History 487R-000: History and Memory Facing Up to the Past

Jan. 15 Introductory session

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Jan. 15 Introductory session
Jan. 22 “War and Remembrance”: Illusions and Ironies
Fussell, The Great War and Modern Memory
Jan. 29 Literary Pacifism
Trumbo, Johnny got his Gun; PLUS
Modris Eksteins, “All Quiet on the Western Front and the Fate of a War,” Journal of

Contemporary History, April 1980, pp. 345-365.
Feb. 5 The Cult of the Past in Revolutionary Russia
Walter Laqueur, “1917: The Russia We Lost?” in his The Dream That Failed:

Reflections on the Soviet Union, pp. 28-49;
Richard Stites, “Iconoclastic Currents in the Russian Revolution: Destroying and

Preserving the Past,” in Bolshevik Culture: Experiment and Order in the

Russian Revolution, ed. Abbott Gleason et al., pp. 1-24;
Nina Tumarkin, “The Myth of Lenin during the Civil War Years,” also in Gleason,

ed., Bolshevik Culture, pp. 77-92.

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