History of English Language and Civilization ‘’lan 447’’exam for sixth level students

Which of the following languages is not a Germanic Language?

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3.Which of the following languages is not a Germanic Language?

a. Danish

b. English

c. Dutch

d. Finnish

4.Which of the following languages is not found in Europe?

a. Celtic

b. Germanic

c. Greek

d. Tocharian
5.The ultimate origins of the English language lie in which language family?
a. Indo-European
b. Latin
c. North American

d. South American

6.What is another name for Old English?

a. Middle English

b. Anglo-Saxon
c. Celtic

d. Old Norse

7.Which one of the following texts was composed during the Old English period?

a. The Canterbury Tales
c. Inferno 

d. Wuthering Heights

8. Comparative linguists propose a common ancestor language for English, Latin, Greek, Persian, Celtic, Russian, Sanskrit, and some other European and Asian languages called

a. Swahili
b. Indo-European
c. Germanic
d. Old Teutonic

9. During the latter half of the fourteenth century, Chaucer wrote The Canterbury Tales

a. in Old English
b. in Middle English
c. in Present Day English
d. in IPA symbols

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