History of Chicago Final Exam Chicago Scavenger Hunt

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History of Chicago -- Final Exam -- Chicago Scavenger Hunt
For your final exam in History of Chicago, I am sending you on a Scavenger Hunt. This hunt will for sure take you to the internet and hopefully on an exploration of a Chicago you haven’t really seen. While there are points available for using technology (like cell phones), you can still earn an A by using just a computer and the internet.
End Product/s

Students will have to turn in responses in an electronic format – word document, powerpoint presentation, and/or Instagram. It is very likely that you may wind up doing a combination of these things.

  • Word Documents

    • You must number your responses according the number on the direction sheet. If you do not, you will not receive credit.

  • Powerpoint presentation

    • If you are taking pictures and/or “selfies” (and not using instagram), you should create a powerpoint presentation with each answer represented on a different slide.

    • This will allow you to still participate in the “selfies” without having instagram.

  • Instagram – For “selfies”

    • If you have a smartphone, you can utilize Instagram (a free app).

    • Create an account (and/or use your existing one).

    • Follow HistofChgo6.

    • When you upload pics

      • Create captions that designate you and whatever the pic is of (For example: Ms. Moorehouse and Lincoln, the rail splitter)

      • Tag HistofChgo6.

Grades – Counted as a Test/Quiz Grade

This assignment is based solely on points. Since you know the expectations in advance, you can make an informed decision about the amount of work you want to do to earn the grade you want.

90-100 points =A

80-89 points = B

70-79 points = C

60-69 points = D

**There is no partial credit. You must have the complete correct answers in order to earn any points. If your “selfie” is wrong, no points are awarded.


Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

by Noon

*** It is not mandatory to go to any of the places or see any of the monuments in the Scavenger Hunt. If you cannot be safe doing so, DON’T GO!!***

“Internet” Scavenger Hunt –

You will need to research to find the answers.  Correct answers earn 2 points each. If you also include a “selfie” with the correct answer, you can earn 5 points for the clue.

  1. Which high school is closest to the site of the old Riverview Amusement Park?

  2. Who was the author of the following statement: “The dark girders of the El were the city’s rusty heart?”

  3. Which two buildings are still standing from the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition?

  4. Which Chicagoan was the first American woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize?

  5. Who was the author of the following statement: “Give the lady what she wants?”

  6. Who called The Water Tower a “castellated monstrosity with pepper boxes stuck all over it?”

  7. What is the oldest Chicago business that still exists today?

  8. Besides the Water Tower, what four buildings still stand today that predate the Chicago Fire of 1871?

  9. What was the first fire-proof hotel to be constructed?

  10. What was the city’s first skyscraper?

  11. This was the first interracial hospital in the United States.

  12. What is the longest street in Chicago?

  13. What’s the connection between the Academy Award Oscar statue and Chicago?

  14. Without ever leaving the city limits, I can get a glimpse of the Westminster Abbey, the Alamo, Hamlet’s castle, the Great Pyramid, the Taj Mahal, Fort Sumter and the Arc de Triomphe. Where am I?

  15. This building was designed to look like a “luscious birthday cake.”

  16. This is the tallest church building in the world.

  17. This building has the largest Tiffany-stained glass dome in the world.

  18. This is the location of the first atomic split.

  19. The start of the “historic route 66”

  20. This first hospital built in Illinois

  21. What was Edward L. Kenrys contribution to Chicago?

  22. Because of this incident, safety standards for public buildings were made tougher nationwide

  23. Ernest Hemingway’s residence in Chicago

  24. It’s quite possible that Mickey Mouse was created here.

  25. This was originally called the Chicago Municipal Airport, but was renamed in 1949.

  26. The place of John Dillinger’s demise.

  27. This tragic event brought fire safety standards to school buildings across America.

  28. If you are an aspiring comedian, much like John Candy, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Jim Belushi, Tim Meadows, Tina Fey, Horatio Sanz, you may want to get your start here

  29. Under the cover of darkness, the mayor left planes stranded at this former airport.

  30. The following inscription can be found where: “Eternal flame in memory of the men and women who have served in our armed forces. Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, National Guard, Reserves and Merchant Marines.”

Scavenger Hunt – Visual

Find a picture of the following monuments/memorials in Chicago and their locations. Each correct answer will be 2 points. If you actually go out and find these monuments/memorials and take a “selfie” with them, you will earn 5 points for each correct answer.

  1. the Crown Fountain

  2. Cloud Gate,

  3. Man Enters the Cosmos,

  4. Find the plaque on the Old Water Tower designating it the first American Water Landmark…………………….

  5. Gold Star families memorial

  6. American Doughboy

  7. Tribute to Freedom

  8. Lincoln the rail splitter

  9. Samuel Gompers

  10. Chicago Stock Exchange Arch

  11. Christopher Columbus

  12. Olmec Head

  13. Paris Metro Entreway

  14. Emiliano Zapata Bust

  15. World’s Fair Bison

  16. Korean War Memorial

  17. World War I Monument

  18. Wizard of Oz Characters (Lion, Tinman, Scarecrow, Dorothy and Toto)

  19. George Washington Monument

  20. Fountain of Time

  21. Chinatown Gate

  22. Nine Dragon Wall

  23. Chinatown Zodiac- Picture of with your Chinese zodiac “sign”

  24. Buckingham Fountain

  25. Haymarket Memorial

  26. Eastland Disaster Marker

  27. Chicago Picasso

Movies filmed in Chicago

Directions: Find the location of a scene from any of these movies. To earn credit, you must create a split shot of the movie scene of the locale and a “selfie” of you in that same location. You can only locate one scene per movie to take a “selfie” with. Correct finds will earn 10 points.

  • A League of Their Own  

  • Bad Boys

  • Barbershop

  • Blues Brothers

  • Chicago: The Musical  

  • Ferris Bueller's Day Off  

  • Divergent

  • Ocean's 11 and Ocean's 12

  • The Fugitive  

  • What Women Want

  • While You Were Sleeping

  • Transformers 3

  • Candyman

  • The Untouchables

  • Public Enemies

  • Dark Knight

  • Batman Begins

  • Save the Last Dance

  • Adventures in Babysitting

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