Historical Interview Assignment

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Historical Interview Assignment
One learning tool you will be able to use when we study Unit 3 (Vietnam to Watergate) is the experience and knowledge of the people who lived through the turbulent decade of the 1960's. Your task in this writing assignment will be to interview a person who lived through the 1960's, create a transcript of the interview (write down the questions and answers), and then write a paper including the interview.
You must find a person who was born between 1940 - 1950. (That means he or she would have been a teenager or in their twenties during the 1960s.) Your task is to interview this person to gain some insight into life in America during the 1960s. Your interview must be typed and should be “scripted” with questions followed by responses.
PART ONE: Your assignment should start with an introductory paragraph in which you introduce the subject of your interview. Who are they? What is their relation to you? Why did you choose this person? When and where were they born? What do they currently do for a living? Other details you want to add? At the end of this paragraph, you will have a thesis statement:

Example -- "My uncle Bob grew up during the 1960's, and his experiences in this decade had a big impact on his life.

Example -- "My interview with my neighbor, Mrs. Michaels, taught me much about the decade of the 1960's."
PART TWO: (The interview -- typed questions and answers)

STEP THREE: Wrap up the assignment with a paragraph conclusion (at least 5-6 sentences):

--What did I learn from this interview?

--Did it compare or contrast with what I thought I knew about the 1960's?

--Did it compare or contrast with what I have learned in class or from the textbook about the 1960's?

INTERVIEW QUESTIONS: (Use this list, and add 5 more of your own!)

  • In 1960, how old were you?

  • Describe the area (state, town, neighborhood) that you grew up in.

  • How many people were there in your family, and were you the oldest, youngest, etc.?

  • During the decade of the 1960s, where were you living, and what were you doing with your life?

  • Did you go to college? (If so, where and what did you study?)

  • What are your personal memories of the Cuban Missile Crisis in October of 1962?

  • Did your family have a bomb shelter during the 1950s and 1960s?

  • What are your personal memories of the day John F. Kennedy was killed? (How did you feel about him as a leader at that time?)

  • What do you think about the conspiracy theories concerning his death?

  • Why did you think the U.S. was fighting in Vietnam? (What were you told back then?)

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