History of Ancient China Shang Dynasty Multiple Choice Directions

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Shang Dynasty Multiple Choice Directions: Highlight, circle or underline the letter of the answer that correctly completes each sentence.
1) A _______ is a family that rules a country over a long period of time.

a. noble b. dynasty c. scribe d. society
2) Chinese _______ made beautiful objects out of ivory and jade for everyday use.

a. nobles b. characters c. scribes d. artisans
3) Unlike the people of ancient India, the ancient Chinese built their homes out of _______ .

a. brick b. clay c. jade d. wood
4) During the Shang dynasty, the Chinese developed writing which included pictograms and _______ .

a. spirits b. scribes c. characters d. millets
5) Most of the common people in China were _______ .

a. artisans b. nobles c. farmers d. scribes
6) _______ is the name for the tusks, or teeth, of animals like the elephant and the walrus.

a. Ivory b. Jade c. Dynasty d. Millet
7) A group of people whose members live together for the good of all is a _______ .

a. dynasty b. society c. symbol d. noble
8) The Shang dynasty may have collapsed because poor people welcomed

_______ .

a. scribes b. characters c. nobles d. invaders
9) The Shang people believed that the _______ controlled all things.

a. nobles b. scribes c. gods d. invaders
10) _______ worship was an important part of Shang religion.

a. character b. ancestor c. dynasty d. artisan
Directions: Write the answers to these questions using complete sentences.
1) How were the cities the ancient Chinese built different from the cities the people of the Indus River Valley in India built?
2) What are some of the crops Shang farmers grew and which was their most important crop?
3) What is an artisan? What are some things that Shang artisans are known for?
4) Why did the Shang people worship the spirits of their dead ancestors?
5) Why did the Shang dynasty collapse?

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