History of English Language and Civilization ‘’lan 447’’exam for sixth level students

The Vikings usually referred to as

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26.The Vikings usually referred to as
a. Danes and Norsemen

b. Anglo-Saxons

c. Non Indo-European Scots

d. B and C

27.The only written East Germanic language that survives is
a. Gothic

b. Portuguese

c. Persian

d. Armenian

28.Finnish which is related to ………………. is not an Indo-European language.

a. Estonian

b. Armenian

c. Tocharian

d. Dutch
29.Heptarchy is a term used to refer to

a. Old English kingdoms

b. Old languages

c. Scandinavians

d. Jutes

30.What language provides the largest numbers of loanwords to English in the Middle English period?
a. French

b. Celtic

c. Icelandic

d. Swedish

31.Many French words were adopted for…….
a. Military and naval terms

b. Legal terms

c. Religious terms

d. Governmental and administrative terms

32.Which of the following parts of speech tended to be most readily adopted into English from Norman French?
a. nouns

b. verbs

c. adjectives

d. all of these were readily adopted into English

33. During this period, French has become an artificial language. English once again is the native tongue of commoner and aristocrats alike.



d. 1066-1500

34.Which of the following was not a language spoken in England before the arrival of the Anglo-Saxons.
a. Gothic

b. Latin

c. Gaelic

d. Brittonic

35.The history of English language covers a period of approximately how many years:
a. 500 years

b. 1000 years

c. 2000 years

d. 1500 years

36.Which of the following forces influence the number and spread of a language's speakers , the meaning of its words , its spoken accents ,and even its grammatical structure:
a. cultural forces

b. social forces

c. political forces

d. all of the above

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