History has been taught for many years. Therefore, it must be important for people to learn this subject

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Learning history is an important part of education because people could use the past as a resource to not ruin the future, it will give people more of a knowledgable opinion on life, and without history some of the world's greatest people would not be inspired to do the great things they did.
It is vital that students study history because learning history can prevent society from repeating the same mistakes, learn about famous leaders from the past and use their examples to become better leaders today, and to not forget famous, important events that have impacted the world.
It is importantly vital for students to both study and learn about history, in order to improve society's standards, expand the United States' intellect, and to better understand/tolerate all of the diverse cultures that populate planet earth.
Throughout the years the world has went through several horrifying events as well as many accomplishments, but without the knowledge of history society would not understand how to deal with future international relations.
Students are required to study history to learn how the world came together, prevent society from repeating past mistakes, and how relations in the world came to be.
History itself is neither taught nor learned just for the sake of knowing facts, but for the knowledge of the causes and reasons of events so that humans can try to prevent events from reoccurring such as the Holocaust, food famines, and smaller events that if prevented, could have saved countless lives.
Students should be required to learn about history because, without it we wouldn't be able to advance society. Also its important that people learn about the past so that they won't repeat the same mistakes that took place in the past.mainly because one should learn about how thier culture developed and where they got their aspects .(:
History has been taught for many years.  Therefore, it must be important for people to learn this subject.
Due to the economic, comprehensive, and cumulative benefits, history should be mandatory for students to learn.
History should be learned in schools throughout the country so that it doesn't repeat itself and so that nations all across the world can move forward politically and economically.
People love History and think it's the best subject to learn about because the fact of thinking that if you do history won't repeat it's self,others however beg to differ because this generation of kids can not be responsible with the world an there decisions, and because it's the PAST an people learn from their mistakes made in the past.
History, the study of the past, is crucial to the curriculum of a student. It provides a way of discovering their own identity as they look to prior events, learn from mistakes made and make wiser decisions, and allow these students to better understand the world, creating a more intellectual generation.  
The importance of learning of history past. 1)Learning about the mistakes that people have made in the past. 2)Learning about the imporant work that our history have made. 3)Learning why certian things happen in history.
It is essential for students to study history so that the generation of the future can learn to be tolerant of people with different historical backgrounds, to see which previous systems worked the best in the past, along with the systems that did not work so well, in order to improve present-day order.
It should be required that students study history because they can learn from past mistakes, treasure what they have today, and understand the changes in society ann culture.

Students must learn about history because it is important to know, it is also a requirement for high school, and learning about the past makes a difference in peoples actions.

Students of all ages must study history in order to enlighten and further improve society's standards, with the study of history they will understand and tolerate all of the diverse cultures, therefore the study of history is the only way to expand our notion's intellect and to educate the younger generations.
Everyone should learn history because people from now can learn from the mistakes from the people in the past, because it shows events that led to today's world, and help people evolve as better ones. 
Students these days should learn history because the past is what made everything the way it is now, it's important to recognize the past, and students need to learn about the mistakes people made so no one repeats those mistakes in present day.
History is essential part of every one's education. History should be required to be taught at all times because at maybe one point the world can encounter a bad economic situation that once took place in the past and is occurring in present time, people will then know how to solve the issue. Knowing about the past can also benefit people by knowing about past presidents, which can then lead to having a better perspective on who to vote for. It is also important knowing about history because if their is any time where a war outbursts for the same reason it once did in the past people will know how to solve the differences.

The requirement for students to learn history should be required.

History is something that can help students understand past events and help widen the students thinking. History is simply something us, as students, live and make everyday.
Students should study history because people need to learn from past mistakes, to help develop new technology, and show how society became to be today.

The requirement to learn history is essential because it allows society to learn about the how and who made the discoveries that help society today, history teaches how and why society came to be the way it is now, and it helps people prevent past mistakes from reoccurring.

It is crucial that students study history because without learning the different events and discoveries the world would not have progressed, people would continue to make the same mistakes and it is important to understand the injustices that past peoples have faced.
The study of history is very important because it is crucial to learn about mistakes from the past and why they occurred, to understand previous human cultures, and to know where the basis of society and government originates from. 
Students must study history in school because it is imperative to understand how relations 

among countries came to be, the importance of learning how society grew over time, and 

to acuire a knowledge of how to prevent future conflicts by realizing the mistakes made in 

the past. 

Students should be taught history not only to understand why the country is how it is now, but to understand how all of the past affected the modern day, and how to not repeat the same mistakes.
It is important that students learn history because it helps to understand the world better. It can also help understand the change of the human society. The study of history enables the students to analyze the present better.

It is imperative that history be studied; past mistakes, past ideas, past actions can bring us to the perfect solution to any problem. The past can show actions taken by others, we can use this to stop the circular motion of history and set it on a different path, hopefully for the better.

It is important that students learn about history because there are a lot of stuff we can learn from the past history and apply it to our everyday lives, if we want to vote we can get a better perspective of what we might expect from a president, and if there is any sign of a bad president people can know because of bad things past presidents have done.

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