Historian 65, no. 4 (Summer 2003): 801-816

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Annotated Bibliographies for Articles
Hendrickson, Kenneth E. “Replenishing the Soil and the Soul of Texas: The

Civilian Conservation Corps in the Lone Star State as an Example of State-Federal Work Relief During the Great Depression.” Historian 65, no. 4 (Summer 2003): 801-816.
The Civilian Conservation Corps was one of the most successful New Deal agencies, in its prime. It provided outdoor employment for 2.5 million young men. The CCC accomplished many tasks in the areas of preservation and reclamation. Some of its projects include park and recreational development and fire prevention and control. Because of the CCC there were vast improvements to the physical appearance of forest land. This article is relevant to my paper because my paper searches for motivation to the F.D.R. administration for its forest conservation campaign, and this article gives one example of motivation: providing jobs for the vast number of unemployed citizens.

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