History 8202-01 Dr. R. Emmet McLaughlin Renaissance Europe Spring 2001

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12) Monday April 9: NO CLASS

13) Monday April 23: NO CLASS

14) Monday April 30: NO CLASS


This course will be conducted as a seminar. This means that our time in class will be spent discussing the works listed above. I will do little lecturing.

There are two written requirements and one oral presentation. Each week starting with week four, February 5, one or more students will make brief (10 minutes) reports. These reports will be either 1) on another work on the same or similar topics, or 2) on the critical evaluation that the assigned work has received in the literature. For this latter presentation the student will gather approximately five book reviews, review essays, or articles addressing the assigned work. On the basis of those reviews etc. the student will formulate, discuss, and evaluate the issues that reviewers have raised, e.g. methodology, sources, place within the larger literature, ideological or theoretical stance and assumptions. The student will also submit a written version of approximately 5-7 pages along with copies of the reviews etc. upon which the paper was based.
A term paper of approximately 20-25 pages is due at the end of the course. This paper will be either 1) a research paper based upon primary and secondary sources, or 2) an extended review essay analyzing the secondary literature on an individual, issue, event, movement etc. Students should arrange to meet with me at some time prior to spring break in order to discuss possible topics A one-page description of the project along with a working bibliography is due on February 26. Papers are due May 12. They may be emailed to me as an attachment or put in my mailbox.
Office Hours: Mondays 1:30-4:30, Friday 1:30-2:30

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