Historical Context Hitler, wwii, and the Jewish Holocaust

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Artur Rosenzweig

 As the chairman of the Judenrat (Jewish council) and president of the OD (Jewish police), Rosenzweig sought to protect the interests of the Jews. "Decent" Rosenzweig is replaced by David Gutter, who does the bidding of the SS.

Henry Rosner

 Henry Rosner is a violinist and prisoner at Plaszow. He and his family moved from Warsaw to the village of Tyniec before the Warsaw ghetto was sealed up. In Tyniec, and later in Kraków and the Plaszow camp, Henry and his brother Leopold, an accordionist, play for Goeth and the SS. While playing during a dinner party at Goeth's villa, Henry "fiddles up the death" of an SS officer. Goeth does not let Henry go to Schindler's camp because he appreciates his music too much. He is later transported to Auschwitz with his son, Olek, but they both survive.

Olek Rosner

 Olek is the son of Henry and Manci Rosenberg. He is hidden by friends in Kraków and then brought unregistered to Plaszow and shipped off to Auschwitz with his father.

Julian Scherner

 An SS Oberführer (rank above colonel) and the final authority for all Jewish matters in Kraków, Scherner is a middle-aged man who looks like a nondescript bureaucrat, likes to talk about business and investments, and is interested in liquor, women, and confiscated goods. He wears the smirk of his unexpected power "like a childish jam stain in the corner of the mouth" and is "always convivial and dependably heartless."

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