History 10b learning outcomes forming of a Nation

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Abraham Lincoln’s election in 1860 sparked secession in the South.

  • Weapons technology advanced rapidly before and during the Civil War, while military strategies and medicine stayed relatively the same.

  • More soldiers died from diseases, such as dysentery, than bullets in the Civil War.

  • The border states of Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, and Missouri were slave states who chose to stay with the Union—a key factor in the war’s outcome. Be sure you can locate on a map

  • The Union Army was thought to be more powerful than the Confederates, because of its larger population, stronger economy, numerous resources, and bigger industries.

  • The Confederates strength in military leadership and the people’s motivation to keep their lifestyle caused the Civil War to be lengthened.

  • Abraham Lincoln was president of the Union during the Civil War, while Jefferson Davis was the president of the Confederacy.

  • The leader of the Southern Army, Robert E. Lee, was a military genius whose strategies almost gave the South a victory.

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