History of the christian church

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Vetera analectam, Nov. ed. (Paris, 1723) pp. 357, 358.

81208 Cf. Mabillon, l.c.

91209 Ebert, l.c. p. 112.

01210 Hefele, IV. 46.

1211 Ebert, l.c. p. 226. Hefele does not mention him in this connection.

21212 Hefele, IV. 87.

31213 . De institutione laicali. Migne, CVI. col. 121-278.

41214 Ebert, l.c. p. 229

51215 De institutione regia. Migne, CVI. col. 279-306.

61216 The fact that portions of these two books not only agree word for word but also with the Acts of the Paris reform-council of 829 is proof, as Ebert maintains (pp. 227-29), of the prior existence of the Acts.

71217 De cultu imaginum, Migne, CVI. col. 305-388.

81218 Historia translationis S. Hucberti, ibid. col. 389-394.

91219 Praefatio to his De laudibus sanctae crucis Migne, CVII. col. 147, 148. Magnentius indicates his birth at Mainz. which was called in the Old High German Magenze (see Ebert II. 121 n.). Hrabanus is the Latinized form of Hraban (i e."raven "). Rabanus is the ordinary spelling. Maurus was the epithet given to him by Alcuin (Migne, CIX. col. 10) to indicate that in Rabanus were found the virtues which had made Maurus the favorite disciple of the great St. Benedict.

01220 Cf. his self-written epitaph, Migne, CXII. col. 1671.

1221 Only one of the two, Alcuin’s, has been preserved (Migne, C. col. 398). That Raban wrote first is a reasonable conjecture from Alcuin’s letter. Cf Mullinger, p. 139.

21222 In a poem (Migne, CXII. col. 1600) addressed to Ratgar, he gently pleads for the return of his books and papers. In another longer poem he describes the defection caused by Ratgar’s tyranny (ibid. col. 1621).

31223 In his comment on Joshua xi. 8 (Migne, CVIII. col. 1053, l. 38).

41224 Migne, CVII. col. 15.

51225 See p. 700.

61226 See. p. 701.

71227 Migne, CVII, col. 24.

81228 Hefele, IV. 179-181.

91229 Migne, CVII. col. 82, 83, 84.

01230 Migne, CIV. col. 519.

1231 Unprinted are the commentaries on Isaiah, Daniel and John; lost those on Mark, Luke and Acts. The remainder are found in Migne, CVII. col. 439-670; 727-1156. CVIII., CIX., CXI. 679-1616. CXII. 9-834.

21232 Preface to Matt., Migne, CVII. col. 727.

31233 Migne, CXII. col. 849.

41234 Comment. in cantica quae ad matutinas laudes dicuntur. [CXII. col. 1089-1166.

51235 Allegoriae in universam Sacram Scripturam. Ibid. col. 849-1088.

61236 Ibid. col. 858.

71237 De vita beatae Mariae Magdalenae et sororis ejus sanctae Marthae, ibid. col. 1431—1508.

81238 De clericorum institutione, CVII. col. 293-420.

91239 He defends the use of unleavened bread in the Eucharist by an appeal to Jewish Passover usage, the Eucharist being the Christian Passover, and the use of wine mingled with water for the reason that out of the Saviour’s pierced side there flowed both water and blood. The water signifies the people, the wine the blood of Christ. Therefore their union in the cup signifies the union of the people with Christ, ibid. Lib. 1. Cap. XXX[. (col. 319, 320.)

01240 Ibid. Lib. III. Cap. If. (col. 379.)

1241 Ibid. Lib. III. Cap. XXXIX. col. 420

21242 Liber de computo, CVII. col. 669-728.

31243 De universo, CXI. col. 9-614.

41244 Excerptio de arte grammatica Prisciani, ibid. col. 613-678.

51245 Bähr, l.c. 419.

61246 Liber de sacris ordinibus, sacramentis divinis et vestimentis sacerdotalibus, Migne, CXII. col. 1165-1192.

71247 De ecclesiastica disciplina libri tres, CXII. col. 1191-1262.

81248 Glossae latino-barbaricae de partibus humani corporis, ibid. col. 1575-1578.

91249 There are also extant a few words from his Latin-German glossary to the Bible, ibid. col. 1583. Cf. Steinmeyer u. Sievers, Die althochdeutschen Glossen gesammelt u. bearbeitet, Berlin, 1879 (I.3 sqq.); quoted by Ebert, l.c. 127.

01250 De inventione linguarum, Migne, CXII. col. 1579-1584.

1251 Liber de oblatione puerorum, CVII. col. 419-440.

21252 Quasi illi libertatem ac nobilitatem generis sui perdant qui servitium Christi profitentur. CVII. col. 431.

31253 Ibid. col. 432.

41254 De reverentia filiorum erga patres et subditorum erga reges. Cf. Ebert, l.c. 139, 140.

51255 De consanguineorum nuptiis et de magorum praegtigiis falsisque divinationibus tractatus, CX. col. 1087-1110.

61256 De consanguineorum nuptiis et de magorum praegtigiis falsisque divinationibus tractatus, CX. col. 1087-1110.

71257 CX. col. 1100.

81258 Responsa canonica super quibusdam interrogationibus Reginbaldi chorepiscopi, ibid. col. 1187-1196.

91259 Si liceat chorepiscopis presbyteros et diaconos ordinare cum consensu episcopi sui ibid. col. 1195-1206.

01260 Poenitentiale, ibid. col. 467-494. Poenitentium liber, CXII. col. 1397-1424.

1261 De quaestionibus canonum poenitentialium libri tres, ibid. col. 1333-1336. (The preface only.)

21262 De vitiis et virtutibus et peccatorum satisfactione, ibid. col. 1335-1398. (Only the third book.)

31263 Homiliae, CX. col. 9-468.

41264 Ebert, l.c. p. 141, mentions particularly Lib. I., Hom. XLII., XLIII. and LXIII. The first is directed against the ridiculous custom of making a great noise, shooting arrows and throwing fire in the air when the moon is waning in order to prevent its being swallowed up by a monster. The second is directed against soothsaying in its various forms, and the third against gluttony, drunkenness and scurrility.

51265 Tractatus de anima, Migne, CX. col. 1109-1120. The Vegitian extracts are not given in Migne, but by Dümmler, cf Ebert l.c. p. 136.

61266 So Ebert conjectures, l.c. p. 136.

71267 Martyrologium, Migne, CX. col. 1121-1188.

81268 De vivendo Deum, de puritate cordis et modo poenitentiae, CXII. col. 1261-1332.

91269 De passione Domini, CXII. col. 1425-1430.

01270 Quota generatione licita sit connubium epistola, CX. col. 1083-1088.

1271 Epistolae, CXII. Col. 1507-1576.

21272 Carmina, ibid. col. 1583-1682.

31273 Migne, CXVI. col. 193-CXVII. col. 1220.

41274 Homiliae, Migne, CXVIII. col. 11-816.

51275 De corpore et sanguine Domini, CXVIII. col. 815-818.

61276 Historiae sacrae Epitome, ibid. col. 817-874.

71277 De varietate librorum, sive de amore coelestis patriae, ibid. col. 875-958.

81278 E. g. in Preface to his epitome of Raban’s commentary on Leviticus. Migne, CXIV. col. 795.

91279 Ebert, p. 147.

01280 Dümmler, l.c. 261.

1281 XV. Kal. Sept. Dümmler, l.c. 261.

21282 Glossa ordinaria, Migne, CXIII.—CXIV. col. 752.

31283 Bähr (pp. 398 sq.) gives the dates of nine editions between 1472 and 1634.

41284 Expositio in XX. primos Psalmos, Migne, CXIV. col. 752-794.

51285 Epitome commentariorum Rabani in Leviticum, ibid. col. 795-850.

61286 Expositio in Evangelia, ibid. col. 849-916.

71287 De ecclesiasticarum rerum exordiis et incrementis, CXIV. col. 919-966.

81288 De rebus eccl. XVI. Ibid. col. 936.

91289 De subversione Jerusalem, ibid. col. 965-974.

01290 Vita S. Galli, ibid. col. 975-1030.

1291 Dümmler, l.c., Vita Galli, pp. 428-473.

21292 Vita S. Othmari, Migne, CXIV. col. 1031-1042.

31293 Jaffé, Monumenta Carolina, pp. 507-8.

41294 De visione Wettini, Migne, CXIV. col. 1063-1082. Heito’s work la in Tom. CV. col. 771-780. Both are given by Dümmler, l. c pp. 267-275; 301-333.

51295 Migne, CXIV. col. 1064, "qui pene octavum decimum jam annum transegi."

61296 Ebert, l.c. 149. Cf. Bernold’s Vision in section on Hincmar.

71297 Vita S. Mammae, Migne, CXIV. col. 1047-1062. Dümmler, l.c. pp. 275-296.

81298 Vita S. Blaitmaici, Dümmler, l.c. pp. 297-301. Migne, col. 1043-1046.

91299 Hortulus, Dümmler, pp. 335-350. Migne, col. 1121-1130.

01300 De imagine Tetrici, Dümmler, pp. 370-378. Migne, col. 1089-1092.

1301 See Ebert, pp. 154-158.

21302 Dümmler, pp. 350-428. Migne, CXIV, col. 1083-1120.

31303 Cf. Wandalbert, in Migne, CXXI. col. 577.

41304 Liber de electionibus episcoporum, collectus ex sententiis patrum, Migne CXIX. col. 11-14.

51305 Opusculum de expositione missae, Migne, CXIX, col. 15-72.

61306 Opusculum adversus Amalarium, ibid. col. 71-96.

71307 See Amalarius in Migne, CV. col. 815 sqq.

81308 Martyrologium, Migne, XCIV. col. 797 sqq.

91309 Sermo de praedestinatione, Migne, CXIX. col. 95-102.

01310 Adversus J. S. Erigenae erroneas definitiones liber, ibid. col. 101-250.

1311 See his preface (col. 101-103).

21312 Expositio in epistolas Beati Pauli ex operibus Sancti Augustini collecta, ibid. col. 279-420.

31313 Capitula ex lege et canone collecta, ibid. col. 419-422.

41314 Carmina varia, ibid. col. 249-278.

51315 Ebert discusses them, II. 269-272.

61316 Flori epistola ad imperatricem Judith, Migne, CXIX. col. 423, 424.

71317 Perhaps in memory of his recovery from some severe illness, as that which in the winter of 838-9 confined him for a time in the convent of St. Trend in the diocese of Liège

81318 Lupus, Epist. I. (Migne, CXIX. col. 433).

91319 Baluze, in Migne, ibid. col. 425.

01320 Migne, ibid col. 445.

1321 Although he thus lived six years in Germany he never obtained a mastery of German. Wetzer u. Welte, Kirchenlexicon s. v. Lupus.

21322 So Baluze, in Migne, CXIX col. 423.

31323 It was upon this journey that Lupus fell sick. See fn. 864 p.735.

41324 So Baluze, ibid. col. 425.

51325 Pertz, Legg. I. 223

61326 Hefele, IV. III. Pertz, Legg. I. 383.

71327 Epist. 71, Migne, CXIX. col. 533.

81328 It appears as Epist. 100 in Migne, ibid. col. 575.

91329 Epist. 1, ibid. col. 433.

01330 Epist. 35, ibid. col. 502.

1331 Neander, vol. iii. p. 482. Ebert has a good passage on this point (l.c. p. 205-206). Also Mullinger, p. 165 sqq.

21332 Epistolae, Migne, CXIX. col. 431-610.

31333 "No other correspondence, for centuries, reveals such pleasant glimpses of a scholar’s life, or better illustrates the difficulties which attended ita pursuits." Mullinger p. 166.

41334 Canones concilii in Verno, Migne, l.c. col. 611-620.

51335 Liber de tribus quaestionibus, ibid. col. 621-666.

61336 Vita Sancti Maximini, Episcopi Trevirensis, Migne, CXIX. col. 665-680.

71337 Cf. Baluze (Migne, l.c. col. 425) and Ebert, l.c. p. 208.

81338 Vita Sancti Wigberti, abbatis Fritzlariensis, Migne, l.c. 679-694.

91339 The monastery of Old Corbie was in Picardy, in the present department of Somme, nine miles by rail east of Amiens. That of New Corbie was in Westphalia, and was founded by Louis the Pious in 822 by a colony of monks from Old Corbie.

01340 Stavelot is twenty-four miles southeast of Liège, in present Belgium. It is now a busy manufacturing place of four thousand inhabitants. Its abbey was founded in 651, and its abbots had princely rank and independent jurisdiction down to the peace of Luneville in 1801. The town of Malmédy lies about five miles to the northeast, and until 1815 belonged to the abbey of Stavelot. It is now in Prussia.

1341 Expositio in Matthaeum Evangelistam, Migne, CVI. col. 1261-1504.

21342 "Studui autem plus historicum sensum sequi quam spiritalem, quia irrationabile mihi videtur spiritalem intelligentiam in libro aliquo quaerere, et historicam penitus ignorare: cum historia fundamentum omnis intelligentize sit," etc. Ibid. col. 1262, l. 6, Fr. bel.

31343 Ibid. col. 1476, l. 16 and 3 Fr. bel.

41344 Ibid. col. 1503-1514, 1515-1520.

51345 Ibid. col. 1263.

61346 From Pascha, probably in allusion to big position in the Eucharistic controversy.

71347 Their abbess was Theodrada. Mabillon, Annales, lib. 27 (vol. 2, p. 371).

81348 Privilegium monasterii Corbeiensis, in Migne, CXX. col. 27-32. Cf Hefele, IV. 119.

91349 This is the date given in the Necrology of Nevelon. See Mabillon, Annales, lib. XXXVI. (vol. III. p. 119).

01350 De corpore et sanguine Domini, in Migne, CXX. col. 1259-1350.

1351 Epistola de corpore et sanguine Domini ad Frudegardum. Ibid. col. 1351-1366.

21352 Pp. 543, 546 sqq.

31353 De partu virginis, Migne, CXX. col. 1367-1386.

41354 Page 553.

51355 Expositio in evangelium Matthaei, Migne, CXX. col. 31-994.

61356 Ibid. col. 35.

71357 Ibid. col. 394.

81358 Bähr, 465.

91359 Expositio in Psalmum XLIV. Ibid. col. 993-1060.

01360 In Threnos sive Lamentationes Jeremiae. Ibid. col. 1059-1256.

1361 Ibid. col. 1220.

21362 De fide, spe et charitate. Migne, CXIX, col. 1387-1490.

31363 Ebert, l.c. 235.

41364 Vita Sancti Adalhardi, Migne. CXX. col. 1507-1556. Ebert, l.c. 236-244, gives a fulI account of Paschasius’ Lives of Adalhard and Wala.

51365 Epitaphium Arsenii seu vita venerabilis Walae. Migne, CXX. col. 1559-1650.

61366 De Passione SS. Rufini et Valeri. Ibid. col. 1489-1508.

71367 Bertramnus, although a common variant, is due to a slip of the pen on the put of a scribe and is therefore not an allowable form.

81368 Epistola de cynocephalis, Migne, CXXI. col. 1153-1156.

91369 "Nam et baptismi sacramentum divinitus illum consecutum fuisse, nubis ministerio eum perfundente, sicut libellus ipse testatur, creditur," col. 1155.

01370 De eo quod Christus ex virgine natus est liber, ibid. col. 81 [not 31, as in table of contents]-102.

1371 Chap. I. col. 83.

21372 Chap. II. col. 84.

31373 Chap. VIII. col. 96.
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