History 598. 01 Senior colloquium colonial encounters: european imperialism 1830-1930

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Week Four (24 January)
Theme: Colonial violence: Genocide? Student-led discussion
Adam Hochschild, King Leopold’s Ghost (finish)

James C. Scott, “Peasant weapons of the weak,” in Conklin and Fletcher, 184-89

Ho Chi Minh, “The struggle lies in the colonies” (1924), in Conklin and Fletcher, 51-53

M.K. Gandhi, “The disease of civilization” (1910), in Conklin and Fletcher, 22-29

Week Five (31 January)
Theme: Colonialism and humanitarianism. Student-led discussion
Alice Conklin, “The French Republican civilizing mission,” in Conklin and Fletcher, 60-66

Kevin Grant, A Civilised Savagery, introduction, chaps. 1 and 2

Final paper topics due

Week Six ( 7 February)
Theme: The origins of human rights
Kevin Grant, A Civilised Savagery, chaps. 4 and 5

Second Short Paper Due In Class (3 pages)

Topic: What is the most important difference between Kevin Grant’s and Adam Hochschild’s view of the role played by Edmund Morel in mobilizing protest against Leopold’s regime in the Congo? Why do these two authors disagree and who is right?

Week Seven (14 February)
Theme: The empire in Europe. Student-led discussion
Hergé, The Adventures of Tintin in the Congo (1931)

Zeynep Çelik, “Displaying the Orient,” in Conklin and Fletcher, 141-48

Anne McClintock, “Advertising the empire,” in Conklin and Fletcher, 149-57

Michael Adas, “The machine as civilizer,” in Conklin and Fletcher, 67-74

Week Eight (21 February)
Theme: The end of empire. Student-led discussion
Frederick Cooper, “Wage Labor and Anticolonial Resistance in Colonial Kenya,” in Conklin and Fletcher, 189-196

Carrie Elkins, Imperial Reckoning, chaps. 1-6, and pages 371-373

Final Bibliographies and Research Question Due

Week Nine (28 February)
Theme: The empire fights back.
Carrie Elkins, Imperial Reckoning, chaps. 8,9,10 and epilogue

Third Short Paper Due In Class (3 pages)

Topic: Write a book review of Carrie Elkins, Imperial Reckoning.

Week Ten (March 7)
Theme: Gender, sexuality, and empire. Student-led discussion.
Dr L. J. Barot, “Colonization through the bed” (1902), in John D. Hargreaves (ed.), France and West Africa, 206-209 (R)

Ronald Hyam, “Concubinage and the colonial service: the Crewe Circular (1909),” in The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History, vol. 14, no. 3, May 1986, 170-86 (R)

Frances Gouda, “Dutch women in the East Indies,” in Conklin and Fletcher, 111-117

Owen White, “Miscegenation and Identity in French West Africa,” in Conklin and Fletcher, 131-138..

Final deadline for papers: 12:00 noon, Monday, March 12 in my office (232 Dulles Hall).

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