History of English Language and Civilization ‘’lan 447’’exam for sixth level students

you may classify a language as dead when

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37. you may classify a language as dead when:
a. Its pronunciation changes

b. Its ceases to change

c. Its grammar changes

d. It begins to lose words

38.During which decade did the number of speakers of English as a second language exceed the number of native speakers for the first time?
a. 1920s

b. 1950s

c. 1990s

d. 1970s
39. Published in 1604, the first monolingual English dictionary was

a. Nathaniel Bailey's Universal Etymological Dictionary of the English Language

b. Samuel Johnson's Dictionary of the English Language

c. Robert Cawdery's Table Alphabetical

d. Webster's Dictionary

40. Which Anglo-Irish writer proposed the creation of an English Academy to regulate English usage and "ascertain" the language?

a. Jonathan Swift

b. Samuel Johnson

c. Oliver Goldsmith

d. John Webster

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