Historical Context Hitler, wwii, and the Jewish Holocaust


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  • Oskar and Hans

  • Oskar and Emilie

  • Oskar and Goeth

  • Oskar and Nazi friends

  • Oskar and Jews (dates back to when he was young)

  • Oskar and his workers

  • Oskar and Genia (unconscious relationship)

  • OSKAR AND STERN (***Important***)



  • Womanizer: He had a wife and an abundance of girlfriends. He used his power and influence to gain and maintain these women. This also helps prove the point that Oskar didn’t really care for these women; he spoke AT them and not TO them. It could be to fill another void, maybe associated with his father and how he treated his mother.

  • Devious: He always had to put up a false front, whether it was dealing with his women, or dealing with the Nazi party. He was conniving mainly in the sense that the whole idea of his List was done completely under the system’s nose. He was always trying to get more workers for his factory. He also cheated on his wife countless times and didn’t seem to really care about it. He was always using bribery and trickery to get whatever he wanted (get out of jail, money, workers, and women). Also he was devious when it came to his Nazi friends – he did everything behind their backs.

  • Compassionate: The whole reason behind the List was that Schindler felt bad for the Jews and knew they were innocent against the Nazis’ claims. This would have never happened if Schindler was not genuine, good, or compassionate.

  • Influential and abused his authority: He used everything in his power to get what he wanted. He also abused his authority in the sense that he went behind the Nazis’ backs to get what he wanted. He used his position to schmooze with his private enemies. While he wined and dined these “friends” he was using them to get what he wanted – his own factory.

  • Arrogant: He thought he was as powerful as any Nazi. He knew what he could get away with and what he couldn’t. This connects him to using his powers over women and bribes. He was arrogant, especially at the beginning of the novel when it didn’t really faze him what was going on.

  • Genuine and good: He wore the swastika pin, but this also didn’t faze him. He genuinely tried to save as many people as he could (as could be seen when he broke down right before he & Emilie fled Brinnlitz). If he wasn’t good, he would have never done what he did.

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