History 487R-000: History and Memory Facing Up to the Past

Mar. 26 Amnesia or Obsession? Vichy in French Politics

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Mar. 26 Amnesia or Obsession? Vichy in French Politics
Film, “A Self-Made Hero” (to be shown outside class time);
Stanley Hoffmann, “In the Looking Glass: Sorrow and Pity?”, introduction to

filmscript of The Sorrow and the Pity;

Robert Gildea, “The Resistance Myth, the Pétainist Myth, and Other Voices,” in

Remembering and Representing the Experience of War in 20th-Century France,

ed. Debra Kelly, pp. 27-48;

Henry Rousso and Eric Conan, “The Future of an Obsession,” in their Vichy: An

Ever-Present Past, ch. 7.
Apr. 2 America’s “Good War”? The Hiroshima Debate
Lifton and Mitchell, Hiroshima in America
Apr. 9 Reopening the Past: Russia and Glasnost
Stephen F. Cohen, “The Stalin Question since Stalin,” in his An End to Silence:

Uncensored Opinion in the Soviet Union, pp. 22-50; PLUS (continued on next page) --

Kathleen E. Smith, “Glasnost and the Reemergence of the Stalin Question,” in her

Remembering Stalin’s Victims: Popular Memory and the End of the USSR, pp. 41-62;
Elaine McClarnand, “The Politics of History and Historical Revisionism: De-Stalinization

and the Search for Identity in Gorbachev’s Russia, 1985-1991,” The History Teacher, Feb. 1998, pp. 153-179;

Barbara Alpern Engel, “The Womanly Face of War: Soviet Women Remember World

War II, in Women and War in the Twentieth Century: Enlisted With or Without Consent,

ed. Nicole Dombrowski, pp. 138-161.

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