History detectives

to ask her? What do you think she would say?

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to ask her? What do you think she would say?

Find the member of the Royal Observer Corps (ROC) near the ARP warden.

Member of the Royal Observer Corps

What is he looking for?

Children were also affected by the Second World War. This family has hidden in the Anderson shelter in case there is an air raid. Look at what they have taken into the

shelter with them. What would you take? Draw or write three things here.

History Detectives Trail:

Teachers’ notes and answer sheet
Using the trail

  • We have tried to highlight the areas of the museum which are relevant to your talk and provide activities for the children to do there – there is no expectation that any one class or group will complete the whole trail!

  • The trail is designed so that if it is printed double-sided, each worksheet will cover a specific area of the museum. You can choose to focus on any or all of:

  • AirSpace (Hangar 1) – 5 minutes from the Visitor Centre and where your talk will be.

  • Hangar 4 – 10-15 minutes from the Visitor Centre.

  • If you would like to visit other hangars or cover topics outside your talk, please feel free to browse our other workshops and trails.

  • You are welcome to use images and ideas from these trails to create your own trail – please keep copyright numbers with images where appropriate.

Answers to the History Detectives trail

Most of the questions are open-ended, so generally any reasonable answer will do.

AirSpace: The Sunderland has a special hull-shaped fuselage, the engines are high up to avoid the water and it has floats on the wings. Flying boats were used for long-range reconnaissance and for transporting cargo and troops to anywhere which did not have a runway, as they can land on any water. The objects are a jeep, a motorcycle and a trailer. Among other reasons, the Spitfire is a good fighter because it is fast, has weapons and can be controlled easily by a single pilot; the Lancaster is a good bomber because it can carry a large load, has a rear gunner to defend itself from fighters and can fly a long distance.
Hangar 4: The items are a searchlight and a barrage balloon. Searchlights would sweep the sky to pick out planes so that anti-aircraft guns could be directed at them. Barrage balloons trail wires so that when an aircraft dives under the balloon it will crash into the wire. The ROC looked for aeroplanes.

Key Stage 2: History Detectives

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