History 487R-000: History and Memory Facing Up to the Past

) Second paper and oral report: “Memory and the Historians”

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4) Second paper and oral report: “Memory and the Historians” -- due in class March 19. For this

paper, a starting point for your final project, you are to select a major scholarly work that relates to the

subject of your final project. (The instructor will supply a book list with suggested titles and themes.)

Your essay, in 4-6 pages, should summarize and analyze the arguments and conclusions of this work

and indicate where you hope to go with this topic on your own. In other words, what are the issues that have been raised about your subject, how effectively have they been treated, and what do you hope to add to the discussion? What kinds of sources has the author used, and what sources might you use in addition or instead? Has opinion about this issue changed since the time this work was written, or does it vary according to different national, ethnic, gender, or other perspectives? What can you learn from this book that will apply to your final project? All students will also present a brief oral report to the class on the day that the paper is due.

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