Historical and Literary Background of Genesis Chapters 1 and 2

Sermon closes with Faith and Fact Chart which is landscape design and appears below

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Sermon closes with Faith and Fact Chart which is landscape design and appears below.

Creationists/Intelligent Design Atheists Believers- Old & Believers- New
7 – 24 hour days to create the world made up story with no story that explains a GOD created

Creation: foundation beyond the phenomenon beyond the world

creative mind of the fact: GOD is Creator

human author.
Adam & 1st man and woman, all are creative story, but fiction how human sin began sin is an inescapable

Eve: descended directly from them “mankind” human reality “mother of all living”
GOD directly dictated every Human(s) wrote it from faith community first told P—writing to preserve

Authorship: word, like automatic writing start to finish orally, wrote it as divinely (divinely inspired)

inspired faith document J—oral tradition

explaining human sin

and relationship to God


TRUTH is more powerful than facts.
Does it matter which view of the Bible we hold?

The fundamental beliefs are the same: GOD is the Creator of earth and the universe.

GOD cares about humanity and chooses to be in relationship with us.

Human sin separates us from God.

Christ’s sacrifice atones for our sins and reunites us with GOD.
Yes, it does matter whether we read the Bible as a factual document or a faith document, because:

1) The separation of church and state protects our right to believe and practice religion as we choose.

2) It is not the school’s job to teach children about God; it’s the church and family’s job to teach faith to our children.

3) Intelligent design imposes non-empirical methods on an empirical discipline: science.

4) The theory of evolution and the creation of the world by GOD are not mutually exclusive options.

5) God doesn’t need to be protected from science, philosophy, theology or any other intellectual searching.

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