 and died July 3, 1932. Both are buried in the McCray Cemetery. They were the parents of two children:
a. Minnie Irene McDaniel, born September 25, 1896. On July 11, 1925, she married Walter Mitchel Titus (born May 26, 1886), a son of John and Susan Elizabeth Midkiff Titus.

b. Lora Agnes McDaniel, born October 22, 1903. On September 5, 1925, she married Paul Burton Whelchel (born February 10, 1905), son of Samuel Berton and Bertha Mae McCall Whelchel of Anderson, Indiana.

5. Mary Alice McDaniel, born November 24, 1863 and died October 29, 1908. She married Lewis Scholl February 26, 1885. He died August 14, 1928. Both are buried in the Lutheran Cemetery near Springersville, Fayette County, Indiana. They were the parents of six children:
a. An infant that lived only a few days.

b. Donnie Crystal Scholl, born April 20, 1887 and died September 25, 1890.

c. Neva Olive Scholl, born January 6, 1890 and married Elmer Newland on March 24, 1909. They are the parents of four children, Donald, Otis Elmer, Lois Marie, and Mark Eddie Newland.

d. Martha Hazel Scholl, born January 28, 1892 and married Frank Carson on January 1, 1916. They live near Liberty, Indiana and are the parents of four children: Mary Jane, John Franklin, Martha, and Glen Carson.

e. Sylvia Marie Scholl, born January 6, 1895 and married Forest Showalter October 15, 1913. They live near Brownsville, Indiana and are the parents of one son, Frederick Showalter.

f. Florence Opal Scholl, born July 8, 1900 and married Lloyd Williamson March 4, 1920. They live in Anderson, Indiana and are the parents of one daughter, Phyllis Williamson Wheasler of Delay Beach, Florida.

6. John Wesley McDaniel, born June 16, 1865 and died March 11, 1866. He is buried in the McCray Ceme­tery.

7. Levi McDaniel, born December 31, 1866, lived most of his life in Indianapolis, Indiana, and died at the age of 82 years, in July of 1949. He married Florence Collier July 26, 1886, and she died in 1893. He married as his second wife Alice Brewer Lewis on November 7, 1896. She died November 28, 1913. She was the mother of Ray Lewis, whose father was Charles Lewis. Levi and Alice Brewer McDaniel were the parents of six children:

a. Leo McDaniel, born April 24, 1897, lives in Kentucky, and is the father of one son.

b. Forest McDaniel, born August 6, 1898 and lives in Ardmore, Maryland. He married Lucille McKinley of Muncie, Indiana. They are the parents of four children: Allen, Sue, Janett, and Thomas Edward. He has one stepson, Wil­liam, who is a para­trooper in England.

c. Harold McDaniel, born August 26, 1900, lives in Indianapolis, and is the father of a daugh­ter, Marjorie, living in Tennessee.

d. Wanda Opal McDaniel, born August 26, 1902.

e. Hazel Lucille McDaniel, born August 19, 1904, died August 10, 1922, and is buried beside her father in the McCray Cemetery.

f. Alice Mae McDaniel, born November 24, 1904. She and her sister, Opal, live in the home place in Indianapolis.

Levi McDaniel married, for his third wife, Emma May Twining on November 22, 1923.

8. Nancy McDaniel, born September 8, 1868, died August 3, 1903, and married James Frank Holland February 16, 1888 in a double wedding ceremony with her sister Martha. She and her husband lived in Fayette County, and they are buried in the Springersville Cemetery there.

9. Martha Frances McDaniel, born August 9, 1870, died in 1943, married Liscomb Morton Titus February 16, 1888 in a double wedding ceremony with her sister Nancy. He was born January 23, 1863 and died in 1927. He was a son of Samuel and Eliza Seward Titus. Martha and Liscomb Titus are both buried in the McCray Cemetery and were the parents of five children:
a. Oscar Titus, born January 26, 1889 and married Gladys Lewis. Their children are L. M., Ellen Frances, and Marilyn Rose Titus.

b. Zella Mae Titus, born November 4, 1890, and married George Sparks. They had one son, Robert Titus Sparks, born March 16, 1912, and died July 12, 1944, leaving a daughter, Julia Sparks. Robert is buried in Memorial Ceme­tery, Anderson, Indiana.

c. Justin E. Titus, born December 7, 1892, is married, and lives in Rochester, New York.

d. Thelma A. Titus, born July 29, 1899 and died September 1900.

e. Eula E. Titus, born January 20, 1904 and married Paul Johns. They have one son, Lee Roy Johns.
10. Jacob Alexander McDaniel, born November 13, 1873, died September 5, 1950, and married Laura Luella Wisehart on December 25, 1900. They were the parents of four children -
a. Franklin Alexander McDaniel, born October 1, 1901. He is a pastor of the Cameron Methodist Church of Denver, Colorado. He married Fern Green July 31, 1929. They have one daughter, Joan McDaniel, and an adopted son, William McDaniel.

b. Infant son, born October 12, 1902 and died a few days later.

c. Herbert Nelson McDaniel, born October 4, 1904 and died June 13, 1921.

d. Aura Lenneth McDaniel, born April 18, 1909 and married George Thalls on December 24, 1928. Their children are:

i. Martha Louise Thalls Carver, born Febru­ary 2, 1930. Her daughter, Nila Jean Carver, is one of the youngest in the ninth generation of McCrays.

ii. Lorena Ann Thalls, born June 23, 1948.

11. Daisy Mae McDaniel, born May 26, 1878 and lives in Warrington, Indiana. She married Charles Edgar Sparks in 1900. He was born December 7, 1871 and died August, 1946. He is buried in the McCray Cemetery. They are the parents of four children:
a. Nancy Luella Sparks, born February 4, 1901 and married Paul James Martin. Their daughter, Mary Frances Martin Molden, was born November 16, 1921 and died January 1947, leaving two children, JoAnn and William Molden.

b. Howard Arnold Sparks, born September 8, 1902, died October 28, 1942, and married Mable Kennedy. They had one daughter, Amelia Mae Sparks, who was born in 1932.

c. Infant.

d. Dr. Joseph William Sparks, born February 26, 1904, is a noted chemist of New Jersey, and married Merideth Pleasant. They are the parents of Ruth, Alice, Charles, and John Sparks.

I. Moses A. McCray, ninth child of Moses and Jane Sparks McCray, was born in 1835 and died July 23, 1902 in Woburn, Illinois. He married on April 8, 1858 Rebecca Jane Morris, who was born June 1, 1843 and died June 9, 1915 at age 72 years and eight days. She was the daughter of Lewis and Margaret Morris of near Elizabeth City, Henry County, Indiana. Some of their other children were Robert, James, and Thomas Morris. Moses and Rebecca Morris McCray were the parents of 13 chil­dren. Some of them are:
1. Lois Ann McCray, born March 9, 1859 in Warrington, Indiana and died in Hillview, Illinois on August 1, 1925. She married first John E. Thompson on Octo­ber 9, 1878. They were the parents of:
a. Minnie Leona Thompson Pinkerton of Salem, Missouri.
Lois Ann McCray married for her second husband Frank E. Allen of Rushville, Nebraska on December 4, 1888. By this marriage she had four children:
b. Ophelia Mulberry of Granite City, Illinois.

c. Oswald Allen of St. Charles, Missouri.

d. Frank M. Allen of Hillview, Illinois.

e. Almon Allen, deceased.

She also had two stepchildren, namely Charles Allen of St. Louis and Bertha Allen Blackwell of Granite City, Illinois.
2. Samuel McCray of New Bloomfield, Illinois.

3. Morris McCray of Ellis Grove, Illinois.

4. Raymond McCray of Maywood, California.

5. William McCray of Maywood, California.

6. Wesley McCray of Hillview, Illinois.

7. John McCray.

J. Nancy McCray, tenth child of Moses and Jane Sparks McCray, was born February 5, 1837 and died November 23, 1903. She was married to John W. Vandenbark on June 17, 1858. He was born February 4, 1825 in Ohio and died October 11, 1898. Both are buried in the Knightstown, Indiana Cemetery. They were the parents of several children, some of whom were:
1. Cassius M. Vandenbark, born 1860.

2. Moses W. Vandenbark, born 1861.

3. Roxanna Vandenbark, born 1864 and married John Simmons. Both are buried in the McCray Cemetery. They are the parents of:
a. Maude Simmons Bolen, who lives on the original McCray homestead in Brown Township, Hancock County, Indiana across the road from the McCray Cemetery. She has two daughters.

b. John Wesley Simmons, married and the father of Susan.

4. John Vandenbark, born 1866.

5. Martha Vandenbark, born 1868, married Frank Martindale.

6. Robert Vandenbark, born June 12, 1871 and died December 23, 1893.

7. James S. Vandenbark.

K. Sally McCray, the eleventh child of Moses and Jane Sparks McCray, died as an infant and is buried in the McCray Cemetery.

L. Sarah Ann McCray, twelfth child of Moses and Jane Sparks McCray, born on August 11, 1840, died at the age of one year and ten months, and is also buried in the McCray Cemetery.

M. Phebe L. McCray, thirteenth child of Moses and Jane Sparks McCray, born July 8, 1842 and died January 5, 1861 at age 18 years, 9 months, and 23 days. She was buried in the McCray Cemetery. Her monument gives the above dates, although some references give her birth year as 1837.
Moses McCray, Senior was married for the second time when he was quite old to Amanda C. Cotton. He spent his late years in the home of his daughter Nancy Vandenbark. He died May 5, 1883 and is buried in the McCray Cemetery.
VI. Aaron McCray, the sixth child of Phineas and Sarah Jane Peters McCray, was born February 15, 1797 and died August 23, 1819. He married Mary William on November 13, 1817. The marriage records are in the Court House at Brookville, Indiana. They were married by James Smith. They were the parents of a daughter, Nancy McCray.
VII. Rachael McCray, the seventh child of Phineas and Sarah Jane Peters McCray, was born March 30, 1799. On April 7, 1818, she married Josiah Sparks, a son of William and Mary Palmer Sparks. He was a brother of Jane Sparks, the wife of Moses McCray, Rachael's brother. Josiah and Rachael McCray Sparks were the parents of at least four children. One was Joshua Sparks, whose wife was Amy ____.
VIII. John McCray, eighth child of Phineas and Sarah Jane Peters McCray, was born January 15, 1805, died November 9, 1865, and married Elizabeth Huston on October 11, 1836. They lived in College Corner, Ohio and were the parents of:
A. Samuel McCray, 1837-1841.

B. Lucinda McCray, 1841-1862.

C. Joseph Peter McCray, died in 1911. He made his home with his brother, John H. McCray.

D. John H. McCray, born in 1849, died in 1932, and married Evaline Forbes. They lived in College Corner, Ohio and were the parents of:

(1) Mary Toney, also of College Corner.

(2) Paul McCray, of College Corner.

(3) Hueston McCray.

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