History of Latin America Unit 7 Study Guide Native Civilizations

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History of Latin America

Unit 7 Study Guide

Native Civilizations:

  1. Fill in the following information in the Venn Diagram:

  • Location

  • Religious Beliefs

  • Achievements/Accomplishments

  • Consequences of Spanish Invasion

Aztecs Incas

  1. Why did the Spanish invade Latin America?

  1. How did life change for the indigenous people of Latin America after the arrival of the Spanish?


Role in Spanish Invasion





Columbian Exchange:

  1. What was the impact of the Colombian Exchange on Latin America and Europe in terms of the decline of indigenous people, agricultural change, and introduction of the horse?

  1. Which continents were involved in the Colombian Exchange?

  1. What was exchanged? (Example: People)

The African Slave Trade:

  1. Why did African slaves replace Native American slaves?

  1. What was the Triangular trade? Draw a diagram showing the three areas involved, the goods that were traded from one area to the next).

  1. How did the African Slave trade influence the Americas?

Blending of the Cultures:

  1. What were the two main languages spoken after the Spanish colonized Latin America?

  2. Name the two new ethnic groups, and describe the mix that emerged as a result of Spanish colonization, and the African Slave Trade in Latin America.

  1. What religion were the indigenous people forced to embrace under Spanish rule?

Latin American Independence Movement:

  1. Three Liberators: Write below their names the countries they helped free.

Toussaint L’Ouverture Miguel Hidalgo Simon Bolivar

  1. Why did colonies want independence from European countries?

  1. What influence did the Spanish and Portuguese have on the language and religion of Latin America?

Cuban Revolution:

  1. Who was the leader of the Cuban Revolution?

  1. What type of government does Cuba currently have?

  1. What was the impact of the Cuban Revolution on the lives of Cubans?

Zapatista Guerilla Movement:

  1. What happened during the Zapatista Guerilla Movement?

  1. What were the political (government) outcomes of this movement?

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