History 598. 01 Senior colloquium colonial encounters: european imperialism 1830-1930

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Week One (3 January)
Course introduction: European expansion in the nineteenth century

Week Two (10 January)
Theme: What is imperialism?
Stephen Howe, Empire: A Very Short Introduction, chap.1 (9-34) (R)

Alice Conklin and Ian Fletcher, introduction to European Imperialism, 1-9

J.A. Hobson, “Imperialism” (1902), in Conklin and Fletcher, 18-20

Rosa Luxemburg, “Capitalism depends on the non-capitalist world” (1913), in Conklin and Fletcher, 29-36

V.I. Lenin, “Imperialism, the highest stage of capitalism” (1916), in Conklin and Fletcher, 36-43

First Short Paper Due In Class (3 pages).

Topic: On the basis of these readings, briefly define European imperialism in the modern era and its key characteristics. End your paper with questions for discussion.

Week Three (17 January)
Theme: The White Man’s Burden?
Adam Hochschild, King Leopold’s Ghost, pp. 1-100, 115-140, 150-181

Rudyard Kipling, “The white man’s burden” (1899), in Conklin and Fletcher, 58-59

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